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Bosses rework 12/2016 (Complaint) pertaining to melee


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I think bosses from the past should receive some sort of rework when it comes to using melee on them. Some names come to mind are General Sargas Ruk for example from Saturn. 


I really do not like the game forces you to use a range weapon in certain missions such as bosses. 

While I do agree DE should remove immunity phases all together, what really bothers me is that you can't melee some of these bosses even if you're pointing at their weakspot. I was aiming Captain Ruk's weak spot and he took no damage even though my sword or the aim was pointing at his weakspot yet he was taking no damage.


I like to melee and I am a melee kind of person.


I think DE should take notes from Dark souls that you can melee the bosses if you chose too. I bring up Dark Souls because like Warframe, there are a variety of bosses that come in all kinds of shape and size. So that includes being able to melee the Lephantis in Derelict.  


Perhaps it's wouldn't be as easy to melee certain kinds of bosses like the Lephantis, Vey Hek, Ruk with a melee rework, it would still be challenging in a more fun way. 


I would like to quickly slide in being able to cancel mid combat animations as a feature. And backsteps

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