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Sedna Junction Bugged

(XBOX)Mex1can Sov1et

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So, The War Within just came out and now I can even start it. So when I went to Sedna Junction and went there to kill the specter, as soon as it died my internet failed on me and I was kicked out of the game since I didn't have any internet connection. So I thought this was fine and headed back to do the junction again but for some reason the junction is showed as if it's been cleared, not to mention when I try to activate the junction after killing the specter, the option isn't there for me to press x. I know you can replay junctions so I don't know what's going on. I've retried doing the junction over and over again, even replaying The Second Dream to see if that do anything, even doing the first mission of The War Within to see if I'd get the quest since I have the junction completed supposedly. I have no idea what to do, so if anyone has an answer please let me know because I'd rather not wait on DE to put out a hotfix even though that would be a great help, thank you.

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