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No Router, No Firewall, No Random Joiners


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Topic says it all... I'm behind no routers or firewalls (I own the house and the only hardware/software in effect was placed and built by me) and I can't get a single random person to join games I host.

This never used to be an issue, but started a few days ago strangely. I've tried just about everything I can think of (which isn't much)...

Has anyone else had a similar issue, and if so, can it be fixed? This game is a little... less attractive... solo.

Other random factoids to consider:

-Network tool in settings reads Nominal the instant I click it

-Every game I join seems to lag to absolute hell...

-My internet is the "Broadband 100" package, 100 down, 10 up.

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Can you still see the chat in your issue?


Because I'm having the same problem if so: I can chat with my clan, I can see the public chat, I can add clan members to my contacts list; but everyone shows as offline, nobody can invite me, and I'm not getting any random joiners either.


Poor timing for this considering the event!

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Same issue. cannot seem to join random games or get random people to join my lobby. People believe it's related to U8 and it picks random victims. Definitely never had this problem before U8.


Had it for a while and so have others and it's seriously starting to piss me off, really piss me off as I haven't seen a response from DE about it at all. Ruining the game for me personally as I spend half my time exiting and rejoining a system because it comes up with 'Play now!' and yet no one ever joins...

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I have what Naith describes.


Additionally there is a growing list of clan mates that cannot host me, though I can host them. Sometimes without lag...


I can host a couple people from Latin America, while I'm in the UK pretty well. Then someone from the US just has a bad experience while I host.  And if that person has problems, it sometimes seemed to cause my system some strain and that individual reports lag, happened a few times, once they quit the group because the play experience is less than stellar for them and I grab a new player to fill the spot, if they dont have any issue, I notice that my system runs much better even for me.


I think there are some configurations that just don't work very well.

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I have the solution to the StrictNAT everyone!


Step 1:  DE acknowledges that the StrictNAT issue is their fault for not making the matchmaker for fault tolerant


Step 2:  Hire a Network Administrator from any other game that does not have StrictNAT issues (pretty much every other game that was multiplayer)

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