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  1. but, why? if I have a gun that already melts everything in the game pre riven, why would I want to strap some pos secondary fire to it, when I know it'll never get used since the main wep melts everything already rivens were supposed to make less used and under preforming weps more viable, what they actually did was make op weps more op and under performing weps slightly less crap
  2. I figure any power that throws your own damage back, like trinitys link, will be a problem, doesn't matter how much damage you can deal when it's all being redirected back in your face though, I do wonder, if you link to them, and they link to you, who gets the damage? or how about octavia, what kind of crazy beats will the nemesis have I wonder
  3. so, is there gonna be lore as to why his prime has a proper head and his standard doesn't
  4. the icons we get that aren't faction rep specific don't do anything but look pretty (honestly they don't even do that) Yes we are missing things hidden in the tilesets, and not just hidden areas, most are very small tileset specific stuff that doesn't really warrant looking into
  5. 50kbps download speed, that the #*!% happened, I used to be able to download at ~1-3Mbps
  6. plains of duviri triggers a hard reset, everything is wiped clean from your account the second you set foot on duviri, and all previous content becomes unobtainable day one, year one, square one
  7. I was hoping for something similar when octavia deluxe came out, possibly a guitar skin for the zenistar but alas, no such luck
  8. you're not alone, there's not really a need to max the focus trees I've been putting it off because the grind is bullS#&$ and I don't find it enjoyable
  9. You got eaten by a door mimic, the deadliest enemy in the game
  10. I'm neutral, I rarely get rivens anyway, and only keep ones for weps I like It a way to make crap weps viable or toy with a new build on an old favorite
  11. still looks like it should be for equinox rather than ivara
  12. 4 years and I'm sitting at MR25, since I've had to wait for stuff to be released, and build times, and work, and real life
  13. I dunno, Ivara with a set of bollocks sounds great and all, but amounts to not much, since players would only really notice the change upon close inspection, which nobody really does anyway
  14. nova deluxe ember deluxe volt deluxe altas deluxe together they show a disturbing trend of badly implemented design. I mean, the ember skin was amazing (and well received) before they went and started changing it and pissed off the community and now after all this time and waiting, they're gonna go and butcher the ivara skin too. I was so excited to finally FINALLY, get a good skin for ivara that didn't require tennogen, nope, here's budget khora
  15. the yokai skin and the arcuata skin are still the go to, any time I see somebody in game with ivara it's either fresh out the foundry default or one of the tennogen skins
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