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  1. @[DE]Megan That at all prompted you to remove a tidbit in the form of 500 Kuva from drop list? There must be a reason. If people liked this move, positively assessed, why clean it up?
  2. Thank you for organizing such a disappointment for the community. Bravo Introducing 500 Kuva into the drop list with Thrall was a great solution. This diversified the mission farming of Thrall hunt. But you just took it and removed the dainty, returning back to the tedious farm. Great! Give kuva back.
  3. Actually, a few questions on the stream: 1) When will be added the function of re-completing the quest "Chimera Prologue" ? (Just when I passed this quest, it was very broken, because automatically skipped half of the quest, and more instead of the operator I played for Warframe) 2) Are there any plans for the third Orb? (Just to start understanding,what will come out sooner: Railjack, or the battle with the third Orb?) And of course, really want to know about the release dates of the update "Warframe: Empyrean", at least approximate. P.S. when will the next Prime armor on the operator? There are too few (just compare their number,for example, with the number Sugatras Prime)
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