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  1. Any way to get more codes beyond a long wait for invasions to reset? Like burning some credits?
  2. Missing Ephemera but not Nekros Prime, despite watching the entire main event.
  3. I hope that three orokin cells was a joke, or somebody was off by a multiple of 10. Three cells is a joke for the amount of standing you need, in comparison to just farming and getting getting about 5 or 10 times more in a single run
  4. Then call it as it is: a Change, not a fix. And a knee jerk reaction to a minor issue which had a response that was blown way out of proportion, screwing over everyone else instead of fixing just the issue. Even with this "reason", I still wouldnt call this nerf justified. It's lazy.
  5. Four and a bit years of this "bug". Wonder how many other "fixes" are in there that were actually nerfs.
  6. Yes, this is a direct nerf to farming teams. What this would do would more or less prevent a second roll on loot for bodies already looted once by other powers, but only on successful ones. For instance, 'Droid's Pilfer reroll prevents Desecrate from working now if they rerolled via Pilfer Swarm. Khora's reroll has a chance of fail, and if it fails, it would allow Desecrate to work on it. If it fails, it fails, no more loot. I can't guess how the priorities would work for powers, but I would guess Pilferoid/Khora would be applied first due to how they work, and if Khora's failed, 'Kros would follow up with his reloot.
  7. Can we get this moved to Changes, please? No offense @[DE]Megan, but this is disingenuous. It needs to be called as it is: a Nerf. Its been the better part of 4 years that this "bug" has been a feature, and its now only getting a "fix"? No one should buy this lie, I surely don't.
  8. Not a bug. Irradiated players count as hostile.
  9. Have you guys redone it completely?
  10. Something is going on with the spawns at the bases in the past few updates. Enemies are hardly spawning as much or as aggressively as they did in the past at higher alert levels.
  11. Crisma Toriods no longer save? Just did a run and got none after the fight.
  12. "Fixed the Shattering Impact Mod breaking the Profit-Taker. Profit-Taker is now immune to Armor Reduction." Soo, immune to status, armor reduction, auras, and warframe abilities. What's next? Giving it Lephatis's damage reduction? Immune to crits? Aren't you taking this too far? At least put more changes forward on AW weapons to compensate.
  13. Hey Reb, can I ask if we can be given some insight on this... choice? Why not more Toriods? Or let all the phases give Vox Solaris standing?
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