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  1. losing a mission because you've run out of repair goo and there's no obvious way to get more is a major feel-bad. DE needs to fix this.
  2. I've been trading dupes with friends; this system isn't going away, and I'll eventually get 'perfect' rolls on everything, which can easily enough be dropped on top of whatever I happen to level. No reason to waste my own time.
  3. If your larvlings aren't spawning, change frames. That did it for me.
  4. The only limits I'm seeing are being placed by players who refuse to change how they select and build their tools. A few things that worked before in specific content no longer work the same way, and players must now adapt to get the sensation of having more power than others that they seek. Good. That's healthy.
  5. I went to Earth and started up a Lich mob def. I was host, a couple of people joined. We finished the first terminal and moved to the second. I put in the box, and then this happened: The box is gone, and the Lich (not my Lich!) spawned inside the terminal. He was invicible. Eventually he was able to extricate himself, but didn't become any more vincible than before, and the box was still gone with no timer going. I left.
  6. Major update hits, and it's the same advice every time: Take a step back, reevaluate what you're doing, reevaluate why you're doing it that way, and adjust. Your habits that were optimized for previous gameplay may no longer be applicable, and that's not inherently a problem. This is Warframe. If your tools of choice don't do the job, go back to the giant toolbox you're flying around in and pick other tools.
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