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  1. Yeah there has been a number of weapons that specters have done silly things like that with in the past..
  2. WF upcto 4 times a day.... 😑 A session, if I even do one in a day at all (and not because of burnout or nothing to do), is: Claim/build forma. If event on = true, do event; if event on = false, do one of the following in this order of importance; Nightwave if I have already done it for the week. Sortie Farm relics if new prime access is around PoE/OV bounties/Eidolons/Orbs Farm some item/resource particular; eg weap, mod or frame Farm affinty/level (which I am usually trying to passively do with an weap or 2 while doing a lot of the above) I think that's pretty much all I do a few times a week
  3. Yes, but at least it would be consistant. They could have it metrically trackable and adjusted perfectly. Not that it would be the best balance or anything thing. but fact is they have completely ditched that initially stated design/balance paradigm a little earlier in the year and no longer use popularity as the determining factor of disposition (Not that they were ever doing anything but an abysmal job of that anyway, just look at what dispositions were on some of the most popular weapons throughout the last year up until they started adjusting more regularly, and also note the explict addmission that they ignore any balancing factor they have in place if they want to just because "feels" ie detron and kohm) They now use "internal power rankings" or some S#&$ . Which obviously has nothing to do with popularity and playerbase use. Which just leads to a nearly incomprehensible disposition state for most weapons. Even the extreme ends of the disposition scales you can still find weird weapons. Like aformentioned kohm still being a 1.4 or something. So dispo probably only makes any real sense in a spreadsheet in complete isolation to every aspect in the game or any niche gameplay element found in the game. For example, the lanka isn't really good to take on 99% of the game and most players would choose something else, so it never really gets used, originally it had a high dispo because of that fact, and it's still not getting used all that much, then one specific boss fight comes out and the lanka finally gets used. That's enough to get its dispo nerfed, There are still other weaps options for that fight, and 99% of the game people still wouldn't bother with a lanka. But rip lanka rivens. And so on.
  4. In the worst case scenarios of placing decorations, these cases of non blendweighted animated meshes aren't going to be much worse then say floofs. The draw call over head is almost certainly going to be the bottleneck and not vert count or transform cost if every item placed is unique. The scene will hit being fill bound and not transform bound, therefore they have similar rendering costs in practice. Obviously different if batching can be involved because you are only using a few of the same items, then maybe you can start find the transform cost for a particular scene before vram and fill rate bottleneck. Basically texture and materials are in most systems and scenes going to be what kills your performance and what the devs will look at when determining these limits. So while it's correct that there is more going on with a noggle, it's probably not the thing that's going to bottleneck first in the worst cases.
  5. Relics are a 2 stage farm. First you need to farm relics, then the actual part from them. iirc it's 2.4 runs on avg to get the rare prime part in a rad share. The drop rate is 12.5% for the rare on a rad relic. Needing to open 10 relics on avg is probably reason enough to not farm relics solo, but having to get so many relics in the first place if doing it solo just settles the matter imo. I'm surprised you haven't been burnt yet by the RNG, I once openned 18 rad relics solo to get a part. Someone can probably work out how long it would take optimally to farm 18 of the same relic in a perfect scenario, but it's definitely not a trivial amount of time.
  6. This is not a table. Meaning in language is derived directly from it's common use. there is nothing to gain from strawmanning linguistic theory into a table.
  7. Language and communication has context. Meanings change and evolve over time. If people are using the haha emote as in a laughing at you/your post a lot, then that's what it wil mean in common use. It's also contextual. Things can have multiple meanings. Basically language doesn't care that cool means cold, sometimes bad means good, it's all in how it's actually in use that matters.
  8. Because the prices listed on wf.market are almost entirely the byproduct of market forces and not a number pulled out of someones ass as to what they think something is worth to them. Basically real competetive prices, opposed to trade chat where the supply and demand is all but completely obfuscated, it's impossible to gauge any real supply or demand indications And it's just a lot simpler and straight forward to search and buy an item with little discussion about price as it's basically predetermined factor. Contrary to trade chat, where it just scrolls on by, character limits on ads, a wild west crap shoot basically. Plenty of fair trading happens. But trade chat is mainly a place for types of trades not well supported by WFmarkets ecosystem. ie to fish for deals or quick selling something cheap in a hurry.
  9. After I found out how buttmad people got when they see an umbra excal in index, I ceased to play anything else. It simply creates much more nerd rage drama and makes the farming have moments of mild amusement.
  10. I own a kohm and detron riven. Arbitrarily ignoring the player usage numbers for a specific weapon and not making adjustments intentionally on them, completely undermines everything about what we've been told disposition is. What even is disposition if it's not about how much certain weapons are used or how unpopular they are? You could automate what rivens get changed and by how much just by looking at your usage statistics.
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