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  1. This isnt an augment. This is a waste of space in all regards. Maybe if it gave half the energy gained to Garuda's allies I'd consider it, or bonus armor from the health lost, it might be good too, but this is just complete trash for an augment. Also, Hydroid Prime trailer when?
  2. Bug: Jumped into a few crewships as Nidus, and my mutation stacks are being halved between each crewship, and other buffs are being removed.
  3. Butchers, the lowest tier grineer infantry, have something like 40 times the armor and 15 times the health, in this game mode at least, in comparison to the kuva butcher
  4. Not impressed with the armor. Another PA to skip.
  5. I'm honestly not surprised by the Itzal changes, you just seem to want to convince us more and more you don't care much about feedback. The change is a net nerf to Itzal mobility even with the replacement, and you only get a speed buff for other Archwings, but as others have pointed out already: Even removing all of Itzal's powers, it still would be more used in open world. Why? Speed. Plain and simple.
  6. What happened to the original idea of trading any lich when you get it? Now only converted ones? Why bother at that point, just kill them and move on.
  7. Don't supposed you could ask if we could get an option to repell rather than trying to Mercy and Fail against Liches? Would make everyone happier.
  8. Can't currently kill my Lich, no combination seems to kill it. I think there is instances where it requires two of the same mod, which some users are posting.
  9. Anyone getting Requiem mods from thralls rather than relics?
  10. To be honest, I feel like you guys took too much from DMC. A game like that doesn't mesh with a "Horde" game like this. More inspiration from a game like the Warriors series and their musou attack combos would be better for Heavy attacks: Dumping Combo counter for slam to the ground that deals AoE in a decent radius.
  11. Surprised Requiem Relics aren't a drop on the Kuva Fortress. Seems like the ideal place for them.
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