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  1. For 2 years players you actively ask about the raids (Constantly to devstreams, on Tennocon, in an interview different). I would like to know if there are any plans in this direction, developments? What is the current state of the "New War"? When should we expect it now? What about the in-game anomaly alert? similar to playing time of Plains / Valley weather conditions. Make it available, for example, only to those who have opened the Veil Proxima Maybe you should raise the chance of a rare Containers appearing on an anomaly? What is the status of the third phase of Railjack? Are there plans to release the game in the Epic Games Store? When will the Railjack critical fix phase end approximately and the next content related to It will be delivered? When will the new Nightwave season finally begin? the intermission was too long And what is there in General with the Paradox update? Thanks)
  2. @[DE]Drew Good news) Thanks, DE) I am happy to play your game and support your project for the past 7 years ^-^ @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Danielle @[DE]Helen @[DE]Taylor
  3. When at least approximately there will be a New war?
  4. God damn...I definitely want to buy this
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