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  1. Passive: killed enemies can drop pieces of themselves that can be amalgamated to the frames body increasing stats such as shields and armor. Pieces should be manually picked up and provide bonuses based on enemy level. Max (5) Ability 1: destroys armor to increase maximum health relative to the amount destroyed. Maximum bonus scales with power strength. Ability 2: lower maximum health to gain a damage multiplier like the first ability it scales with amount drained and it's cap is determined by power strength. Ability 3: create a golem out of enemy pieces it cannot be healed through normal means, once you have collected the maximum number of enemy pieces it will begin to pick up leftover pieces automatically to provide health,damage, shield, etc.. (it scales with level of enemy drops). Every few seconds it will scream terrifying nearby enemies and providing bonuses to allies. If killed it can drop a part that's better than average. Ability 4: sacrifice pieces you have collected to give their bonuses for 30s to all allies in range and can be used as a form of double stacking buffs for a temporary time frame if the player can kill enough enemies. It can be stacked once only though as you'll have the permanent bonuses from the collected parts and the ability buff, but it cannot be recast multiple times for a sort of infinite survivability. I sort of went with a self buffing tank, but thought it'd be more fun to make it buff the hell out of people. Sorry I normally don't make frames that I think would be annoying to program, but it's a special occasion. I also has a concept for a chemistry frame I wanted to use like it's abilities would be generic, but the traits and effects could be made by the players. Seemed a bit way too hard to make though.
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