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  1. You gave away your rivens for free 🤪
  2. I'm sure there are a few players that don't bother with content they don't find fun and that loot/account progress doesn't hold their interest, so they just skip that content and either buy the rewards or just make do with out that loot. It's just that loot collection is the main reward mechanism in WF, I imagine the ones being compelled to play because of they enjoy loot collection and account progress out number those others by a lot though.
  3. For many players collecting and being rewarded is at least half the fun. That's the hit they crave. It's partially why games are addictive. So it's probably best to look at it like, "yes ESO was fun, until I got everything and thus it no longer rewards me or is fun"
  4. information is intentionally so obfuscated in the trade chat, which damages the competitve nature of a true free market and how prices arise in them. Right now in chat, people can make up the prices and it's viable to some degree. I assume that's what you want more of. Where as in a free market, competition between sellers is what determines the prices and no one else will have any power to change that, unless they create a monopoly, and in WF about the only time that can happen is through rivens via the shear rarity of highly in demand god rolled ones. , Trust me if you are complaining
  5. I tend not to really fully invest in regular frames unless I really like it. Most of mine are missing a forma or an exhilus slot, where as all my primes are all totally pimped even if I don't like the frame much.
  6. I'm 3/4 the way between MR23 to 24 and I always have many things to grind/farm. Be it XP, resources or parts. The content and structuring of how the content is fed means you have to be playing way too much for your own good to have everything, which at times I've pretty much done for all normally aquirable items (ie not including primed chamber etc)
  7. That would suck so @(*()$ bad for everyone with those weaps. Like kick in the balls bad. Logging in is a long enough grind as is to get unique items, imagine spending a couple years to get to the point of getting stuff you already have, then having to clear 400 days just to get those items, and then 200 more to get back to unique and meaningful items. F that for a game of soldiers. I hope DE understands that and just sticks them in a tac alert or invasions like all the other vandals. Nothing special about them and they shouldn't ruin the login rewards actually being unique and in
  8. Sorry I can't help. but while there might not be many too recent posts about this, there be 1000 older ones. WF has a long chequered past with strict NAT issues when there shouldn't have been, so perhaps try looking at some of those older topics. Some of the workaround solutions will be kinda odd iirc but might work.
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