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  1. Visual indicators on the frame that you've hit 100% battery and 100% redline would be nice so I can stop checking the gauge so often and keep my eyes on the game. Maybe even a damaging radial explosion when you hit 100% redline (not 100% battery) to make it feel more rewarding than just removing the battery cost of some abilities.
  2. A few tennos already mentioned the weirdness in the noble animation set so I'll just add my two cents from this thread:
  3. I won't lie, I'm a speed junkie. I like Gauss a lot. However... ...after having played a few hours with him I feel like that Redline should also give a boost to sprint speed according to the battery level, even if it's just a flat increase unaffected by mods. As a few Tennos pointed out, having the ability to go faster the more and better I play would feel so much more exhilarating and rewarding than just having max speed from the get go, especially considering how power hungry it is! Redline really makes it look like it's supposed to break every speed limiter, not just those of the weapons. The first time I activated it I really thought I was going faster. Alas, it was only the effect of the adrenalin. It would improve every aspect of the speed frame to awesome levels, I just know it!
  4. Oh. I just noticed that it actually also has an "idle" animation that just breaks into there while Gauss is still in the process of jumping around, interrupting the animation right in the middle of it... yeah something feels completely off with this set but I think a lot of it derives from the fact that the each loop starts from a completely static pose so it lacks that "breathing" effect we have on the other frames. Otherwise, that's a very cool warframe. Edit: when looking at the fingers of the right hand, it looks like the animation is skipping ahead a bit so it may indeed be clipped and why it doesn't flow right.
  5. I wouldn't be against the "can't stand still" concept if the loop was made more interesting and seamless, but right now, it's jarring how short the animation is, how often it plays and how out of place the end of the animation seems compared to their starting position, completely breaks the flow when it loops back. It really looks like some part of the animation is missing. I think a continuously active loop would have fit better and more naturally. As it is now, the animation feels like it just stops at some point and every limb is just going back to its starting position. Seriously, I usually am a patient guy but it took like 6 seconds for me to already have had enough of it and switch to agile... which is curiously way more tame. Go figure.
  6. Could we get our awesome wrist-mounted weapons animations back pleaaase? 💙 Feels like I've been playing with an inebriated warframe for months now.
  7. The Saint of Atra patch notes earlier stated: I stood confused, however, because no clipping should exist at all, the blade should not even be there but it got broken eons ago by an update (at a wild guess, around the time customizable holsters positions were added). How sheathing worked before on Sword and shield weapons was that the sword was reducing its scale when sheathing it so it became invisible inside the shield part. How it is since is that every Sword and shield weapon just stays stuck awkwardly at full size into the shield model. On the other hand, take a look at Ack & Brunt as it is not bugged and sheathing seems to behave how it's supposed to. I genuinely think that this bug has gotten so old that the staff themselves have forgot how those weapons' animations are supposed to behave and just assumed that the blade was supposed to be protruding on the Danaus skin when sheathed, hence how we got that surprising "bugfix" about clipping in the patch notes. Could anyone check the design docs and see if it can be rectified? I kinda like shield weapons and this one has been going for so long, I ended up thinking you just completely forgot about it and made my peace. The list of weapons affected are: Silva & Aegis, Silva & Aegis Prime, Cobra & Crane, and all weapons equipping the Danau Skin. Ack & Brunt and Sigma & Octantis look unaffected. Still, the fix list that came with the Atra update was impressive. Thanks in advance! I marked in red the parts that do not belong to the shield model and that did not appear before the bug broke their expected behaviour.
  8. Yep, it happened to other Warframes too albeit very rarely. It further reinforces my opinion that either the exalted weapon or Baruuk itself is an important factor in this happening so often, combined with the attack speed (I also have a speed boosting wisp in my usual team and a Volt... plus my arcanes and mods, but it happens in pick up groups too). I remember that it happened to other members of my squad on several occasions and they had to die and revive to clear it. This is not an option when running arbitrations for instance though. Currently there's not a single game session (1hour+) where I don't have it happening at least once in some manner.
  9. When using Baruuk, I'm frequently losing complete melee functionality after using Desert Wind and Baruuk is acting like it's having a stroke. I'm using Baruuk at very high melee speeds... speaking of Berserker plus Arcane Strike, Primed Fury... etc, don't know if it's relevant. It's one in ten of my runs that are afflicted, sometimes one in four when unlucky. it's been there at least since melee 2.99999 and I'm only reporting it now because it's starting to get worse with each melee update. I could get back functionality before by switching weapons and then opening the menu or simply by dying but not anymore in most cases. It can happen when Desert Wind ends, but also when I activate it, or even sometimes right in the middle of it. Sorry for not being able to figure out the exact trigger but it's probably affecting other exalted weapons as well. Made a video. Would be quite funny if it didn't completely ruin so many good runs, forcing me to apologize to the team for my complete uselessness when it happens Would be super nice if you could fix it please 💙
  10. Could you do me a solid and fix the ocucor's tracking? It's been months Thanks in advance.
  11. Great, one down, dozens to go. Keep up the good work but at this speed you'll have fixed all of those client side colour bugs by 2021. Still no fix for the Ocucor tracking not working anymore with range mods.
  12. Will the Ocucor's tendrils ever work again? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1082114-ocucors-tendrils-not-tracking-targets-anymore/?tab=comments#comment-10760484
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