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  1. I mean that's kinda the whole point of the trade chat. ie snipe items as cheaply as possible and fish for whales when selling. If those people are players with more money then sense or are newbs who are convinced to undersell their item drastically, then that's the price of the item is bought/sold for. There is no right or wrong price in trade chat because the market forces of supply and demand are obfuscated so there is no telling what the market is doing at any one time. Thats why trade chat bots and trade websites exist.
  2. Opinions on what DE does right or wrong not relevant to the point. I've simply pointed out that popularity and player usage is not what DE bases disposition changes on. They now use the internal power ranking.
  3. DE have stated player usage is not the only factor. They have stated they hand tweak the numbers. DE have stated that both the detron and the kohm are higher use outliers, but won't change their disposition because it affects the power of the riven. They are demonstrably inconsistant currently and historically if assuming usuage stats are the only factor how DE balance dispositions. They also stated that the soma had a high pervalence, thus low disposition, but changed it because of it's position on their internal power ranking list, implying that power ranking is not the same as popularity.
  4. DE have since stated they use the internal power rankings list to modifiy disposition now. It's not a global weapon usage modifier anymore.. if it ever was really, or just executed incredib ly badly.
  5. I've done over 80 rot Cs on saturn for it over a stretch of 6months after he came out, and it still didn't drop. Everyone eventually finds their RNG kryptonite.
  6. Well....If anything it's raised the quality of the average region chat msg.
  7. You'll end up solo anyway way before anything gets "protracted". I think in reality you'll basically never get to benefit from 4CPs when it matters in the wilds, either because at least 1 player is just going to leave early-ish or 1 player didn't even bring a CP. It hardly even matters what aura you bring in any content in the game though, so not much is actually wasted if anything.
  8. Nah. Just whatever is in the NW bucks store you might want. Speaking of kuva, I'm hoping that the kuva offering comes back to the store. I not hurting for potatoes so there isn't really any urgency for me personally to do any prestiging.
  9. so let me get this straight...random people on the internet with different wants, needs and ideas don't form some magical cohesive hive mind and start thinking the same things and come to a concessus that's all summed up in a convienent tldr thread, instead it's a huge broad spectrum of conflicting ideas all dotted around various formats and outlets? k
  10. EA might want to call it that. But we shouldn't. Certain aspects of old NES games are RNG based. So we've had loot boxes since like 1985 in our home by that logic. Any and all RNG based systems, be it any dice rolling in an RPG, random weapon stats, or rivens, shouldn't be lumped into the same catagory with what are actual loot boxes( required micro transaction, (with premium currency or actual money) for random item instead of just selling said item directly for a fixed price etc). It's inarguable RNG mechanics have a place in games, from the RNG tileset jigsawing logic WF uses to construct a level to % based drop chances. None of those are loot boxes though, which are quite specific in concept. Rivens skirt the border because there is no direct monetisation of rolling them, DE made it so you can't buy kuva from the store at all for probably exactly this reason. They removed the kubro slot machine which was monitised within 24hrs for the same reason after all. What a f2p like WF does though is the concept of "the players are content." We are used to monetise each other, the grey area is by keeping a player playing, ie by grinding kuva a lot. Is that a form of monetisation? I mean, yes, if you look at how internal discussions about monetisation tactics are developed and deployed within the games industry. (there have been numerous papers and developer talks on the subject over the last 10 years,) but it's not directly monetised. So it's unlikely they will be legislated against. But the fact is neither will actual loot boxes if publishers can just hand wave it away by pointing out all these other benigh systems that are inherent in games since at least the 80s, which aren't monetised, are also loot boxes.
  11. It surprised me how bad the sawgaw bug is.
  12. Yes, but at least it would be consistant. They could have it metrically trackable and adjusted perfectly. Not that it would be the best balance or anything thing. but fact is they have completely ditched that initially stated design/balance paradigm a little earlier in the year and no longer use popularity as the determining factor of disposition (Not that they were ever doing anything but an abysmal job of that anyway, just look at what dispositions were on some of the most popular weapons throughout the last year up until they started adjusting more regularly, and also note the explict addmission that they ignore any balancing factor they have in place if they want to just because "feels" ie detron and kohm) They now use "internal power rankings" or some S#&$ . Which obviously has nothing to do with popularity and playerbase use. Which just leads to a nearly incomprehensible disposition state for most weapons. Even the extreme ends of the disposition scales you can still find weird weapons. Like aformentioned kohm still being a 1.4 or something. So dispo probably only makes any real sense in a spreadsheet in complete isolation to every aspect in the game or any niche gameplay element found in the game. For example, the lanka isn't really good to take on 99% of the game and most players would choose something else, so it never really gets used, originally it had a high dispo because of that fact, and it's still not getting used all that much, then one specific boss fight comes out and the lanka finally gets used. That's enough to get its dispo nerfed, There are still other weaps options for that fight, and 99% of the game people still wouldn't bother with a lanka. But rip lanka rivens. And so on.
  13. I own a kohm and detron riven. Arbitrarily ignoring the player usage numbers for a specific weapon and not making adjustments intentionally on them, completely undermines everything about what we've been told disposition is. What even is disposition if it's not about how much certain weapons are used or how unpopular they are? You could automate what rivens get changed and by how much just by looking at your usage statistics.
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