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Has gone on 24 hours since I updated and tried to get back in. Got my old time nemesis sitting on my screen....but in Fortuna font this time.

"Login Issue. Check your info."

Oh.....it has been a while since I have had this pop up....and this in the last 24 hours of the drops. Last time this lasted for a few weeks, this time i was at 936 logins.....

Funny thing....I got the Prime Accessories from the woman I adore for a Gift as celebrate to me (we don't do Tennobaun in the real world....yet).

It has not updated to my account on Warframe.com but the money is out of the account. Hmmm.....lol

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Oh my goddess!!!!

What the chick!!!!

I finally get on after 2 days to see I have a 50% coupon with 1day left to use. I go to buy something...and the message of "An Updated Version of Warframe is available".

Sign out since not able to buy anything....and now back with "Login Failed...."

Lost 3 days from my Fortuna Bundle code...not able to get closer to my 950/1000 day bonus....and worst of all...not getting to play as a ninja with a puppet master attached.

I am sad.....

Is there any info on what causes this? This is the umpteenth time this has transpired and there has to be a reason this happens....


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Has anyone had this issue fixed yet? It’s been happening to me for about a week now. I’ve done the works with uninstall and resetting. As mentioned above by others, I get about 15-30 min play time then am met with the “there is an updated version of warframe available” then I can’t login again. This is entirely frustrating as I just got a credit booster....please for the love of god help me login to the only game I’m playing right now....

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im a pc player and i cant even log into the warframe website its self, there is also something screwy with the forum website because my connection times out when i try to reach any pc related forum posts. i really hope they haven't lost my account that i have put almost 3k hrs into

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.....and back again.

Game let me in, checked Inbox and saw the coupon had run out, and then did a mission. Got back to ship and the good ole "There is an Update Version available." Knew I would not be able to get back in.....

....and "Login Failed..." Is back again. 

There has to be something causing this as either there are constant updates happening or the game is not updating and keeps trying. 

Please get this fixed. Been doing this for a couple years it feels like....and now it is more constant than me playing....

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This is still happening for the past 4 days Its a 50 50 on if I can play I've been streaming the game and have had a good bit of growth the past few days. I now can't load in at all I need help on the issue. I've submitted a ticket and am waiting for a reply hopefully after today because it is christmas. I hope this reaches someone or the ticket goes through cause I cant stop streaming this game and abandon my community i'm building. I love this game and want to see it flourish.

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On 2018-11-22 at 2:09 AM, RistN said:

Here is what some pc player posted on pc bug reports.Simply said your IP is banned by server and you cant do anything about it.

[DE]Nero (WARFRAME Support)

Nov 21, 04:03 EST

Unfortunately this is a part of the IP protection that is enabled for the Warframe Servers and is a completely automated system. All of these bans are temporary, but Support does not have a means of sharing how long these bans can be, or removing them manually. In the mean time, using a fast and reliable VPN for your area can be a temporary fix until the ban is lifted from your IP. We would suggest trying once each day to login to Warframe so that you know when the ban has been lifted.

Unfortunately aside from that the only other thing i can suggest at this point is asking your ISP for an IPv6 connection if you haven't gotten one already. These issues are sometimes caused by IPv4 connections and changing your connection type could fix the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sorry that we can't be of more help in this situation

Old I know, but it still goes on.. as long as I have only ipv4 enabled and ipv6 disabled I dont have issues.. but let me enable ipv6.. problems. I went thru support for 3 weeks trying to resolve this and NOTHING they suggested works. Disabled ipv6.. no more issues.. but I shouldn't have to disabled ipv6 for 1 game

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On 2018-08-03 at 5:17 PM, (XB1)BBN Rez said:

Same exact thing started happening to me the past couple days. I reinstalled and it worked then it happened again the next day.

Same here!  Did all the reinstalling, hard reset, etc....  Played about 3 hrs and thought it was fixed.  Went to play this morning and now it is back. FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!  This problem has been around since 2014 according to messages on internet.  Has to come back on 2x Xp weekend!!!   Just Wonderful!




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