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  1. oh THANK GOD Kohm is finally fixed! had a really really really hard time with the bug during pacifism defect
  2. step into my parlor said the mesa to the queens
  3. i used to have a huge amount of interest in nyx,when i was a newbie to warframe world,only to realize how underrated it is,and with the *fix* that happened? i dont know what to say at all,except that nyx needs more love than fixes
  4. they confirm many things tbh, god knows when it becomes reality
  5. rubico is pretty new if compared with vectis.right? right? :D i think older guns have higher priority maybe? [just saying :D ]
  6. can't think of daikyu :') but if it's going to be a dex,it must have a better fire rate and reload for it,since the normal one is SO weak in terms of guerilla style fights
  7. you said tf2. this game's not tf2
  8. does this game really need excess amount of skins? :/
  9. expected more out of this update unfortunately...
  10. show me what you got,i'll pay up to 250P for it if it's worthy
  11. hotfix to cause a new bug? now i log in to the game and open navigation panel,instant network not responding and getting kicked out of the game
  12. strength build & rage does wonders
  13. lol these people have no idea about the cyst and ask for removal. :))))))))
  14. wish me luck on frost xD last time when it was out of vault, was lucky to get bp :3 this time got my chass n sys,now's time to farm some relics for the helm
  15. more than 700hours into game. and thanks to RNGeesus i dont own like more than 3 or 4 prime frames. it's just,crazy *and no plats to pay for prime parts