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  1. Yeeeeeeah, exact opposite problem for me and my friend. We both started watching at the exact same time on our own separate devices with long-linked Twitch/Warframe accounts, and I got the Ephemera + Nekros, while my friend got ONLY Nekros. This is super depressing to hear, because it means you literally just don't care about the other chunk of people who got cheated out of the only real reward from the stream, the exclusive item.
  2. I'm also seeing some people mention the change from AOE heals to health orbs being a nerf, but... Honestly, if you were using Nezha for those heals before, you weren't using Nezha right in the first place. What's more effective than periodic large or full heals is: Damage resistances, status protections, frequent (or over-time) heals, and CCs. Large/full heals come in behind ALL of these things in terms of overall usefulness in the kinds of content that these abilities need to be balanced around. This is why Trinity's Blessing, which is advertised as something much like a full team heal in League of Legends or other games with multi-role teams, is actually mostly useful because of its damage resistance, not its heal. Because bringing all of your teammates up to full health and shields, even if you do it every 5-10 seconds, still won't help them survive when it only takes enemies 1-5 seconds to kill them outright from max health/shield in high level missions. And while large/full heals do provide a significant resource to health/armor tanks, such tanks are already built to handle the level of content they're playing in without teammate help, since such help cannot be expected or counted on in public missions. In other words, having an abundant source of health orbs that anyone can pick up at any time in order to use them for self-identified health needs and the other mechanics associated with health orbs, is much more useful than large heals at a precise time and place. Yes, even if they buffed the range.
  3. Words cannot begin to express how happy I (as a Nezha main with multiple documents on my computer filled with various Warding Halo calculations) am with this list of changes. I honestly have spent dozens (if not hundreds) of hours daydreaming of ways I wished Nezha's kit could be better, and this goes beyond anything I hoped or dreamed for. The 90% damage reduction is perfect, still offering near-invincibility (without completely negating the importance of healing/support/CC in high level content), while also indirectly increasing Warding Halo's lifespan by around 10%. It additionally eliminates the need for my old extremely inconvenient loadout of Hema and Broken Scepter in order to both produce (Broken Scepter activated ability) and use (Hema's reload to take health damage while otherwise "invincible") health orbs for the armor increase of Health Conversion. Now Nezha can produce both health and energy orbs at will!! Such a great overall concept, mixing small quality-of-life improvements, personal synergies, team synergies, and things that just make Nezha plain ol' more fun to play. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, just knowing that soon I'll be able to hop into missions again with a high-skill Nezha build that requires carefully collecting stacks and timing Halos on my allies for maximum EHP, and actually be rewarded sufficiently enough for it to be considered viable! Plus the added bonus of actually being allowed to use my other three abilities without them being just a raw waste of energy! ... Though I have just noticed a few big problems... Health Conversion still has that ludicrous feature where it loses stacks on shield damage (despite providing no benefit)... And with Nezha's shield health now being increased, it'll probably be even harder to finally take health damage for picking up health orbs... I guess I won't get to shelve my Hema quite yet after all... Maybe one of these days we could get a Health Conversion rework? For instance, more stacks divided into smaller chunks (same or even slightly lower total max armor bonus) or a longer duration until stack loss? Only losing stacks from health damage? Letting Health Conversion "eat" health orbs even when you're at max health, so long as you're not at max stacks? These changes would help EVERY build for EVERY Warframe for EVERY player that uses Health Conversion.
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