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  1. Broken Warframe: A Thought Shower Turns your Tenno inside out during transference. Makes hacks harder for all involved. All pickups do the reverse. Can clip through walls/floor while ability is active. All rewards get donated to the Lotus. All argon crystals picked up expire instantly. Randomises time/waves for rewards when ability is pressed. Randomises controls when ability is pressed. When health hits zero you can still ragdoll around. Shields are red, health is blue, over shields is yellow When someone revives you they are downed. Every time a power is used, affinity is lost. Reactors half mod capacity. Has 8 aura slots and 1 mod slot. Fashion is random on Warframe selection. Cannot be changed Alt helmet is a boot. To get you have to fish on Cetus and Fortuna to build. Doesn't have a main helmet. Noble animation is a T-Pose Constant, loud flashing siren that you cannot turn off. Chat is always done in red text. Opening lockers locks them again. All status effects received are permanent. Attempting to remove a cyst just adds another one. Pets and sentinels openly attack you, even on the orbiter. Has an exalted K Drive. Unable to balance on Zip Lines. Starts the mission off really slow but speeds up as the mission goes on. Lol, what a mess.
  2. Hurrdurr lets make a meme frame. Honestly feels like a joke at the expense of the player base considering how broken updates have been lately. All the other themes were better. I do not envy the artist that now has to put together something visual for this theme. No idea how the community is going to suggest abilities, either. Why would the Orokin, who were obsessed with perfection, design a purposefully broken Warframe? Unless they're going to make a reason. Maybe an original Valkyr style thing? But then it seems like DE ret-conned that? I dunno... Maybe it can be made by experimental internet gas.
  3. All the other themes were way better. Hurhur lets have a meme frame. Abilities might as well all be memes too. No idea how this will fit in with the larger picture of Warframe.
  4. Presenting: An updating post from today's mess of adventures: Day 2 Operation Scarlet Spear: What-a-Mess. It's gonna be cute, like a diary. > Host left, couldn't complete the mission for a reward. > Flotilla victory with enough credit for a Rank 1 insignia. Didn't get bonus. > Scarlet Spear Operations over all progress doesn't seem to update half the time. Oh, no, it just takes ages. > I just wanna play game. Enough of this waste of time: > Finished a ground mission but got put into a different Flotilla so I don't know if it counts towards the Flotilla progress. Probably not. Wasn't getting bonuses anyway, I suppose. Will see if I get overall operation progress but I'm logging off now so I doubt it. This 'diary' is the only fun I am getting out of the event. Tired and sad, my cat was killed by a car on Saturday and now this. So, I'm going for a nap, more mess updates later probably. z Z z I return with more updates. > Selecting an instance to go to doesn't seem to correlate with the one you're actually put into. I select a 50/100 one and get put into a 100/100. I need to keep going in and out to find something to play. I've been at it for ten twenty minutes so far, still haven't. > I have now given up and am AFKing in a Flotilla, waiting to play the game. > A Hotfix is inbound with promise of restoring lost credits, dealing with health scaling on Ground missions and adding information as to how this all actually works. Red text isn't cute or funny. I'm not holding my breath. > Over 7k credits were delivered to my inbox. That was nice. Let's see how things progress now... > Just finished a full 17 run Ground mission. It was fun! > Completed a Flotilla, all seemingly worked, it was a blast! What a mess. What a roller coaster. That's me for today.
  5. This event is poorly explained, the reward currency is also not explained on how it works, I only found out about bonuses through forums and they don't appear to be working anyway, despite it apparently being fixed (lol of course not). Finally completed a Flotilla this evening and didn't get a bonus (I had 3900 on Kill Code Senders by the end, not amazing but I think enough for a bonus depending on how it works now? Who knows! I did get a Rank 2 Ground insignia, though). The missions are repetitive and the grind for rewards seems ridiculous especially since the bonuses are so sporadic. It's really disheartening to see people getting a nice reward for the same/less effort than you put in because it isn't working as it should. You won't lower the cost of the Hema because of the effort of players already put in (myself included), but I doubt all those that miss out on their currency due to bugs won't get any kind of reprieve, will they? If it was less grindy and there wasn't a time limit on both the event and the Flotillas the bugs wouldn't be so utterly frustrating. The quickest fix would be to reduce the cost of items, seeing as you can't seem to get the rewards to work properly, wouldn't a grind reduction be an easier fix? Why won't you make something that isn't grindy? Especially as you should know by now things are always buggy. Make it less annoying for all by reducing the grind. Why do you seemingly have no respect for your players time? You show with this stuff that you don't care if people spend 3 hours on something to get next to nothing. You know if you keep releasing badly received, grindy, boring, repetitive, buggy content people will burn out, yes? You will drive people away, yes? Stop doing it then! What's wrong DE? Why do you keep doing this? You know by now your release will be buggy, so why do you never put safety nets in place? Whatever you think the price should be? Half it. At least. Just half it automatically, because your bugs are automatic. You'll feel all hard done by due to backlash but won't change to reduce it, so I dunno what else to tell you. It's starting to feel like you do it on purpose so you can pretend like you're listening by rolling the grind back later. Do it before you release it. Do it now. People are scared, cooped up and bored but that doesn't mean a grind fest of an event that is time limited is okay. Do something nice, DE. You know its more fun if we get lots of nice things, right? You know you could really take people's minds off things with that fun right now, right? Right? Nah. 'course not. I'mma go pick up fruit for a Raccoon.
  6. Theme: Sheep. Yep you "herd". Abilities could be themed around static electricity, controlling (taunting/fearing and trapping) enemies, damage resistance, mopping up AOE and sleep/dreams. Art by WubWub Full Concept here: Silly website for her: Click! Do Warframes dream of Orokin Sheep?
  7. After farming Saturn for hours yesterday, and hours today, probably 4-5 hours in total on the capture node Cassini for the last Kuva weapon I need, I accidentally pressed X on a larvaling I didn't need. Aborting the mission didn't cancel it. (Seeing as X is used for a lot aborting should be a safety net). Considering there are already so many weapons and clearly plans to add more maybe certain mission types or certain planets should host larvalings with certain weapons to help break up the growing pool. Now I get to do this tedious Lich farm for 3 more hours (or more) for absolutely nothing! Hooray! Still a flaming mess despite all the band aids. Guessing a code isn't fun. When you have a right mod in the wrong place, something should at least indicate this. Even when you know the code your Lich will disappear for several missions wasting even more time. How about when we know the code we get nodes our Lich is guaranteed on? Maybe like a boss node. Farming murmurs for hours for basically nothing because you have to be in those specific missions to get anywhere is tedious. Why can't our Lich hunt be part of our normal play? Getting the mods is also a pain because of the stupid pool of loot inside the relics. If we're to use traces for these things as well can we at least melt down relics we don't need for void traces or something? Traces are already annoying to get without spending them on this system as well as prime parts. No change to any of these things? Yawn.
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