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  1. Dragon keys are interesting to me tbh, I'd personally just want this as it wouldn't be an insane concept programing wise and I'd have fun.
  2. That's why I'd like mods that can be applied to missions, it isn't hard to program. Also I would like more items maybe legendary mods to try for.
  3. Problem is none of that is hard. The concept is to give challenge. I agree with everything else though. Also mods are a great system which is why I'd like researched mods so more can be added in after the initial release.
  4. Honestly I have to agree with you completely as someone with essentially everything and the urge to challenge myself I'd probably have everything and then some tbh. However the general idea is that before any mission you can give self imposed nerfs. The idea is that it's totally optional and if they have good modifiers that aren't just enemy stat buffs it could be a really fun challenge. Also they could add higher level mods to the game as the ceiling for difficultly would be heightened exponentially.
  5. It'd go up to about 10x boosts in stats which would be useful, the loot boosts could increase rarity and drops of items. Unique modifiers could include things like arbiter drones and other challenges. The mission specific ones would just be things like in a defense mission the target has less health or bosses spawn in pairs, also things that get rid of revives. It would be sustainable as players could earn rewards faster at a higher difficultly and I know how overpowered players are which is why the best mods would essentially cripple the players. Also it would stack with existing mission modifiers so high end challenges would be awesome.
  6. No I'm sorry, but the idea behind being able to increase difficultly is to add player choice. If you want to die you can, if you want it to be crazy easy and kill everything instantly with next to zero loot you can. The general idea is that players will be able to in essence build their own endgame. The game has a stale feeling of content because there is a drop and you farm it's very static with a system like this you can have as much challenge as you want and it will keep up with power creep.
  7. Relatively simple concept before a mission the host can open a mod window that will allow mods to be applied to the mission. The mods are researched in the dojo and can either increase or decrease difficultly. Increase and decreases will affect loot and affinity based on the mod and level. I've labeled them in 3 categories generic, unique, and mission specific. Generics will give small bonuses and general stat boosts to enemies. Increased stats provide a small increase to loot and exp and decreases are a large decrease to loot and rarity. Unique mods would be mostly penalties to players and restrictions like constant energy drain, zero armor, no recoverable energy, health drain, etc... Mission specific mods would be specific to the mission type and alter the challenge.
  8. Volt has had 4 reworks since I've started playing he shouldn't get a mechanical change. Also your concept could be a frame in itself.
  9. Umm so it's a bit worse than octavia? Edit: a lot worse that Octavia.
  10. Ember she has low level clearing and that's basically it. Being usable on the star chart is false as she cannot do kuva survival or anything past like level 45 (probably a bit higher but not much). She will always fall short of a good saryn in clear speed.
  11. Just a tiny suggestion, but could grendle like devour other grendles that are using meat ball then fire them like a cannon?
  12. Umm I have question. A few years ago you brought up the idea of custom missions. So I was wondering if it'd be possible for customizable missions to be a possibility like mods that can be applied to missions to make it harder or easier and alter the rewards as such. I'm suggesting mods because unique and experience changing effects can be added through mods. They could even be researched in the dojo or something.
  13. You ever read webtoons God of highschool? It'd be kinda cool to have him more on that wukong. Although I would say it'd be cooler if instead of invulnerability he gains a simple damage reduction like trinity used to so it'd be a reduction proportionate to the amount of damage taken. Super tanky, but would require a lot of skill and reward more health and armor investment. Also the passive is cool, but in the lore of wukong upon losing the battle to the gods the literary analysis of the myth is that his friends sacrifice gave him monsterous strength making him immortal or attaining great strength. So why not have him get a passive like When an ally or himself does (put in state where auto revive is needed) he becomes either invulnerable for 1 minutes or gains a massive damage bonus. The five effects are cool, but honestly extremely limited. It would be interesting if they were like when his health bar reached less than 10 one is applied at random not the immortal one
  14. I would personally enjoy it if instead of being longer missions or thrown in with the endless missions there could be something akin to hyper challenge missions things like level 150 capture everything in an eximus and the capture target is a boss in it's own right.
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