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  1. Got the Hydroid prime but still no Athodai though which is what I was really interested in. Also got the staff skin but not the Dojo decoration. Are drops still going through the backlog? To be fair, I was amazed to see so many people on the stream.
  2. Hey tennos! So, between "Lotus", the Operator, the Lich and Kuva guards, the Syndicate, Simaris, Nora and now with the recent addition of Tesshin... all talking over each other, the end of mission screen has gotten a bit noisy lately. There has to be a better way of handling comms. Even preventing them from talking at the same time does not seem enough anymore as it can lead to Vor-level queues of monologues. Any suggestions?
  3. The camera movement should not be locked when rewinding the Temporal Anchor. If you move your mouse during the rewind animation, you have to lift and reposition it in its natural center position when the animation ends. It's generally a good idea to have as little things as possible throwing muscular memory off like that.
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