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Build an auction house

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1 hour ago, ChuckMaverick said:

Basic economics, infinite supply, limited demand.

Do some research.

I did.

What can we trade and how much? Only LIMITED ITEMS.

Prime parts/mods and (rar)mods. Iimited by time (rarity)/effort ~ price. 

Edit3: And ofc item sinking, trading prime items to get ducats.

We can also not trade unlimited times a day. GJ [DE] !!

The Demand how it is NOW is limited by a few hundreds. A trading platform REACHES ALL.

To the contrary what you said.


In the end it does not change a thing. The rarity of a item, within the hundreds is the same as within another higher number of total demand. As for everyone.

It is just a try to create fear to "guess something" will happen worse then actual, while the "so told bad points" are already the actualy InGame running situation(s) .


If your offer should be running when you go offline ...not sure... i think maybe 2h or so after logout it should be vanished or fade out.

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