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  1. Welcome to warframe. I'm sorry, not trying to be crass here but this is what the game's been like forever. I refused to use the wiki or watch youtube for like 3 years until I had to give in to understand all the hidden mechanics and stuff. They have been following this "when in doubt, make the players do it" mentality for a while and is outright hostile to people's criticism about their design choices until there's a proper uproar. Don't expect them to change or get better, not gonna happen.
  2. Turn up the effects intensity slider. Lots of people had to turn them way up to max to actually see certain effect outlines. I have mine at 150. Used to have it at 40 or something but ever since they changed their lighting tech people have had issues with brightness/shadows/effects. For some reason I actually had to set my brightness to 40 and contrast to 45 to have the right level of visibility but it varies depending on people's hardware.
  3. Get the loc-pin so you can put markers on the maps. That way you won't have to remember. Having them visible on hud takes the pain away.
  4. Most reliable and considerably paced has been running temple of profit. Rank up mausolon or archguns of your choosing at neptune's salacia and once you're done with it, use that to lvl up your mech. Take wukong with you, the twin's kills will grant full xp to the mech and is good with pulling aggro and making the thing go faster. Better if you can get friends or clannies to join you, cause more spawn = more xp. Make sure you're hosting. Don't use a revive, otherwise you'll lose all xp on mech. Mech xp farming is much less buggy, don't have to get it destroyed to get xp anymore but bugs with op
  5. New content since fortuna has been xerox of a xerox for a xerox. Nemesis system, railjack, scarlet spear. Deimos is also a xerox of a xerox of a xerox. Man i'm fading out here.
  6. In poe and fortuna my fps stays above 60, with my i5 4460 3.2ghz and rx 570 4gb and 12gb ram. In cambion it can drop to 37. It used to be worse before the the last hotfix, consistently staying below 50 but now I get above 60 in most areas but suddenly drops to 45-37 without no apparent reason. I've tried to figure out what actually affects the performance and nothing fixes it. No settings change affects it. If I'm not the host then the drops occur more often.
  7. Corpus actually existed alongside orokins, as per the lore bits you get from the granum tablets that you can get by spending a granum coin on the "shrine" - the big pyramid shaped thing in a large tile in corpus ship tileset. They were subjugated and exploited by the orokin just like any other colony in the system and only after Parvus Granum "struck gold", did they eke out an existence as advanced as they are now. In the second dream the stalker confuses alad v as orokin (confuses, I say, because DE retcons lore) but in actuality, corpus only ever wanted to become like the orokins. From what
  8. To address the issues here : 1. There are no giants in void. Once you make your way to the necraloid and unlock the lore there, you'll know where the fingers come from. It's basically the "first contact" story of orokin and the void. 2. Orokin bodies age and whither and they require kuva and a host to keep on going. Without kuva and without a host, they'll perish. They are not perfectly immortal. 3. A class system like orokin would very much be invested in having a family as their immortality would allow them to gain power and wealth like none other and that power they'd want
  9. Why are you building rooms in someone else's dojo ? Don't contribute to clan rooms/research until you're like mr15 or something. In the recruit chat look for clans that are advertising as having completed most research and join those instead. It sounds like you're in a nascent clan and it's really up to the founder/clan leads/vets to get the initial research and construction done, not newbie members. I'd say get out now and cut losses since it'll take a long time for that clan to unlock the researches you need. The point of making yourself stronger is so that when your brother joins, who fi
  10. What DissentWomble said, join a decent dojo. A clan can help you rank up really fast, by either granting access to clan-exclusive tech or by helping you out with a lot of stuff. Not sure how it looks like over in switch but look for clans that have atleast done 70% of their research in terms of gameplay items (not dojo pigments and superfluous stuff like that) and you should be in good hands. You can exit a clan at will if you don't like the bunch and lose nothing for it. My gf's an avid pokemon/animal crossing player and is only into warframe to collect all the shinies; she gets stressed
  11. I've gotten quite familiar with them that I can just remember their names but I do confuse jahu and lohk every now and then since they are kinda similar in shape and the only mnemonic I have for them is a genitalia *wink wink*. Before I used this : Ris - Goblet Fass - Slash Dash Lohk - V 1 Jahu - V 2 Xata - Eyelashes Khra - Hourglass Netra - Eye again, cause netra literally means eye in hindi and bangla. Vome - Dots
  12. For me it was like this : Oh man people are gonna get aboslutely wowed by the cinematic and the map but then as soon as they pick up a weapon they get introduced to the jank that is warframe. Bows and kunai for stealth ? Mob immediately gets aggro'd as soon as you pick something up and there's no way to test stealth. Further down the line they'll realize there's just no stealth at all lol. And of course, the rest of the game looks nowhere as polished as the map.
  13. Doesn't have to be wishlisted. I gift stuff to my gf all the time and there's no need for an item to be wishlisted to be gift-able. Oberon is usually my first choice as *support* as opposed to healer cause while oberon can reach 100hp/s heal and can also prevent squad member from dying with the augment, his hallowed ground is really useful armour buff and does radiation proc on mob, so you get more breathing room. Trinity straight up makes the squad invulnerable and serves all energy needs but that's about it. Garuda does %hp/sec heal so it's superior and wisp's motes raise max health and h
  14. Looking at the wiki, oberon's available at mr 0, so should be fine !
  15. Audrey 3000 (amalgam of audrey from little shop of horrors and Andre 3000 from Outkast)
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