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  1. the problem is not the prime, it's the stradivar, the original if I recall correctly the stradivar was one of the first weapons to have two firing modes, I seem to recall that being it's selling point unfortunately, to keep it from being the most overpowered thing in the game, it could never excel at either mode, and was thus doomed to be mid tier at best hype for the original stradivar and it's two firing modes came and went as the weapon failed to impress the original has been out since may of 2016, I haven't seen anybody actually using it, for at least a year the stradivar will always be an experimental weapon that failed to take off, it's prime just fills the joke prime slot the sicarius p left when it graduated into a real weapon
  2. perhaps, the reason we don't have their name is because it literally doesn't matter, now, stay with me here all the other syndicates have set leaders, steel meridian has cressa tal, cephalon suda is led by cephalon suda, perrin sequence is led by ergo glast, new loka is led by amaryn, these are the commanders, the living computer, the high ranking corpus, the high preists, if they were to be captured or killed, the syndicate might fall apart, suda certainly would fall apart without suda, perrin might have some financial difficulties without is bankroller, the steel meridian would be aimless without a commanding leader, and new loka would still be a joke, However... red veil and arbiters have "leaders" who conceal their faces, what if, this is done so if the "leader" (the one that speaks to us) is captured or killed, any other member can simply step into the leadership role without affecting the whole of the syndicate too much, simply put, the "leader" is just a prop, and exists as title only, so if S#&$ hit the fan, they could simply take off their masks and dissapear into the general populace and enemies wouldn't have a face to go after
  3. I figured we sent them to deal with all the kubrows and kavats we jettison into the void
  4. I've seen him once, he dropped nothing,
  5. the third one looks almost grineer in origin, like they tried to make one and it crashed in the pond I mean, the first two are almost identical in apperance and the third is completely different, seems fishy
  6. this^ anybody who has played this game for more than a few updates knows that anything in the entirety of the game could change at any given time based on the will of the devs, with or without notice We're still in the cycle of people being salt mongers about the newest change, eventually they'll either learn to live with it or they'll leave, we saw this with movement 2.0, trinity blessing being fixed, saryn being reworked, ash being reworked, arcwing movement being reworked, coptering being removed, ect.
  7. she does have mobility, use the augment that lets her bypass laser barriers, it also gives a 25% movement increase, that's 25% faster rolling while in prowl, (and it turns spy missions into even more of a joke)
  8. I'd just like to point out for those on the "his spawn rate will increase so stop whining" bus, his spawn rate needs to SIGNIFICANTLY increase as you need to fight him multiple times in order to get all the parts for the hammer, you need to fight him a minimum of 4 times, and we all know he isn't going to be that kind, that's why the wiki says it will probably take between 40 kills and 190 kills to almost guarantee you get all the parts now, I've seen him exactly once in two weeks, 8 weeks left doesn't leave a lot of time for 189 more missions where rng decides he spawns instead of either nothing spawning, or the stalker, or zanuka, or g3, or any syndicates with a bone to pick
  9. there's also one near the big pipe coming out the back of the elevator, a nef anyo with X'd out eyes
  10. I mean this is the one I got this plus point strike gives ~137% crit chance on the secondary, add in argon scope and vital sense for the full facerolling experience
  11. this ^, sums up my grievances, other than that I'm having fun
  12. none, what if a warframe comes along that I like better than my current one
  13. the sound they make in response to the lure is directional, you can easily tell where they will come from, move in the opposite direction from that and stay in view of the call point, they will show up also, just use ivara, sleep arrow is insta aoe tranq
  14. zenistar is really good and very much outshines the zenith, but if you can get a decent riven, zenith can be a real monster
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