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  1. Okay so I had an idea for an ice summoner since I realized we have literally one frame that uses cold. How about this Place holder name Health: 1 Shield: 1 Energy: 500 Armor: 150 Stat progression: energy the whole way. Passive: if you would take fatal damage you take 1/4 the amount as energy lost. Shares a health and energy shield pool with summons. It's late so I'm not thinking about summon stats, but I'd like them to be able to be modded. Ability 1: some snow rabbit thing that creates vortexes by running around in circles. When cast
  2. I like it, but you can get rid of the restrictions the passive gives tbh.
  3. Why not just go a complete sucker punch and go with the summoning from Billy hatcher and the giant egg.
  4. Okay so how about a summoner that's also a shaman in a sense. So I was imagining a sort of 4 beast summoner that has like tattoos or something and each of the tattoos will spawn a different animal that brings a different buff while also aiding in combat. When the beasts are out you can cast the ability again to use abilities centered at the summon. Idk I want a summoner, but I don't think it suits warframe still.
  5. Nekros is a summoner, inaros is one, octavia, the cat lady, nyx has mind control and so on. Honestly the games ai just makes allied NPCs feel clunky and even though we've never had a true summoner I can't see it being engaging or fun.
  6. Yeah, I mean it would also allow for a huge drop of passive nodes that don't do much, but provide small bonuses here and there.
  7. So once you unlock your final person you get these skill trees based on your characters class madurai, zenurik, etc... My proposal is that they change the skill trees into more of a path of exile style tree where all five trees are combined into one and the school that you select gains specific bonuses for being in that school and will have a different starting location on the tree. I think it would be interesting enough to lead to some more interesting combination builds.
  8. Ehh, I mean just with how the game plays a summoners just doesn't seem like a fun way to play.
  9. yeah, tbh summoners don't work too well as just summoners in warframe. Only real option seems to go full pokemon.
  10. Honestly a classic summoner/ buffer would be cool. Like you get a bow and arrow in your items when the frame is equipped and you can shoot up to 5 enemies with the bow once the shot enemy is killed it is saved (lvl, stats, etc ...) to be summoned as specters later. The frame could get a host of buffs or abilities that allow it to target specific enemies. Hell if they wanted to they could make the summons moddable, then release mods that affect the ai of companions.
  11. Yes it should, player choice is an illusion as we will just have to reforma the thing anyways. Making them all universal after you put the work in would just save time. Player choice is knowing how to mod, which arcanes to use, and anything else that can improve a build. Polarity choice is clearly just meant to consume time.
  12. Oh no with my idea you'd have to polarize pre polarized slots.
  13. yeah, I've been going for a degree in computer engineering and all my seniors can't find jobs.
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