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  1. A good mind control augment would be casting absorb on the target and being able to detonate it when it builds up damage.
  2. Eh with chroma I'd actually make the effigy his 1 and make spectral scream a 4 with just a big elemental nuke so the chromas key mechanic of being different elements really shines. Honestly the best fix to a continuous breath attach using up your actions is to simply have it use up some one else's like the effigies.
  3. Charge mechanics are fine its just the DE hasn't done them well previously they often do them either too long as is the case with hydroid's 2.5 second cast and or unimpactful such as the fire ball charge which is visually indistinguishable. It really needs to be balanced as its own ability rather than an upgrade of an existing one increasing the relative costs. There are sweat spots and thresholds to be in with abilities rather than balancing being linear. The reason spell bind needs a charge mechanic is because realistically its a good and interesting ability which simply lacks the range
  4. I mean actually it does. You are dividing the energy among more guns. There is no real issue with a frame having to be built for range in fact its good to have variety. His actual main issue is survivability and maybe that could be helped by freeing up mod slots but honestly it would be better to just directly give him survivability.
  5. I agree and if they really want to keep the mind control style idea they could just make the Vomalysts attacks apply rad procs or something similar to the current effect.
  6. Personally it works pretty much exactly how I expected except they actually gave more powerful abilities than I thought. I thought they would have prioritised odd quirky abilities over things like roar, pillage and dispenser. Personally I think they would have been better of not giving these abilities and instead given a helminth version. Which would have avoided people complaining about nerfs and balance issues. They shouldn't have gone 1 ability per frame and instead just put abilities that make sense and any which were hard just make up a helminth alternative.
  7. It would be fine if we could control the light and dark. For example If Prism created light sleight of hand created darkness. Though to be fair this kind of interaction is more in line with passives than an active ability. I think to fix this mechanic it actually needs a fairly substantial rework of mirage to make it a more consistent mechanic. An example would be if you gave her a passive like Health regen in the dark and energy regen in the light. Then made eclipse lock either light or dark with a channel so if you lock light you don't get energy regen to help make the two forms compet
  8. That is super pretty and honestly evidence that fire walker should have been on Titania just for sheer aesthetic. But to fix spell bind Id just give spell bind a charge to expand. The longer you hold the bigger the radius and the greater the energy cost to balance it with spell bound harvest. Also hot take but I miss being able to make enemies float away with spell bind. That S#&$ was beautiful and utterly memetastic all she needed was an ability to pull them back in again
  9. Makes me wish that killing lichs doubled the loot they stole or something
  10. Lmao because we need more movement.... I wouldn't complain about a cool grapple hook mechanic but at that point we will be jumping over the entire of fortuna. Maybe put the grapple hook on k drives or something to make it more competitive. Grapple skateboard
  11. You can already get multiple the duration just isnt long enough for everyone to notice.
  12. Who ever heard of inaros having abilities? Inaros is doge frame. He exists to have the pet mod sets put on him and give my dogs a big health bar.
  13. Freezing is super boring though... Doesn't work with the tentacular spectacular that hydroid is aesthetically unless you want to go kind of horror and pull a Hermaeus mora
  14. The main reason frost needs a rework is that he was originally designed in a very different game. One with allot more CC, removable abilities and less frames. His abilities dont help with most objective There are frames with very similair and simply better abilities e.g limbo His abilities are very simple and lack the nuance of newer abilites He isnt so bad that he couldnt fit in the game. If for example there was a clear progression in frames and he was something you were meant to use for a while and grow out of that would be fine. However I think DE intends for all of
  15. Speaking of yeeting I miss bounce pad. I dont care if this is hot take because it was objectively the best meme ability.
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