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  1. He already has a rework in the game. It's the Silver Grove spectre. If there is a way in the future to capture/harvest the spectres to use with Helmy....how many of you would actually take the Silver Grove spectre powers and put them on Loki? There are some good examples of how to use Loki effectively and funwise in here. There are also some showings of people that only know KILL KILL KILL is the only way to play. Players do not know how to play the frames so they say REWORK to attempt to make the frames play the way some other frame does.
  2. So let me see if I got this right.... Players are crymoaning NOT because we did not have a Plague Star this year....but because this event has some of the PS items but no Forma? This is the big factor for the outrage over a 24 day event? Forma? Man .... Crymoaners gotta salt
  3. Y'all ever think the Built Forma come from Earth since the kid with the mask is the one that gave out the Forma? I mean....they have a frickin Orokin tower that we can't go in but the choppers do a job on all the time. They be cutting into the flesh and be all "Hey...we got another one of them gold puzzle pieces...guess we will put it with the rest of them over on gold puzzle mountain". Kind of how Wakanda has all this Vibrabium.....
  4. Wowzers The event is 24 days long and players are burned out with crymoaning already? You all the type to get an invite to a party that is at the end of the month and complain the day of getting the invite that there will be no gifts for you. Do you even consider there might be more coming with the remaining days? Letters from Vamp Lotus? Fight of some type? Plus we are getting Episode 5 this month to finish Nightwave up. Imagine if the two stories cross and we get a fight for the Spirit of Naberus by a long lost relative of the Family. Saying DE has been lazy without se
  5. There was a battle between two Warframes of the Excal class. One had an Opticor and the other went with an experimental sword that had a laser like blade. As they did the dance of combat, the sword wielding Excal did a Sword Dash as the Opticor was firing. It sliced the Opticor in half but to both Frames surprise....the Opticor kept it's charge while sliced down the middle. This is the story of the birth of the Dual Opti secondary weapon.
  6. Look for the bugs and interesting things that happen in the game such as Ayatan sculptures in strange spots, do your best to not break certain "containers" (mine is Rubedo Stones), and play with guns without omega power rivens. See how newer players do missions without you taking all the kills and watch their gameplay. Give to those that are having a good start in the game by looking at their WISHLIST (if they have one). Talk about the game in QnA, Region chat and the forums. Find out what is your fave mission and go in with different builds to see what happens with no goal of
  7. Ahhhh This explains what reason I have to throw out 4 of my blades in missions instead of 2. I was thinking they buffed all the enemies but in fact, they hit my tossy blade of boom. It's what DE does- change things. Thanks for the info. Will change according. Would have been a nice move to get a hitup from DE that this was changed.... unless they did it in the notes and no one saw it. Cheers 🥂
  8. Each Faction has a mini boss that comes in during Clem missions. What would be butter is if doing Phorid missions gives a chance of a Phorid X Faction manifestation as well. You do a Corpus tile, you get Phorid with the Lephantis Corpus head growing out of his corspe that you have to fight as it chases you. Still looking forward to the day the Jackel, Ambulas, Raptors, and Hyena Pack all link together...Voltron style
  9. No... Hek to the nay... That is one of the best passives we have in the game. Use a slam to have a chance to have a tentacle come out with no power use needed? Yes to that. What we should have is a passive tree that allows us to have 4 passives able to be active while being able to branch out to a selection that is vast and many. Would be cool to have Oberon have his beast passive as well as whatever he has now. Give Ember her on fire passive back as well as the burning men one. Have Frost have his get hit and freeze passive as well as when he slides, has a chance to ice t
  10. I wanna know when we gonna get the Nakan pearl as a Orbiter deco. Hek, I am still waiting to get the Old Blood Kuva statue the queen is holding at the beginning of the cinematic...
  11. Good to see the code will work on all systems. Got a lil tepid when I saw Steel Series... Gettin a Syndanna I did not buy yet is a treat....and the new colors are welcome. Here is to Warframe spreading more out into the world Cheers 🥂
  12. Will get touch up when Nidus Prime get released....will be a whole more pack to explain how Nidus can have a Prime version and tie it up in a nice package. Just gotta hold your breath til then...and still be alive
  13. Make them scale by the enemy levels for their resistance after we find the item in game to give them that survive power. We have to find it for each faction to have it be in effect for the missions we do. If they get blown up, have the ability to call in a replacer via HALO deployment that drops somewhere in the mission. You find it, open it and viola...companion is back. They should bring back the teleport to you when the revival companions go down...sucks when you are darting across a map to see your companion go down where you were since it somehow got stuck.
  14. What it should do is that for each person, their supplies are used. This way, it gives each person their own things to waste or save. Would this lead to having lots of arsenal to use....yeah, but it is the basic same thing of each person using their GEARWHEEL and Powers of each frame- they are in the squad but are separate as well as United. Would also make people pay attention to how much THEY have for materials
  15. Lorewise.... Would be a good storyline that we find new mods that only work on Exalted Weapons that lead to Warframes full power of being Exalted Forms. Playerwise... It's DE way of making players look at other options besides the META. They change things in the game to make those who get used to the easy have to reschuffle the way they play. Playtime is the main way of showing that Warframe is a growing game worth investing in and to get players to keep going, things are added and changed.
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