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  1. I entirely agree. I like the status change because I feel that in a frame of element switching like chroma the unique aspects of each element should really stand out and status does that but it cant remain this lock down ability. There is allot they could do with spectral scream to take chroma in different directions. Aggregating suggestions I've seen and my own there is: An exalted weapon like a flame thrower A burst damage ability either a radial or bomb style attack Combining it with effigy making it a summon that does the breath attack for you a buff that
  2. I think they need to do a model where every exalted weapon has a gimmick and a special attack or gameplay change. For example exalted blade from excal has the gimmick of the blade waves but also probably needs some special on heavy attacks. Like doing one really big wave Titania has the game play change in her razor wing but the weapons lack a gimmick to make them interesting. You can kind of make one with the increase attack speed on the dex pixia with ability casts but the diwata has no such feature. Previously all exalted weapons have relied on a gimmick alone but as more normal w
  3. I like that they put really high status on spectral scream because the elemental nature of chroma really means the damage types themselves should shine but the curent input of the ability is still lacking. It just isn't good to have these abilities like spectral scream and absorb which limit movement and action while being used. Warframe emphasises movement meaning abilities need to be fast to use. There are allot of things it could be: a summon that does the breath attacklike effigy a radial attack like javeline or fire blast a bomb like fire ball a heavy weap
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