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Duration Timers And Brief Immunities


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With regard to skills such as Invisibility/Smokescreen, Link, Iron skin, etc. one thing that kind of bugs me (as I assume most other players) is the fact that there is no indication of how much longer the ability is going to last, meaning you have to leave it up to assumption, which can ruin a stealth run in the case of invisibility, or be instant death for Rhino or Trinity when their respective skills run out.


It would be a nice addition to have a duration meter appear below the energy bar when skills like these are used, so players can easily determine when they need to pull out of a tough situation.


While on the topic of Iron Skin, I'd like to bring up the infamous duration issue of both this skill as well as Loki and Saryn's decoy skills. As most players know, these skills have a damage cap and therefore become nearly useless late game due to the fact that they're destroyed nearly immediately. However, it would be OP to make them completely invincible for their whole duration again, so I suggest that these skill should have a VERY brief immunity period when first activated, no more than 5 seconds, after which they return to their regular damage capped state.


The brief immunity would mean that these skills could still function as a panic button if a player needs to escape/distract a crowd, but not allow for exploiting long-period invincibility in the case of Iron Skin.

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