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  1. My final species idea a crocodile-like serpent that spends its time in the lakes on the plains, only coming out to roam at night, inspired by the feedback in this thread!
  2. New Sea lion-like species on the first post, one infused with Eidolon energy!
  3. Thanks very much! I figured the Roplix horns were probably fused together due to the sentient energy, otherwise I'm not sure how they would have grown like that 😛 As for the Vulqit, you'd still be able to call them from call points so if you couldn't find any out in the world you'd still be able to do that. I am doing a sea creature next so I will take your idea into account when designing them!
  4. I am trying to avoid birds since we already have 2 flying species on the plains, my next species will be an animal from the sea 🙂
  5. New fox-like species added to first post!
  6. Can we get more animals to capture on the Plains of Eidolon? (Maybe a community contest to design them?) Can we maybe get roaming beasts on the Orb Vallis, too? It really adds a lot of life to the open worlds.
  7. 😛 Thanks, and yes, it'd be cute to see other people's ideas too! 😄 Get a whole ZOO in here!
  8. The Plains of Eidolon received a lovely update with the ability to capture its wildlife but while the Orb Vallis has seven species, the Plains only have three, so I have made some myself: Just for fun 'cos I like drawing animals. Enjoy!
  9. The moa goes from standing, then clumsily falls on his 'bottom', then looks down sadly, and clambers back up.
  10. Based off the thousand year fish statues with some orokin colours for flare:
  11. Based on the poster for John Carpenter's "The Thing": Great idea for a contest, had a lot of fun with this one, thanks!
  12. Clan Name: Celestial Circle Clan Tier: Ghost Platform: PC Role: Architect and Scamp Entry Screenshots Our clan has a total of 3 members, 2 of which are active, and I built the majority of this myself 🙂 Thanks for the contest and good luck everyone.
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