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{SPOILERS} war within moutain pass bug


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i tried doing this for 30min before breaking down and looking it up onthe wiki

The Operator will now unlock the ability to perform Transference, allowing them to physically possess and take control of an eligible target, as Teshin explains that they have now unlocked their full power. In the next and final bone chamber, players are tasked with using Transference against an Orokin Maw, which can be done by stunning the Maw with Void Blast, and then using Transference while targeted. Once players have control of the Maw, they can use the Maw's ability to burrow and attack to cross the the chamber to the mountain exit.


i can stun the maw, all transferance does is hit it for 0-30ish damage and then rinse n repeat till i get bored and let it capture me.

i've gone and watched vids from pc players doin it and well... it is not working on ps4 for me at this time


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