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Map/level Improvement


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Hello, I have some ideas about the terrain and the Planets.


Right now there is random spawning parts in the Maps/Levels if i'm right, And you get the same parts over and over in each of the Planets, After a while it gets a little boring. and later on you can feel that it isn't so much unique parts to each Planet. But if only we get like unique landscapes to each of the planets, instead of the spaceships we have right now. So personally, i want a Jungle, a jungle there you can play a little stealthy or if the Grappling hook comes to the game, you can use that to ninja your way around the map. if we take Earth as a example, we could maby have a map/level there you are in a small town and do the missions, in mars we can have more like mars instead of a spaceship. i don't say that we need to remove the Spaceships but we could just add the unique landscapes to each of the planets too. I think that the idea would be funny to the Tennos that likes to be outside (the winter parts), and of course to the other tennos too! 


I would like to see other Tennos thinking about this, or if its totally wrong or a Positive idea!

Maybe you Tennos have some funny ideas about the Terrain to? i would be pleased to read them. :) 

So start to Write! 

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I think this is just a matter of time to see new scenarios and landscapes, this guys are doing a great job improving the game every week so I bet they are thinking on change the game to give to each planet a special atmosphere!


Also speaking about spaceships... would be great that Grinner and Corps have different ones, since they are different species.


I agree that would be great see some SOLO STEALTH missions, since the current ones are thinking to spread bullets everywhere.

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The Grineer and Corpus already have different ships.

Not to mention that Corpus are the merchant, so it's "normal" to have some ships having the same looks, probably they were sold by the Corpus to the Grineer.


As for Grineer only, you have the Galleon

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