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  1. Third year running doing this, I think! Day 1-4: Day 5: Corpus
  2. I really appreciate your comment, it made me smile, thanks so much! People asked for an 'edgy' skin for her, so I've put one on the first post.
  3. I think there are some cute warframes, Titania for one, and Nezha... :3 Even Nova is pretty adorable. I don't think they're opposed to cute, but I wouldn't mind if they changed her up at all, to fit in better. I can't really draw very well, either, but am sure they could make the best of it. Everyone loves their edge though and this isn't edgy. Although an idea came to me last night for her which I can make pretty edgy. So I'll probably do that and see XD
  4. Added deluxe skin to the first post.
  5. Added quest concept to first post.
  6. Added her primed version, with some ability tweaks, typo fixes and a Ballas speech for her to the first post!
  7. A Tenno can dream of Orokin sheep.
  8. People on Reddit liked it so thought I'd share it here too. Quest to obtain her: Enjoy!
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