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Help I broke my mandachord/octavia

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My octavia's mandachord is completely non-functional

The issue is hard to describe, so I made a short video of it

This issue persists through closing and restarting the game, I am completely unable to load any songs, doing as shown in the video and then attempting to go into a mission results in having a completely blank mandachord in the mission, and as there are no notes I cannot do any damage with it or activate any buffs.

I don't remember entirely how this started, but I think I tried to load one of my songs and it caused the instruments to go blank and then it all went to hell. I also cannot save the bugged blank mandachord as a song, which is unfortunate because it'd be hilarious to spread this problem like a virus but that's just me.

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Well, I broke my mandachord in a similar fashion, but mine still works after a re-login.

I swapped to Octavia in the Arsenal and went into Mandachord, loaded a different song and messed with the instruments and added a few notes experimentally, lost hope with improving my song so I hit reload, where it seemed to half-load my initial equipped song and half-load the second song I was modifying, the instruments went poof, half the mandachord disappeared and then everything froze and I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Logged back into Warframe, my loadout had switched back to my previous frame and when I swapped to Octavia the mandachord still works.  Not sure if I want to mess with it now though...

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