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  1. Who's ready for Empyrean for a third time at Tennocon 2020? 😎
  2. Guess you could say the update is coming Natahday.
  3. I'd think that they'd be taking a while with it so that they can plan to drop the Drydock phase and the Take Flight phase in quick succession to one another, but with the way they've been describing it, it seems like we're going to go a long time without being able to fly our Railjacks...
  4. The Drydock is not coming with Old Blood. Rebecca was asked about it on Prime Time #266 (The mini devstream) and she said a clear "No, you will not be getting Drydock with Old Blood". Somewhat annoying, marketing the Drydock as its own update seems a little silly to me. It would feel weird to not even have the central part of the update available to use in the first iteration. If they had just said something like "Alright, 10 days before the update drops you can build the drydock" that would have been so much better than marketing it as its own update.
  5. I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait to see what is in store. Vauban and Ember reworks are much needed and I’m very happy you’re doing them. Train boy used to be my main, but alas, I did not have the fortitude that Rahetalius did to keep playing him in his underpowered state. Grendel release is very exciting too!! He looks like so much fun. Perhaps releasing alongside Empyrean? The thing I am most excited for is Empyrean. Even over any other games. More than DOOM Eternal and Cyberpunk or any other game that’s releasing soon. It is going to be revolutionary. Let’s see if Helen saying that y’all are planning to “kick it up” in October means an Empyrean release target or if it’s going to be December 31st 2019 ;) But really! Thank you very much for the stream, and Happy Birthday to you Rebecca!! Hope everyone is doing well and is not overworking themselves too much.
  6. Howdy forum readers. So, as most of us have seen, Rebecca has posted about how lootframe will be reverting back to its previous state in light of the controversy surrounding the Jovian Concord loot changes and the addition of the mod drop chance booster. I'm glad they are changing it back to the way it was, but it got me thinking, maybe there could be a better way to go about loot frames. Nekros should definitely keep his ability to double the chance for something to drop, but let's take a look at Hydroid and Khora. They have ability augments that are pretty much exactly the same as Nekros's desecrate. What if instead of just increasing the chance for something to actually drop, we made the augment do something like "Upon a mod or resource dropping while affected by tentacle swarm / strangledome, there is a (tentative) 10% chance for rarity to be upgraded". One of the huge problems with getting some mods like Condition Overload is their absolutely tiny chance of dropping. First you have to get past the 3% mod drop chance of a Drekar butcher (which is the part that can be affected by current lootframe mechanics), but then you have to get past the 0.67% chance of that dropped mod being Condition Overload. A change to one of the augment mods (I wouldn't do both, one of them should keep the drop chance increase while the other has this rarity upgrade mechanic) would go a long way for making lootframe feel a lot more fulfilling. Then you could synergize off of two different abilities and not just the same one stacked over and over again. Feel free to discuss what I said or talk about your own ideas! Thanks for reading, Schkrapnel
  7. Howdy forum readers. So, as many of us have seen, Nightwave series 2 has come to a close. While I am grateful that DE learned from (most of) their mistakes with the first Nightwave series (with the super long grinding and no way to catch up if you miss a few weeks), I'm disappointed as this series was not as interesting from a story or gameplay implication standpoint. I enjoyed the final boss battle of this series against the Zealoid Prelate, with the design of the Prelate hearkening back to Dark Sector's design of the Stinger and the somewhat varied gameplay the bossfight offers, but I can't help but notice that the story implications fall short. In Nightwave series 1, towards the end of the series, we got to see Alad V get involved in the story. His involvement in this storyline led into the next coming update, The Jovian Concord. While up to that point the Wolf felt entirely separate to the main events of Warframe, the point when Alad got involved and led into the next update made it feel like this was actually an important part of the dynamic universe of the game. Unfortunately, it would appear that no such thing has been done for series 2. I would have loved to have seen the story of The Emissary somehow lead into Empyrean, even if the update wouldn't come out for a month or two. As it stands, The Emissary is likely to be forgotten as all it really did for the main game was give us a cool glaive and a few cosmetics, rather than a cliffhanger and a reason to keep checking the forums and keeping up with the game. It's obviously still not too late to amend this, but if this is the end of Series 2's story, it will most likely be forgotten. Feel free to discuss what I said or any of your own ideas! Thanks for reading, Schkrapnel
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