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  1. Yeah, I agree I would think that having the 2 options co-exist wouldn't be hard. But I'm not a game developer soo... *shrug*
  2. Since the Melee 2.54321 update, I don't like glaives losing the mechanic. I waited the 1st month to see if I'd get over the loss before expressing discontent... but ended up taking a hiatus from the game & never got around to. The Aerial Charged Power Throw was one of the more cooler, responsive, flashier, rewarding & better mechanical additions to the gameplay system. I mean it felt good just pulling the move off. Please allow its return And I think the the Wolf Sledge would greatly benefit from the mechanic as well AND should be able to preform ACPT too... Yes, it is just so that I can get my Thor on
  3. So I'm helping a newer player/clan member catch up in their quest to do Natah. Soo I decided to Replay the quest (Through the quest replay system) with them so I don't have to hand hold as hard. We finished Stolen Dreams annnnnd WHELP... It didn't give him the completion of any of the missions we did 😞 Please fix this... odd occurrence
  4. Yes. I thought about the newer enemies that have been added as of late, having their cool quirks that do a great job adding "some" challenge to Warframe. Once they receive their Eximus variants and a proper mode to showcase them. I'd like to get proper notification that I'm being effected by an enemy Aura ability. I look forward to seeing what the Jupiter Amalgam enemies bring to the table!
  5. I'm surprised we don't have this in-game yet. Parasitic Eximus Aura is probably one of the most threatening enemy capabilities in the entire game (Only trumped by Nullifiers). Well deserving of it's own unique U.I element. Only current way to tell is when your Energy is plummeting to the ground. Would be nice to have one even for Toxic Aura's. Additional request... Can we get new Eximus abilities?
  6. What type of logic? You know that doesn't make any sense That's like me saying telling you: "The Warframe inventory slot capacity is now 10 (While there's 30+ Frames still) and YOU should sell those that don't have 4 forma in them when you hit that cap.. What? >.< ? That issue would severely impede your enjoyment of the game. This issue has begun to impede my enjoyment of the game... I can't get/earn certain Riven Rewards from the game anymore... That's not fun or cool. Side note: only 15 of my Rivens aren't maxed... And that's only b/c my Endo has been split amongst them & other Mods. All of my Rivens have good stats on their rolls, 10 them God Roll-esque.
  7. You jest about the game being unplayable... But I don't want to play b/c of this currently to be honest. I stopped doing Sorties & Abtraitions b/c of this cap. The reward I care about isn't attainable anymore
  8. Thank you. Saying you only need a handle full is counter intuitive to the point of Rivens. And their just fun, their the only source of true RNG honest fun in Warframe currently.
  9. Thank you for concisely giving out actual points that drive you & other like minded players (myself) to the same simple conclusion of... We want more Rivens Great point about the Secondary Colors & I didn't know about the Rivens being a certain type of data.
  10. My main intention for this post was to let DE know that this is still a concern amongst players. They mentioned this being a "Server Load" issue months ago, but they haven't followed up or brought it up since... But they have been adding even more Riven's to the game. Was literally just trying to let them know it's still a concern amongst players... and it kills the hype about Arch-Gun Rivens
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