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Trinity Mod Build


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Since I learned how to play with her, I'm having a lot of fun and it's a frame that can, for sure, save a party. 


Currently my build is:


Aura: Physique rank3

- All of her abilities maxed;

- Redirection rank4;

- Vitality rank6;

- Streamline rank3;

- Continuity rank3;

- Flow rank3;

- Rage maxed


Obviously i'll max all the mods in the future, but what I would like to know is if there's some alternative build for her and how you guys play with her and your builds also.


Ty in advance ;)

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I have the same mods but I do not have energy vampire nor well of life equipped unless it's a boss fight - then I equip energy vampire.  I do have a rush mod and a steel fiber mod on just so that the health that I do have for trinity doesn't race down so fast ( It doesn't do too much due to her low base armor rating but it's better then nothing in my opinion ) 
so yea ~ just a few tweaks on my build from yours 

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My succesful Trinity build for every occasion, without any Formas, just supercharge.


Aura: Physique lv 4, is going to be formad to energy siphon lv max, as it is more supportive.


Scratch slots:

Continuity lv4 (just costs 2 more mod capacity than usual)

Energy Vampire lv3

Link lv3

Blessing lv3

(no Well of Life, as you heal much more efficiently with Blessing. Energy Vamp is really good since you can recast it on death of the original victim and full up you whole mana with just a few stray enemies.)


D slots:

Redirection lv6

Vitality lv6

(obviously for maximum suvivability)


No polarity:

Fortitude lv1 (for more duration, is going to get maxed probably, at least lv2)

Rage lv2 (when you get damaged, get mana, heal it back up, rinse and repeat. Totally useful in nightmare mod or with toxic clouds nearby)

Streamline lv4

Flow lv 4

(more mana = better support for your team and you have enough of everything ready all the time)


And of course the Aura Helmet for even more Power Duration. By this I maximize my use of Energy Vamp for the Team, Link and Blessing.

For now I have 2 mod capacity left, that will go into Fortitude probably, and will still get 2 more mod capacity by changing the Aura slot to equip my energy siphon lv max, that will probably go into another 2 levels of Vitality and Redirection.

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