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  1. Also, it's a source of major confusion for some players when you're looking at your rewards and do not notice that you accidentally typed something in the search box, filtering/hiding the loot.
  2. I'm surprised this is still a thing, honestly. Is there a single player who would seriously rather have the end of mission focus on the search box instead of being able to chat or move through the doors in open world missions? I can't count the number of times I came back from tridolon hunts, looking badass walking through the door only for the end of mission screen to pop up forcing me to type "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" instead of the intended movement. The simplest act of bringing the chat up hitting T and then "GG" is hampered in all other mission types and I can't see any purpose worth impeding player communication at any time. Please DE, can someone take a look at this? I'm fairly convinced it would improve the end of mission screen for everyone, everywhere.
  3. Ah so that's what it was about! I was puzzled by the angry tone. Sorry you took it for you, It was never my intention to imply the contrary, only to state the rationale given by the devs for that decision. My stance was clear in my first comment but now I realize that discussion was started back in April.... and people on all boards are still pissed it seems 😅 Yeah. No-one asked for what we got. That was the substance of my first comment here back then. That'll probably help you see the extent of my opinion in a better light.
  4. Until she broke herself - plus, to my knowledge that "unbroken" comment was only in recent promotional material about Gara Prime but that's beside the point. Let's not bicker endlessly over differences of interpretation, shall we? You have yours, I have mine, both of equal value. The point is that a toggle would have satisfied everyone, I myself supported making the glass armor an auxiliary like it has been done for other frames before to help my fellow Tennos frustrated they couldn't get their fashion frame exactly right - I know the struggle 😅. No-one asked for the removal of that feature and official communication about it implied that a consensus had been reached when it had been anything but. Only thing that decision achieved is making a different set of players unhappy. Not cool.
  5. I hope breaking the theme of a warframe's powers and compromising the artistic vision to fit the needs of a few fashionists won't become a trend. It was perfectly possible to make Gara looks as cool glass-less as she is with her armor. Being suddenly told that Gara's armor not shattering anymore is not a bug as I initially thought but a deliberate decision taken to settle an argument I didn't even know existed is mildly frustrating. Shattering herself to destroy a sentient monster, breaking it into pieces to create the Eidolons... the word shatter is repeated more times in her lore than I care to count. The warframe has been built around that idea of self-sacrifice and personal loss, it's not just something that can be just removed without the character losing part of her identity.
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