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  1. First, thanks to everyone for participating to this discussion, it's not a particularly glamour topic but I think it's important nevertheless. I never pretended they didn't fix anything, they do regularly, but If these forums are useful at all I think it's only marginal at best. It just seems that they tend to forget regularly about bugs, forcing people to nag them on the front page of unrelated news post or "still no fix" them in patch notes' threads. If a bug is not fixed or at least acknowledged in the first week of reporting it, It mostly never will in my experience. My example with the broken Ocucor earlier? 6 months from the report, no fix until I frontpaged it. Volt's broken prime access? 2 years from the report for a 50€ piece of equipement? Got fixed after contacting one of the studio leads directly. Broken Sword and Shield animations? 3 years, three threads archived and locked and still no fix or answer to this day. All obvious bugs, with obvious causes... See the trend? I can keep the examples coming all day. Unless I make a lot of noise about a bug it doesn't get fixed by reporting it in the forums. Which is why I think that the bug report forums are inefficient in their current form. It seems the studio is wasting resources just by merely having to manage them. This is generating frustration and this is that accumulated frustration that pushed me to stop playing completely a few years ago for an extended period of time, so it has the additional cost of pushing people back from the game. From my own experience only a very small fraction of bugs gets fixed after people reported them in these forums. It's usually rather thanks to the internal QA (Kudos to the QA team btw! Despite my complaints about the system, your job is appreciated here!). I suspect that this is because DE's internal system may actually be as opaque and cumbersome for the developers as it is for the users. There are only two reasons a bug can go through the cracks for so long: Either the system considers an archived report (6months+) as "solved" or the QA team is saturated with reports, probably overworked, constantly pushing back older bugs in favor of bugs in the newest content, without ever getting the time to catch up with the pile of crap accumulating and gradually sapping enjoyment from the core experience. "Death by a thousand cuts bugs".
  2. While I see where you're coming from, they already work on those bugs anyway. They do the sorting and prioritizing work, and above all they do fix a ginormous amount of stuff. I'm sure you can see how they'd actually save time by not having to sort duplicates, having less erroneous reports by simply marking a bug as "working as intended" as they log it in... They already do all that internally and every time someone comes to the forums and makes another report because they don't know if it's been logged or worked on, it's content the debugging team has to parse, read, identify and sort all over again. Having an open system would help by actually reducing the number of reports they'd have like in the current form of the bug report forum. Something as simple as a "I have this issue too" button for instance would allow the team to quickly prioritize by recurrence for instance. A little work upstream can save you a lot of time later on. I'm pretty sure DE has already thought about it themselves: They sure as hell know how to manage large scale projects internally and they go above expectations with listening to feedback about design. However, efficient bug reporting needs to be a 2-way road.
  3. Case in point, the Ocucor: A patch broke it in March, someone else reported it the same month but the thread disappeared. Reported it again myself April 9 complete with video. I bumped the topic monthly until I had enough and looked for an occasion to "Still no fix" it on the first page of a patch notes' thread. When I did, It got fixed the next day, four months later... And I consider myself lucky! Players shouldn't have to ambush the devs on social media to get their attention on sometimes years-old reports. A little organization goes a long way.
  4. Could you do me a solid and fix the ocucor's tracking? It's been months Thanks in advance.
  5. Great, one down, dozens to go. Keep up the good work but at this speed you'll have fixed all of those client side colour bugs by 2021. Still no fix for the Ocucor tracking not working anymore with range mods.
  6. Will the Ocucor's tendrils ever work again? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1082114-ocucors-tendrils-not-tracking-targets-anymore/?tab=comments#comment-10760484
  7. Is the best way to get a weapon- breaking bug some attention really to act like an annoying little *@##$ and spam "still no fix" in every unrelated thread, reddit and twitter? Because last time that's what I had to do after two years without news, and sadly it worked. Can you give a little love to my Ocucor here? Please?
  8. Pax Seeker and Wisp's Breach Surge's seeking projectiles are the wrong energy color when playing as client. Eximus units are immune to Sol Gate ability from Wisp
  9. In disruption, the "Get to the objective" warning stays permanently on screen even when the leaving players have left. I don't think it's exclusive to the disruption mode though.
  10. Noticed you fixed Baruuk's Desert Wind energy color, and it's great! However this is part of a larger issue the new color system inherited from the old one that will need to be adressed at some point. There are like a ton of energy effects that revert to default color when playing as client (which is 3/4 of the time) we're speaking of at least a hundred effects: If you try to fix them one by one, you'll never be done. A few instances: Larkspur charge mode explosion (supposed to be green): Ferrox secondary fire explosion (seems like there's a green ring as expected but also a duplicate default blue ring, notice how the impact is blue as well while it's green as host, as expected) Zenurik's lightning dash lightnings and magus tether lockdown tethers: (supposed to be orange) Opticor's explosions (there's a blue explosion into the supposed green) And so on... This is not an exclusive list by all means, I don't have the time to log all this. Especially not without a bug tracker. All of these have the proper chosen color when hosts. With that said. The new update is still great!
  11. Hey! ^^ Colors update broke energy color for landing ships and is now forced to default for all variants (the lights are supposed to be green on the screenshot) I love the stats changes to the spearguns but the Javlok's projectiles are now invisible while it used to shoot fireballs. Now we can only see the smoketrail and visual effects, not the projectile itself which during gameplay makes almost impossible to tell where the shot landed . The Ocucor's tracking stopped working when using a mod that extend the beams range, looks like it actually reduces the tracking's range so maybe there's a number reversed somewhere in the code. The tendrils used to automatically track targets and It worked fine before. I LOVE THAT WEAPON and spent a lot of effort to make it great. Please fix ❤️
  12. I'm not angry... just disappointed. I spend a lot of time and effort trying to use and popularize weapons that are underappreciated or "out of the meta" to bring a little variety and spice to Warframe, just for them to be broken for months on end. It's disheartening.
  13. Seriously. That would be kinda awkward If you end up releasing the Cyanex homing gun before fixing the Ocucor's tracking...
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