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Lenz explosion bug on Hydron map

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  • Extra lenz explosions no matter where you are/shoot
  • It will always be at the place of the defense pod when the elevator is down. Even if the elevator is up (with the pod), then the explosion will still happen below.
  • The extra explosion will not hurt you initially (no cold proc). But the second blast does damage/kill you.

How to reproduce:  

  • Equip Lenz  
  • Play on the Hydron Tileset (also happened when a fissure uses this tileset)  
  • Shoot an enemy directly


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Got another bug, that might be similar. So adding here, instead of making another post.  

Also on Hydron. In this specific corner, when aiming in the specific direction, I shoot at the wall to the right. Could replicate it multiple times.  


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