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  1. Honestly I wouldn't mind that either. I don't think it should be an augment though. Right now eclipse is super unreliable, but they could make the present just a static high contrast light source.
  2. Yeah, but that's to blind enemies. The reason I'd like it to act like that is because she's either a tank or a glass cannon I think it would be better if we could choose. Also the disco ball would blind enemies nearby. So that'd be cool. Also yes a spot light is needed.
  3. Could mirage just always be considered in the dark and then have her fourth have an additional input that if you hold it the ball will hover above her and be considered the light source.
  4. It does though, a mobile game isn't the same medium. The market would be completely destroyed.
  5. It's not that it's more that I feel the game should step away from mobile game schemes.
  6. Honestly it takes up a mod slot, just make it cost 15 and completely null self damage.
  7. As much as I'd like to give some constructive criticism I simply cannot see this as a good idea.
  8. Yeah but frames haven't, why not just have a frame that uses a codex scanner?
  9. I don't think warframe is dying, I think something like railjack is a great idea. They need to refine what they have.
  10. Yeah this was a quick write not gonna lie. If I had to I'd probably give them something like Instagram filters that effect damage output and movement, but I'm a bit busy tbh.
  11. Hey you started it, but yeah flying dogs and railjack look promising.
  12. Oh dear don't get me started politically, but I mean it's insane the kind of position a single greedy child can put us in.
  13. You didn't make a point unless your point is all frames have weapons so why should we have exalted ones. Which isn't really a point as there is one parizon, just give it an exalted dagger.
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