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Random Weapon Riven


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I just got Rakta Cernos and decided to make a riven mod for it. After puting a veiled riven on it and completing it's challenge (killing 17 enemies with finishers without picking up any health orbs) I got "Stinger Ignidra", a riven mod for Djin sentinal's weapon Stinger, which is wierd because, if you look at my ingame profile, you can see that I do not own Djin nor it's rifle Stinger. And no, I didn't get that riven from trading, I got it as a sortie reward. Soo basically, insetad of cernos riven I got a riven mod for a random weapon that I don't even have. 


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Getting a Riven for the weapon you did the challenge with? Pfff yeah right.

You'll have your multi-layered RNG, and you'll like it, or so help me RNGesus, you'll get nothing but Unairu Lenses for Christmas.

[In other words, sorry but nope, it's entirely working as intended,
the idea that you could control "Riven creation" is pure fantasy.]

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