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About umbra and fashion frame

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One of the things i enjoy the most in warframe , is the possibility to customize everything the shape and collor you want it to be , but its not the case with the new addition from The sacrifice Excalibur Umbra as he has a scarf wich is not a equippable item neither does it have a toggle on and off button like some community skins ( Ember majesty is an example) where you can chose to use the regular or the primed version (wich ads some gold metal parts to it).

problems is that the scarf acts like a cape and bugs over every syandana in the game , forcing you to either not use a syandana or have it being crossed by the scarf everytime you move

i would like very much the option to remove the rags from him . Hope this was a good feedback , and thanks for the attention .

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Something that I would like to be able to choose the color of the scarf individually, because it seems that when we put the color red (for example) other parts of the body also turn red. This for the fashion frame is bad.

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