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  1. Damaged Voidrig components drop rate is Way. Too. Low Seriously 10+ Hours of grinding today 30ish Necramechs dead. I didn't even get a drop from the Damaged Voidrig pool. Not Dupes of the 2 I got from yesterday... NOT. ONE. DROP. Not even a duplicate, c'mon now. This is absolutely absurd
  2. The drop rate for the damaged voidrig componets are actually stupid. After 3 runs I really can't shake the thought of "These MUST NOT drop from killing Necramechs,? THEY CAN't ?!"
  3. I have so much ill will for how terrible the drop rate is for damaged components. i'd rather them just get killed off. The drop rate was horrifically chosen. You get the feeling that they don't drop from Necramechs there sooooo low
  4. It honest to god feels like you don't get the Damaged Voidrig Components from the Necramech kills. Like it's not even in the loot table
  5. Yeah, I mean that'd would be absolute glory. Maybe in the future? If we get archetypes for the Necramechs? It's just killing Necramech, after Necramech, AFTER Necramech, AFTER necra... MECH!! And get NOTHING! Is the most rage inducing, waste of time feeling I think warframe has ever given me
  6. Like seriously where is it? I thought we where gonna get some deep dungeon esc content
  7. After 10+ hours of playing today & about maybe? I dunno?? 30+ downed Necramechs? The game has GIVEN ZERO Damaged Voidrig components. NOT A SINGLE DROP. Not ONNNNE of the TWWWWOO I'm missing. BUT NOT. A. SINGLE! CURSEDED! DROP! From that loot pool. The drop rate to these parts are INSANELY TOOOO LOW. I've got everything else prepared to build my Mech besides these damaged components & 2 Scintillant. I have patience, but my friends don't. They are already talking about not caring about this farm, from seeing me get STABBED BY IT! You don't want players killing friendly m
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