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  1. Second time doing Inktober, trying a more sketchy style this time. 1. Ring: 2 Mindless: 3. Bait 4. Freeze 5. Build 6. Husky 7. Enchanted 8. Frail 9. Swing 10. Pattern 11. Snow 12. Dragon 13. Ash 14. Overgrown 15. Legend
  2. Can we get more animals to capture on the Plains of Eidolon? (Maybe a community contest to design them?) Can we maybe get roaming beasts on the Orb Vallis, too? It really adds a lot of life to the open worlds.
  3. The moa goes from standing, then clumsily falls on his 'bottom', then looks down sadly, and clambers back up.
  4. Based off the thousand year fish statues with some orokin colours for flare:
  5. Based on the poster for John Carpenter's "The Thing": Great idea for a contest, had a lot of fun with this one, thanks!
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