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  1. All stations, DEFCON 1 on full effect. Tactical lore nuke incoming
  2. at least with plague bokwin and mewan, and if my tests aren't borked, it matches the guandao/orthos prime range now
  3. PSA on Fishing: now each spear have purpose: barbed for unarmored(i.e. mortus lungfish), pointy for armored(i.e. khut-khut) and maybe the 3rd one is multipurpose
  4. Guys, about the Multiple hits on fishing: it seems the spears are working as intended. Just tested the first one on the lungfish, and took one hit to get it out of water. so we actually have 10 slots of gear, as it will need to carry all 3 spears to be able to get everything
  5. you know [REDACTED] damage goes around the corpus [REDACTED]
  6. patch released right before night on plains...epic timing
  7. @[DE]Megan In the light of the new Tennogen Round:
  8. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/776777-sari-syandana-behavior/
  9. @[DE]Megan Still no fix/statement for:
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