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Neptunia City Tileset [Tileset idea+Raid Idea+Small Quest Dialogue]


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It may seem long, but a lot of the length is dialogue. Raid info (in RED) is at the bottom. Also, I tried to get all the typos out, but I'm sure I overlooked some. Also, formatting got weird, I apologize but attempts to fix made it weirder. Thank you for your time. Another tileset idea I have is at the bottom.


Neptunia City [Neptune, planet] Tileset:


Nef Anyo and some of the powerful conglomerates have ransacked the citizens of Neptunia City in preparation of the Tenno's siege of the Corpus stronghold. Wide boulevards are empty, with some spires damaged from attempts to resist. Transports are stopped, for there is no populace to service any longer. The rainbow of neon lights of the city sections' various attractions glow eerily against the cool hues that dominate building exteriors. The low din of the city's atmosphere generators holding back the planet's supersonic winds are all that meet the squads of Tenno working to protect the Origin System and punish Nef Anyo for his blatant abuse of his fellow kind.



    • Home to Nef Anyo and the bulk of the Corpus' conglomerates.

    • Akin to the Jupiter gas cities, the Neptunia City segments float majestically amongst the supersonic winds of Neptune's sapphire atmosphere. While it is called Neptunia City, there are a great number of differently sized platforms that dot the upper atmosphere of Neptune.

    • The city would be in eternal twilight due to its distance from the sun, itself being a distant, dim glow through the clouds. The sky would also have random blips of the winds of Neptune stressing the atmosphere protection barrier.

    • Overall, the colors: sky is black/clouded blue, possibly even purplish-blue with a dim light of the Sun. City is silver/black/greys, lit with Corpus white and blue neon lights they're fond of. Intermittent signs throughout the city for shops in various neon colors. Think a touch of the dystopian city neon signs often seen in some futuristic movie cities.

    • Unlike Jupiter's enclosed spaces, Nef Anyo has gone all-out in having an 'outdoors' city. Wide boulevards, tall spires with circular plazas at intersections of the streets.

    • Some of the spires will be open for you to enter for mission objectives, but most of the time missions will be confined to the streets, low structures, and the bowels of the floating structures.

    • The chunks that would be generated would be each square of the streets, ending at the corners of the intersections.

    • Some chunks would allow you to enter the bowels of the floating city platforms.

    • Others can be manufacturing areas for Corpus robots.

    • Introductory quest, below, will happen after The Glast Gambit. However, the tileset will be playable before quest. [Keys] will not be available as drops for people who have not completed The Glast Gambit. This is more of an introduction as to wtf is happening in Neptunia City. These missions done before The Glast Gambit are where the 'interesting reports' come from.


Neptunia City Introduction Quest: Worrisome Matters, a small quest to introduce Neptunia City and the most recent situation with Nef Anyo.

After doing The Glast Gambit and doing a quest where you find a [Key], Ergo Glast will contact you with a one-time [Key] interaction:


Ordis (upon picking up the mission specific key): "Hmmm strange. Though, I'm detecting a possible console that may accept the key you picked up. Please head in this direction."

Ergo Glast (upon entering the spire with the Key): "Excuse me. Yes, you. Eh, what? Tenno/<Playername>? What are you doing in here? You're not.... Well, while you're here, I would compensate you should you pick up something for me...."


After completing the first mission you have found a Key (explained further down) and successfully using it with the mission on Neptune after completing The Glast Gambit, Ergo Glast contacts you


Ergo Glast: - “Uh, excuse me, Tenno. I couldn't help but intrude. Though, you really shouldn't have been in there. However, I will forgive you if... I'll get right to it. I have been hearing some interesting reports from your fellow colleagues.... Maybe you have....?”

- “Oh, I see.”

- “Well, as you can imagine, Neptunia City is, er, supposed to be very populous. And you have only seen soliders? And now... the key you found. This is quite worrying.”

-“The Perrin Sequence has been quite marginalized since we have broken away from the bulk of the Corpus. But we still have some... holdings that may shine a light.”

- “If your Lotus would allow me, I would like for you to find some databases that can give us more information.”


<Complete the spy mission, requiring all three data retrieved>


Ergo Glast: -(After first retrieval) “This... this doesn't make any sense. Please, head to the next Perrin safehouse. Though, if what this implies has happened, I doubt hurrying will make a difference.”

-(Second retrieval) “I... how could he?” (very quiet:) “Please.... Tenno. I need to know one last thing.”

-(Third retrieval) “ No wonder no one could tell us. So... so many lives, so quickly. And now, no hope.”


Lotus: - “Tenno, head to extraction. I need to speak to Glast.”


<Back on ship>

Ergo Glast: - “No, no. I don't blame you for those you killed, Tenno. You're not the one who did this to the innocent.”

- “He has.... He's taken them all.”

Lotus: - “Glast, who has done this?”

Ergo Glast: - “Nef Anyo. He's destroyed their minds. Every last one. The civilians.”

Lotus: - “Where are they now?”

Ergo Glast: - “Brainwashed soldier fodder.... The last datum I had you retrieve, it was a report on the progress. They had to use a method that completely ruins any hope of saving them.”

Lotus: - “Glast, are you positive they can't be helped? If I have to send Tenno back to Neptunia, or other Corpus-held areas....”

Ergo Glast: - “If... there could be more information. But Lotus, I have experience with this. It doesn't end well, either way. Do what you must.”


<Begin a second spy mission>


Ergo Glast: - (First Retrieval) “Just as I feared. They didn't even try to preserve individuality.”

- “... What's this? A message within... Tenno, change of plans!”

- “Head to this location. I shouldn't even begin to hope, but... maybe just this once.”

- The mission becomes an Evacuation mission.

- “There's... there's survivors! Please, Tenno! Protect them until we can evacuate. I will have ships coming momentarily.”


<Back on ship>


Ergo Glast: - “I will forever, forever! be in your debt. And for a Corpus, that is saying something.”

Nef Anyo: - “Oh, Glast. You really have outdone yourself. Aligning yourself, yet again, with those children.”

Ergo Glast: - “ANYO! We should have taken you out when you endangered the Mycona.”

Nef Anyo: - “Are you really upset about that? That was sooo long ago.”

Ergo Glast: - “And... and the Corpus now. Why?”

Nef Anyo: - “They saw the Void would give them safety with me. Who was I to argue?”

Ergo Glast: - “Saw nothing! We know you used the Kalimna Method on them.”

Nef Anyo: - “Ah, I see. Know about that, do you? Heh....”

Ergo Glast: - “I'm coming for you, Anyo. Your silly cheats will not protect you this time!”

Nef Anyo: - “Hmmm. Hmmhmm. Ah hahaha. Coming for me with what? A couple of MOA? We have all of the Corpus at our disposal. Those credits you won from me are worthless when I own everything. You. Have. Nothing.”

- “So, come at me then, Glast. Come at me and fail!”

Ergo Glast: - “I...”


<After a few seconds of pause>


Amaryn, New Loka: - “Ergo... what is this? Who are these people showing up on the relays?”

Ergo Glast: - “My dear Amaryn, Nef Anyo has committed an atrocity on the civilians of Neptunia City. These are the ones left. There might be a few more holdouts, but... everyone is gone. Say what you will about the corpromartial entities of the Corpus, these people were... are innocent.”

Amaryn: - “I... I see.”

- “So many lives.... Ergo, whatever you need. The New Loka will not stand by while Nef Anyo corrupts.”

Ergo Glast: -“As always, Amaryn, you are an inspiration.”

Cantis, Red Veil: -“Corruption, indeed. Glast... The Red Veil cannot allow such defilers to run free. Nef Anyo will fall.”

Cressa Tal, Steel Meridian: -“So, uh, that sounds like a lot of Corpus. Pity what he's done to the innocent. I know you like your diplomacy, Glast, but I don't think there's any negotiating with this guy.”

Ergo Glast: -“Neither do I, Cressa. Any help....”

Cressa Tal: -“I didn't say I was helping you, credit-head. I mean, I will and was gonna. But don't get comfy.”

Arbiter of Hexis: -“The truth of the matter is that Nef Anyo has outlived his purpose. His continuance is a distraction we Arbiters cannot afford.”

Cephlon Suda: -“Oh, cooperation is very interesting. If I do not participate, perfection will not be achieved. This will be rectified immediately.”

Lotus: -“Glast. We will use the full might of the Tenno to prevent Nef Anyo from terrorizing any more of the Corpus population hubs.”

Ergo Glast: -“I see... well, Anyo. Seems I might have a little more than a couple walkers.”

Nef Anyo: -“That's... That's nothing. I....” <Transmission Cut>

Ergo Glast: -“I appreciate everyone's assistance. Nef Anyo has much to answer for.”


Possible specific mission ideas:


For the most part, the missions would occur like they would on other tilesets, but here are some exceptions I thought of:


After beginning Worrisome Matters and due to the temporary alliance of the Syndicates, each mission type will have a corresponding announcer to assist Lotus with the mission objectives:


Evacuation: New Loka

Spy: Cephalon Suda

Exterminate: Red Veil

Capture: Perrin Sequence

Sabotage: Steel Meridian

Mobile Defense (or Survival): Arbiters of Hexis (not sure which one)

All others would be solely Lotus, unless a [Key] is found. Then, Ergo Glast will inform the player what can be done with it.


Due to the conflicting ideas of what should be done on Neptunia and how to help, the Syndicates do not come out of the Neptunia resolution as allies.


Evacuation: With the new mission type coming out, we can apply them to this tileset easily. We can protect Corpus civilians who have until recently evaded Nef Anyo as they run from their hiding places within the city to rescue skiffs. Perhaps there would be no Defense, with these taking this mission type taking its place.


Excavation: There are warehouses and delivery depots around the Neptunia City full of Corpus-mined cryotic. Revive the sabotaged automated retrieval systems for the depots by delivering power cores to the disconnected power rails and the consoles you use to control them. If you're lucky, you may have some extra goods on the same pallets as the cryotic.

Using the same voice as the cephalon from The Index:

-“Welcome to Anyo Corp's Cryotic Depository. Do you have your ticket--- [OVERRIDE]”

-“[HACK IDENTIFIED... PURGING... PURGE INTERRUPTED].... Aaaand we're back. Sorry about the delay, we'll get your shipment of cryotic in a jiffy!”


Spy: Has a chance of giving you a high amount of credits, as you are hacking into the vaults of corporations for their assets. Would have the feel of movie capers (as in find small vents, or enter from beneath the structures), entering a specific company's spire and finding the various rooms to hack into the business consoles. The rooms within the spire would have minimal randomization in layout, but there would be more randomization in how to actually access the various floors, where the consoles would be, and possibly complications introduced (like Hive missions) where hacking a certain Spy Objective console will introduce a countermeasure (indicated by a symbol on the console screen). The entire spire would be more of a vault in solving, than running through and having three concentrated areas.


Non-endless missions: Enemies will have a chance of dropping a [Key] for a nearby door within the current mission, allowing you to perform a single spy experience for an extra reward. (Drives home the idea that these people once lived amongst the city, and you are finding the keys to their businesses/homes.)


RAID: The Hostile Takeover – This three stage raid will ensure Nef Anyo will never terrorize the Origin System's citizens with his brain-washed soldiers and mindless drones.


      1. Accounts Receivable – Nef Anyo's forces are bearing down on one of the last holdouts of the main city platform. Among them, a defector who oversaw the design of the security systems of Anyo Corp. New Loka and Arbiters will assist with this portion of the raid.

      2. Insider Trading – Using the knowledge given to us by the defector, we know where the power lines run through the bowels of the platform. It is our chance to disrupt them and get a chance at removing Nef Anyo. Hack the turrets Nef Anyo hid to protect the weakpoints to destroy the power lines and their backups. Access remote areas necessary for your victory with your Archwings. Cephalon Suda will send her ospreys to protect and help the Tenno as they fly about.

      3. Return On Investment – After destroying the main power supplies, you resurface near the front entrance. Begin the last leg of your siege by hijacking a Neptunia City transport outfitted with a mobile power supply. Perrin Sequence and Red Veil will send their units to assist the deployment of the power core. After escorting the transport to the main door, overload it to tear through the physical defenses of Anyo Corp. Once done, Tenno can now fight Nef Anyo. (No ideas on the actual fight, but DE seems to have some. Steel Meridian's rollers should be important with finishing off Nef Anyo, with the Tenno assisting their progress.)





Interested in another tileset? How about on(ish) the Sun?


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On 2/13/2017 at 3:49 AM, Iccotak said:

I think if you are doing syndicate missions, the syndicate leader should narrate it, not lotus.

What I would like to see are new mission types that are specific to each syndicate. Which I do think DE is working on. 

Narration: I had thought initially that would be how I would want it, but then for some reason I thought there might be a reason to have both. Though now I can't think of a specific reason for that haha.

Missions: I had not heard about the specific missions, but if that's the case, then that would be amazing to have. Possibly, should they not want them to be permanent (should it be only for the syndicate rep missions), there could be two or three 'morphing/permanent alert-type' nodes, that rotate or randomly become a special mission type. Not exactly sure exactly what their plans are with those.


On 2/12/2017 at 0:12 AM, Blade_Wolf_16 said:

Know more about what? It's already well detailed and the concept is really great, so do you mean you have even more content to add to it? :D


Oh, wow, thanks. Well, I can't think of much more to add with words at the moment. If I could draw, I would be so happy. You can see the extent of my drawing skills on the Solar Array Tileset idea I linked. Just to prepare you: it's not much. If I knew how DE prepared Tileset concepts, I would attempt to copy those. 

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So... What's this Kalimuna method Glast's talking about?

And all the civilians were either killed or brainwashed? So are we fighting brainwashed Corpus civilians? 0_0 This turned dark.

Pretty good tileset idea though.

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