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  1. Honestly, that does sound like the best solution. Clouds are a tricky subject for determining effects for, just like wind, so it makes sense that Cirrus's clouds would function like Zephyr's tornadoes, but it would make the element-absorbing effect more central to his kit.
  2. DE knows that a number of Warframes are in need of reworks, but has been conspicuously quiet on the subject of Chroma. All we know is that they're aware that there's a player request for reworking him. Has DE been watching the forums for suggestions, such as this? And then there's also the massive Chroma rework megathread on the Warframes forum as well. Does DE still have no concrete plans for reworking Chroma, or are there plans being made after the most in-need Warframes have had their reworks?
  3. The only concern I'd have there is that those aren't really weather-based. Clouds on their own aren't known to develop magnetic, radioactive, or toxic/poisonous gas properties. The acid rain suggestion I gave was a bit of a stretch as it was, because I wanted to suggest regular rain, but that wouldn't have done much different from the hail suggestion if you go by water properties the way Hydroid does them (Tempest Barrage's water missiles attack dealing Impact damage and knocking down enemies; Tidal Surge similarly does Impact damage as it crashes through enemies, then ends with Slashing as the wave "breaks," implying water-based damage is usually Impact or Slashing). The alternative would be to do something like Zephyr: Don't have a "sub-element" for your clouds at all. Instead, create a basic "blank" cloud, which then changes to match the most prominent element of a weapon attack done in the area. For example, create a cloud, then fire an Ignis at it, and now the cloud's on fire, raining droplets of fire and dealing constant Heat damage.
  4. Keeping in mind this is just a suggestion: Rather than being the third ability, fold "Fog" into the weather options for 1/2: Fog (damageless utility cloud; 1 blinds enemies [opens them to Finishers], 2 grants invisibility for allies), Hail (Impact damage; 1 inflicts knockdown and does damage, not sure what 2 would do), Acid Rain (Corrosive damage; 1 shreds armor and does damage, 2 adds Corrosive damage to ally weapon damage while within cloud), Sleet (Cold damage; 1 slows enemies and does damage; 2 increases Ally armor with an ice skin).
  5. I'm not sure about the quad-elemental 1 and 2. Sounds awful similar to Chroma, don't you think? Two Warframes able to switch between the four base elements rather reduces Chroma's uniqueness. If you want to have different "modes," why not base them on different types of cloudy weather to generate your effects?
  6. That Fetch fix is a major and very welcome improvement. Thanks, DE, for all your hard work!
  7. For the Reworked Warframes section:
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