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  1. I have hosted races with 20 players, and we all have a blast. you guys still play warframe?
  2. ah, you just a toxic poop. I get it, hahahahaha
  3. SPEEDFRAME is a game type that uses all your sprint and parkour mods, but Warframe abilities are offline. This game type allows you race against up to 49 other players. No obstacle rooms are used for this. Instead we use the open Skybox as the base room. For time trial, we use the "preview decorations" option in the room console. here are two tracks so far... CORPUS ZERO-F (inspire by the F-Zero games): RAINBOW PATHWAY (inspired by Mario Kart):
  4. Clan name: Nintenno Friends Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: Nintendo Switch Clan role: Warlord/Architect Idea behind the Hangar: I wanted to have a Spawn room where the setting would be a Hangar that is actively working in the construction of a Gundam, that is the size of a Jaeger. In this Spawn room you get the trading console, access the clan vault, and play arcade by the ludoplex. You can also step inside the pilot's cockpit in the Gundam. Three Pictures from Gundam Hangar, Spawn Room (Inspiration Hall): Notice Excalibur on the bottom of first picture. This is done to offer scale. This next picture is taken from within the pilot's cockpit in the Gundam. Three Pictures of the Halo Warthog at the Hangar: You can sit on both driver and passenger seats as well as stand on the turret. Great for cosplay pictures with friends! Two pictures of the Stargate, located at the Starlight Market Room: This Stargate is the starting point to all areas outside the main Dojo. This is a functional transporter :) Two pictures from the Speedframe track, CORPUS ZERO-F (Skybox Room): This is an obstacle course where you can race up to 49 other players. Warframe abilities do not work. Only sprint and parkour mods work. Check the video for footage on this track!
  5. SPEEDFRAME game-type: racing experience with parkour challenges. A true Space Ninja obstacle course.
  6. share me your SPEEDFRAME fashion! how would you dress her up for this type of event? That's my excal in the picture.
  7. Just getting started as I play with the tribuna statue effect. Lots of polishing happening now. Will share a finished product, as well as a how to build it. Cheers!
  8. Hey tennos! I'm the Switch representative in the DojoQoL group that is led by [DE]Helen. I can assure you DE is very much interested on improving the Dojo experience. The group is at a pause due to Tennocon2021, but when that gets out of the way, we will resume activity.
  9. Grif! I told you many, many many many times. This is an M12 LRV. If you keep this up, Ima tell Sarge you trolling me <3
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