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  1. People holding the stock when the bubble burts. They played the market. They gambled. They lost.
  2. You can't really blame anyone leaving at wave 5 when one of the players is intentionally trying to do the bare min kills and basically being an xp leech.
  3. People leaving at wave 5 doesn't force anyone else to leave. Everyone can just go the rotation they intended. Where's the problem?
  4. Popularity is mostly irrelevent to disposition except in the most stupidly obvious cases. Rarely used weapons can now of course be in some of the lowest disposition. Since disposition is now said to be determined on DE's internal power ranking table, decoupling it from being a simple usage and popularity adjusted stat, which it never did an amazing job of. While you probably aren't wrong, DE hasn't put out usuage numbers of weapons so it's impossible to actually know where things stand even if it mattered, which it doesn't as DE have that power ranking table, which may or may not be arbitarly biased af, but who knows besides DE.
  5. Trade chat is for harpooning whales. Sniping as well to a lesser extent, it's random and time consuming to catch steals regularly unless you automate and monitor all regions etc. Ignore function works fine. If someone isn't a whale, tries to haggle down or just low balls, then you can ignore them and never think about it again. It removes that person who is not your target demographic from the pool you want to deal with. Buyers should do the same if they don't want to ever be over paying on 5k plat items. It's actually counter productive to not ignore if you main trading. Then there are market websites, which are competitive
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