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  1. Someone in my clan observed that the metagame ("how does this event work? what am i supposed to do if i want to actually get credit? nope, not that, try something else!") of Scarlet Spear is significantly deeper and more complex than the primary gameplay loop, which is... problematic. There's a lot of really good stuff going on - at least on the ground side, players are being encouraged to take a look at their gun builds, for once - but coming back from a long, challenging mission to find out that it didn't count, or getting a good group only to have the rug pulled out from under you due to artificial timegates that are neither beneficial nor even well presented, really pushes the good stuff out of view. And that's even without the whole "you want to play with your friends? No, that's just not going to happen today, Tenno" issues. On the plus side, I know DE is working on most of this, and have a very good track record of pivoting on the move when mechanics and design elements fail. I'm hopeful that this will be worth playing in a few days.
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