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  1. oh, ok. Yeah I don't afk farm, but if you want to not do anything while farming that's pretty niche. Other frames are much more productive, and I'd like to play him in lots of missions ideally. Also I think your game length estimate is pretty generous. It's really hard to give hydroid decent dmg while maintaining range and duration. That's one of Hydroid's big problems right now.
  2. Amen brother, but you forgot he's also good at Waiting for all the enemies to walk up to his puddle so he can pull them in to do no damage
  3. Pilfer doesn't stack you heathen. Also then why wouldn't you just do 1 Hydroid and a second Octavia, or 1 Hydroid and 1 Saryn, or 1 Hydroid and 1 Volt, and so on... but uhhh... I wanna play Hydroid at the adult's table not at lower level stuff.
  4. And the purpose is so bad too. Taking so long to cc people that all the other frames are just gonna instagib.
  5. tfw the #1 post is "This post is literally just me expressing how much I love Saryn". Feels oppressed man.
  6. He was already pretty dead before they made farmers not stack, but after he was super dead, truly good for nothing now. The recent augments change was DE pissing on me and calling it rain, it actually seems like they hate the character and just hurt him out of spite. If they don't want him to farm that's totally cool, but I really want him to be good at something. Alright that's my rant on the weekly Hydroid nerf, I hope a dev reads this.
  7. Being able to get Nitain in big bursts as opposed to logging in 4 times a day is a better system. The old system was worse, and it disproportionately punished people who didn't play nonstop. I've made more Nitain in nightwave and alerts than I have in a while.
  8. Gale Kick and those other few mods are still not dropping though?
  9. Tek Gravity still doesn't work
  10. Hey Tek Gravity still doesn't work how bout that
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