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  1. Solarsyphon

    Heist capture base no datamass drop

    My last two tries I've killed all the enemies in the area and waited a couple of minutes, with no more spawning. Without getting a data mass. They need to just make a unit which is guaranteed to drop it with a way point or something. Making it a mini boss like one of the yellow shield spiders could be good.
  2. Solarsyphon

    plz DE consider making spider boss battle soloable

    Who does that many tridos? I got bored after 33. As for the spiders we will have to wait for them to come out but based off the description and some thing Ive seen in Orb Vallas I think you'll have to infiltrate bases to be able to fight them properly which seems perfectly soloable to me.
  3. Solarsyphon

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    They're good changes but I'm kind of worried they won't feel new or attract any more attention. They are definite quality of life improvements but it doesn't look like it will change game play for them very much or provide any real wow moments.
  4. Solarsyphon

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    I like the new enemies but they should probably be scattered throughout the star chart. At the moment it looks like nef is hoarding all the good gear from the corpus
  5. Solarsyphon

    Add more mod slots

    That would be interesting. I always thought something like this would be good on rivens to give riven weps unique elemental combos. Basically anything to make rivens more than damage multipliers.
  6. Solarsyphon

    Do you want more of the open-world module?

    Yes I want more Fortuna like updates. DE has long been criticised for having a short attention span. Fortuna is the solution to that. Its a combination of content similar to what we would have got in updates but designed to go together instead of be apart. A cohesive whole like Fortuna should always be the end goal. It's also kind of a false dichotomy to say open world or mid year updates. DE can find a balance and there are allot of side options such as breaking an open world into pieces.
  7. Solarsyphon

    WarFrame Battle Royale Coming soon

    I'm going to ruin that for you. I like limbo and archwing. So true. They'd have to do something unique.
  8. Solarsyphon

    Nyx: Chaos Should Not be Overshadowed by Radiation

    Also radiation procs from loki do not count as abilities are are not reversed by nullifiers like chaos is. Chaos needs something extra and that some thing extra should be chaotic like head exploding enemies or something.
  9. Solarsyphon

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    That's kind of the point it. It goes in the same direction DE is aiming for with embers kit by encouraging WOF toggling but in a way that gives her a unique game play mechanic and improves her other abilities. To clarify I mean a normal fire proc that would have its own duration and deal damage so you could probably buff WOF by toggling or regain energy by leaving it off for a bit.
  10. Solarsyphon

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    I have a pretty simple fix. Make world on fire's 100% set ember on fire. It would combo with her passive for a very powerful overcharge mechanic with both positives and negatives.
  11. Solarsyphon

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Combine primed mods and the weapons to the same group. Most of the complaints are people not getting X for their next 100 days and they are both of approximately equal value.
  12. I'd rather Bastille be ditched over vortex. Your right one has to go or something has to be done to differentiate them. Vortex can be used to concentrate enemies and control where they move which means it combines allot better with other abilities and weapons but Bastille feels like turning the AI off in the simulacrum. There is nothing to the ability of Bastille and the way it became a center of Vauban gameplay with the old raids is why I stopped using the frame. With mine layer I also like bounce and trip wire better than concuss and shred because they actually have character rather than being inferior versions of effects which are extremely common (radiation and armor stripping). They need something unique about them rather than being low power grenades for example i think mine layer would be better if say bounce got a radiation or stun effect on enemies and trip wire got armor reduction. The only real floor I see for bounce is that it effects players and can be annoying for others but its actually heaps of fun to use against enemies.
  13. Solarsyphon

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    Same issue gives a corrupted file failure and disabling 64 bit allows me to download in 32 bit and play. Issue also seems to be exclusive to the English build as the Spanish one downloads fine. Switching to Spanish to allow it to download and the switch back seems to have also worked. I can now play normally.
  14. Solarsyphon

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    With the addition of kit guns will be be able to make combo Kit/ Zaw weapons like the redeemer gun blade? Will Kit guns have their own version of Exodias and will some be interchangeable?
  15. Solarsyphon

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Focus and melee channeling seem to line up really well to me. I think it would be cool to see melee channeling use some focus abilities like a channeled charge attack doing a void blast and maybe using the focus perks. Both mechanics seem under used and they have allot of parallels. Like how charge attacks are similar to void blast and Blocking is similair void mode.