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  1. Pink Rhino is okay....until he has Titania or Wisps animation....then I have to back out of the relay....get back to my ship and bundle up in the Infested room next to the bed asking "WHY!!!!" Besides that, most of mine are cringe worthy since I hit the Random button and see what the computer is thinking.
  2. Can I get your.....dang it....your on PC .... In that case.....will you give your stuff to those on PC? Cuz seems to me you jacked stuff that others would be HAPPY to have and use instead of collecting data dust uninstalled sitting on DE servers. Wherever you end up playing the game called LIFE, have fun Cheers
  3. Interesting.... Not many have a mind change.... Could you inform what post changed your mind and what your new Outlook is on your topic? Edit- never the mind.....found it ...and you might want to rethink your mind change ...just a thought
  4. I was hiding my ship while I was cultivating crewships via Arch.....and a come back to my Railjack to see a Ramsled stuck in the Orokin destroyed tower. The Jets are firing, the nose is stuck in the crease, and I had to laugh. Scanned the sucker then shot it to bits. And then I crashed as I was getting my reward... That is the real horror of Railjack- it's crashes during the reward screen is almost as bad as Host Migration.
  5. has no one put together the drive and most people's favorite place to get credits? Has no one seen what is on the surface of Fortuna and the size of the drive? The Index? Giant Statue on Venus with its head in one area and body in another yet the being it is based on is still causing havoc all over the system? Who does this giant statue look to as the one they worship? Which society uses proxies to get things done while trying to stay in the background? How many rebellions of things being controlled have we stopped while DEFENDING a body inside of a chamber? The Corpus have been basing their motives and actions around the religion of the Void and those devil's, those Void Demons, have been doing the same since they were crafted on the ship lost in the Void. Manipulated the crew to the point they went mad. Taken memories of those who suffered real pain and living. Grown in power while keeping the strings on the ones that can unite or repel that which they cannot defeat. The Void Demons are the aliens that have been etching their way into the world since the ship returned with them on it. That was the first invasion, disguised as children aboard a ship. But I will wait and see what DE does....whatever it is, it's a cool story. Cheers
  6. This has not been one of the Emph I want but it is on the list of growing things PC has that CONSOLE was not given. Grendel Halloween Glyph that Baro brought PC.....still not on CONSOLES. Railjack Starter Bundle with the Itzal Armor. Still no word on when it will be on CONSOLE. Anything else from DE that PC got that CONSOLES is lacking....TennoGen don't count.
  7. It depends Do you want to watch the enemies destroy each other or the effect to work it's magic on them? Go for high Status and low damage. I used to run Oberon in Exterminates where I would make the enemies kill each other using Radiation status. I enjoy the feel of BLAST damage on my weapons as it does a few things to the enemies. Either they disintegrate entirely, go flying off the planet, or fall flat. It's entertaining to me plus I know (or knew) that falling flat enemies canno shoot or hit you. Lately, the Ancients have been still harpooning while falling flat I barely touch the others when using status as they are more get enemy LP down than let status do the work. Each person has their own thing to enjoy. With the Synoid....it was that when you did a Channel Kill, you would get a clone to fight on your side. Not sure how it works now.....
  8. Encountered a Railjack bug where when getting the rewards for the Mission being done successfully, if you attempt to leave a Crewship while the reward is being flashed across the screen , it crashes and takes you to a view of the skybox. Did this just now and posted the vids in the Warframe Community Board. Funny that first time it happened I was grateful there was no Dirac....second time made me curse out loud since did lose the Dirac given. This is the reason I stay on Earth cuz if this happened while getting lots, I would be upset and sad. Now I see the reason people were running the Ivara Quit farm- completing the mission gives you nada.
  9. Watching Steve do his thing over the streams, I actually thought we would be piloting more or less the Junction as ships. Was hoping for the giant size to take on other ships, the ability to get into Orbiter to challenge the fighters, and the Archwings to find weaknesses in shields to fly a small one man crew eliminate person on a ship to wreck from the inside. Instead, found a park your vehicle far away and fly into the hornets best with your Arch to get taken down with one shot while waiting for the bigger ships to get there. Mind you, I have only done Earth and really am looking for a reason to keep at it. I enjoy tiles, open world, Archwings.....but this is missing something that gives WARFRAME™ the feel that is satisfactory. With time.....
  10. I gotta ask as I was doing a race with my son to finish the Codex....until he went to Black Ops...does anyone have a full Codex to see what should be aimed for nowadays? I want to start up in February getting the Codex filled as have not seen much in game in Orange til Railjack came around. Hek, I would love to get the Void Legendary Containers as they seem to have stopped spawning for a couple years on XBOX. Also....is the regular Codex scanner and the Simarus Codex scanner with the speed boost the same time to scan recently? I used to see a difference in speed but since Railjack, they seem to be slowed down again....or just my view?
  11. Is there a place to send bugs that would make cool features? I have had a few that were pretty sweet but posted them on the Xbox Community Area with no idea if DR ever seen them. One is where two of my Emphemera combined to make the Bats with Energy flow. Was the sweetest of Emphs. Imma give this a shot to see if this works with the Giant Rumbler augment.
  12. In a world that was filled with FPS and it had been a while since I found a game that actually felt alive with a storyline that was fresh, young, and growing...this game hit me with a fresh air I was lacking in my gaming. It felt good to play with others against AI that did not cheat to give challenge as I came from a world of watching Computer controlled characters do Flash Kicks while walking towards me. To have the chance to pick from an assortment of weapons and able to combine them or go with just one was a welcome as well. Did I want to take a sword or glaive, or was a machine gun and sidearm the way to go? A rocket launcher for a main and secondary? Sure. How about Sniping and then slashing necks with a blade to keep those who witnessed it silent. And this is before you delve into the powers of each frame you have a choice to pick. This was at a time you could mod your powers in so there was a choice again on how you wanted your frame to play compared to others. While playing and finding the enjoyment of this game went beyond anything else I was playing at the time (and still today), I kept signing in to have the experience I wanted from a game all this time. There was no starting over such as in each Yu-Gi-Oh video game I got. There were no need to buy the newest updates as they were free from the money time. You could play your way- free and trade for everything or contribute money to get what you wanted that did not effect gameplay. No need to get killed over and over by the newest gun behind a paywall that gave advantages to those who bought the power. And here I sit in 2020 signing in each day I can, getting Detonite Ampules and Fieldron Samples as daily logins since I started in 2014. Still having fun doing the Extractors and getting the latest anger rants from the forums. Still decorating my frames with new cosmetics and finding new weapons to use with old. Still checking the chats to see if there is more talk about the game instead of jokes about race, traps, or whatever the kids talk about in region. I am in it for the Long haul....as long as the developers keep it going in a direction I can enjoy
  13. That is what would make this the different as the frames are not connected and they still can move. It might be as it is in the Zanuka Hunter area but I have not tried it since I got a Void Demon. Either way, it would give the good old days of not playing with a pop out kid that give easy mode on crack. Miss those days of true Warframe
  14. Yes! Mayhaps we will get the Infested being more ALIEN and be a threat. They could actually grab our frames and the screen goes black. We get control and we are in a ship that has us suspended in the air from Infested goop. We realize that there is no connection to our Void Demon and all our weapons are gone. We start making our way through the ship where there are dropped weapons we can pick up but they are not modded so barely any damage. No power, no mods, no Void Demon. We have to get to the engine room to sabotage the ship core, search the ship for our weapons and fight a new Infested that blocks our connection to the VD. After beating it, we can use the Archwings to escape and have Ordis pick us up in the Orbiter. Or not....
  15. Did a mission solo where I wanted to get boarded as much as possible....and somehow after doing a few kills and scans, the HUD disappeared. No map, no sights, no anything...which made finding fires and hull breaches not a fun scavenger hunt. Is there a in mission fix or gotta go back to docks? At least I got Winged Storm and did not lose it.
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