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  1. How comes you only petting the one kitty? The other 2 are bad or not favorited as much as that one? Just messin with ya Who knows....DE might do something on the Forums for a special moniker. I recall a long time ago, they gave a poster a Forum name for pointing out the moon was missing.
  2. Bur you do not care if you are ripping others off since you are in favor of scamming. Those who do not want to scam or have a loved one scammed feel different. If my son started playing and some guy said "i have this super powerful gun that only i can give you but i need 200 plat for it" and my son bought it cuz he trusted this person's word in the game, it would possibly get him to not want to play after he went through all he did to get that plat and found out others give it for free. If you are willing to let people get scammed for an item, when it happens to someone you kno
  3. The Ignis Wraith should be a plat free item for those who have not gotten it before and new players that recently hit MR 9+. The charging of plat for something that those who did the mission and time to get either the Ignis W into their accounts or clans that clamored for the BP to be in the DOJO is a ripoff/scam being sold for plat to players that were not around to get the item. It is even worse when a player did not do the event but joins a clan that has the BP to then sell it for plat. This is one of the few things that are in the game we can give as an Achievement reward to ne
  4. I fell for one recently (Railjack time->). I did not like the buggy nature of Railjack but wanted to have some power going into the fights if i went solo. Someone was selling Void Hole and Tethered for 40 plat. I figured sure.... Went in and got the two thinking it was all g. 3 months later, i went to play Railjack once Xbox got the affinity booster days and i go to put the powers on my Railjack. I am looking for Void Hole but canno find it. Tethered is there but no Void Hole. I decide to look at all my Railjack additions and see that i have Void Cloak, which i neve
  5. Yo DE! Reshape the Echoes into SentryMode plug ins we can use with our Mechs. There are times i want to place my Mech down and have it destroy things while i fish/mine/look at lore possible areas without having to fight all the time. And do not say they are not possible while i watch a mech on CD walking around shooting and deth dealing on its own. Give them a daily time limit that way if you know you are not hitting open worlds, they revert to normal. This should be an easy do. Come on DE....
  6. There are many a discount that DE does once and done 'Member when they discounted a bunch of bundles? How about that time they allowed the community to vote for what was on SALE each week? I am not sure if these special sales are ways to get FOMO in full effect or DE seeing where the sales pulse is with the game.
  7. And there are either people that might have the Rivens sitting in their inventory or might get them from doing Rifle Rivens. But doing trades with players that might have the riven you are collecting and them could give a kick to someone who is "bored" with the game. Kind of a sort of trading game for Rivs The community might be able to assist and RNGijoe might even give a helping hand. Started in March 1st...and most people attempt to sell the rivens for hundreds of plat....i am attempting it. If i get A-Z by the 31st, then it shows its possible. If i get half or 3/4ths the way...a
  8. Greetz and howdy heya This one is mainly for Xbox users but all platforms are welcome to do the challenge. Each month i do some challenge in the game to change it up for myself. Some have been to do Conclave for a month or Forma February, where i attempt to put Forma on stuff. This months Challenge is to get 26 Alpha rivens for one weapon. I have decided to go with the Glaxion since i already have 2 Rivens for it (M & Z). Looking for anyone that wants to do the challenge or help me achieve this. I am not a fan of Rivens and do not use them except for the opening requirement
  9. It has hit me a few times thinking it was a starstar....usually when logging into the game and see the symbol. Its the Treasure Raider side of me- i enjoy picking up them starstars and sculpts in missions. Detest that they are bounty rewards. At least this question is off my Wonder list since i now kno i aint the only person who thought this 🥂
  10. You know how you play the game to get what is needed to craft things you want or progress further in the game? Do the same with Money in the real world. There are many ways to gey disposable income for the item you want. There is an app that pays you for walking, another for doing surveys on your phone. Pick up a few that you would do and save the Money for buying stuff from Warframe. Where there is a will, there is a way. I get the Packs for Warframe using Microsoft money and a couple bucks from my pocket every 70 days into the PA being out. Usually attempt to time it when my boosters h
  11. No coincidence in this world Everything is connected and happens on a certain schedule....EVERY. ducking. THING...
  12. What is wrong with you? Since YOU have not done this means that others experience in having this happen does not exist? Its like all the racist things that happen daily but since YOU did not do it or experience it, its a lie or greatly blown out of proportion- EVEN WHEN ITS CAUGHT ON VIDEO. Thank goddesses that YOU are not where the game revolves around. Really disgusted with peeps saying this. I didnt experience this or do it so you are lying. Damn....wish i had your priv.....but I got the REAL experience you been blind to. Please sit down with the others that have
  13. This is still gatekeeping as they are CHOOSING to assist this person since they are clan mates as if a rando joined and they decide "naw...not worth my time to help this person. I am out and gonna wait til next rotation as this person might only have a certain time to be on"
  14. A new player decides to take the bounty for doing the Tri. They go into PoE and get matched to a squad doin the mission. The squad gets the first one done and then look at the stats of the new guy, see his is new, and they either LEAVE SQUAD or go back to the gates to resquad up. Worse still is when they activate the 2nd one and then Host Migrate to leave the new guy all by themselves. Heard about these instances and felt them as well for myself from hunters doing it. And if irs happening to many players, that is not a gane thing...that is players doing it on purpose to players. That is g
  15. Here is the thing- Eido are a job in this game...not by the games choice but by the community that has grabbed it and gate it from others being able to attempt it as a part if the game. This makes it that those who find it profitable and fun as long as done by their guidelines, quite loud when the Arcanes are in the New War chapters while at the same time not very accepting of others that want to learn cuz it slows down the bizznezz. To up the rewards for these players....is not how rewards should go. They want to gatekeep the Eido, enjoy the pool in there. They want more rewards, be more
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