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  1. I doubt that it will stop at 30 either. Without a mastery reward of some sort I doubt I would be incentivised to get the latest weapons, warframes and companions. Long time player who still enjoys playing often. Every once in while I need a goal to work towards and MR is one of many. Keep making warframe fun, DE and thank you!
  2. I tried T5 three times.....I just went for it on T6 finally. Took a little while but managed to solo it in 20 min,
  3. I allotted myself 20 min for the Nightwave Challenge as I have in the past. Had an appointment to get to. Found the Thumper and proceeded to strip his shield. After 15 min of shooting he was only down about 1/3 health. He was level 100. Had to get to appointment. On my way out I checked my weapon and to see if steel path was on and it was not. Why is the Thumper level 100 now. I believe this to be a bug.
  4. I submitted a support ticket for Hydroid and DE made good on it promptly. If they don't know, they can't fix something. Ty DE.
  5. I am normally a patent player and take a wait and see approach. I went as far as to post on the forums about the Deep Impact challenge not working. I then placed a support ticket as well. The ticket was marked solved and said I had to submit a screenshot of the completion to get credit. I did the challenge probably six times. I realize that we are in a pandemic and people are working from home and such but can;t help but feel that after I followed the rules and tried to help on this one that I got the cold shoulder. As mentioned there are several other challenges that I also misse
  6. Well I got a "solved" resolution on my support ticket. It appears that since I did not have a screenshot of me completing it I will not get the nightwave credit. I would think with this many persons reporting a problem that DE support would actually have looked into this. I think it is truly sad that the only way we can get credit for things is to screenshot everything we do to provide proof. Sort of suck the fun out of a game in my opinion.
  7. Still bugged for me...Believe I have completed it 6 times now only to have it revert later. Just submitted support ticket since evidently this post is getting no attention. Would recommend others doing the same.
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