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  1. - Loot indicator/ unlimited vacuum range/larger drops/missed drops gets inboxed - atleast for rare mods and wreckage and no purple and gold glowing orbs don't work with the skybox. Especially in saturn and veil. Earth you can get by but it's near impossible to see mod drops in saturn and both mod and wreckage drop in veil. This was not well thought out. - Parts that have 2% drop chance should not have such wide rng stat range. Assign fixed base stats for each house and then add a layer of bonus rng stat. Better yet, remove rng stats completely and make houses have perks with pros/cons. Example : Low shield cap/ longer recharge delay but releases an emp pulse on depletion/ full charge. Nothing mandatory or game breaking but quirky. That was the intention, right ? - Add wreckage/clantech for forward artillery. Useless in veil without using rhino buff. Surely you guys didn't plan on making specific frames viable for railjack content ? - Make other weaponry types viable. Currently pulsars and photors are useless. Pulsars have a use case where you can use them to turtle with low hp railjack, other than that no one's using them. - Need more mission types. Currently it's just exterminate + base hack/exterminate (essentially). Give us space defense, more types of base objective. Maybe stealth missions where we need to use asteroid clusters/wreckage to evade detection. Might be interesting to see people use fast stealth builds for railjack. You guys have built an additional layer of gameplay on top of the existing one that is very different functionally. That's a massive achievement. Kudos to you guys. But you gotta put in the polish for this to be worth it in the long run. Take pride in what you deliver.
  2. I feel they did pretty good with the update given how utterly different it is from the rest of the game. They basically made warframe 2.0 but as an expansion pack of warframe 1.0. Yes there are tons of gamebreaking bugs but how much they got right is crazy. I was expecting this to be wonky and meh at best but they have surprised me.Pretty sure they'll have to build on it over the years since this content they can easily monetize unlike poe and fortuna. Overall I think this horizontal branching is a much better direction than releasing new stuff only to let power creep make obsolete the old stuff.This also opens up avenues for interesting raid scenarios if those are ever coming back. It's interesting how my experience has been on pub matches. Sure there are newbies but none can grief so hard that you lose the game. If you're a vet like me you can solo earth missions after a while and farm stuff at your own pace and if you're a newbie with not great archwing stuff, you can work as crew and gain experience till you're ready to solo stuff yourself. That said, having a crew is always more fun than not having a crew. Unless crew expecations mismatch for post-game.
  3. My understanding when seeing Kuva Liches getting announced in tennocon and tied to Empyrean was that they are going to be the next layer of content, introducing new gameplay mechanics, lore, rewards and motivation to play the game. Got hyped because that seemed like a fantastic direction for the game to go. Seemed like DE used the 2 years well to iterate and polish the concept to its best conclusion. After update all that anticipation and excitement was crushed as this really seems like a few months' worth of rushjob that was dropped to address discontent that stemmed from the lack of content around the same time Destiny 2 went f2p. A stop-gap measure to hold some attention, albeit a poor measure at that. Worst of all that this update doesn't feel like a content drop, more like a monetization scheme aimed to annoy the players enough into paying up so the mutliple layers of grind can be skipped to the actual content, which there isn't much of. Compared to TWW, POE, Fortuna, there's no new activity to engage in except for the end fight with the lich which itself is extremely underwhelming. The gameplay flow for this is grind for murmur>grind for relic>grind for mod>grind for parazon ordering>grind for kuva weap/stats. The last two levels of grind are fine by themselves but all the other layers of grind that builds up to it is a major source of disappointment. We aren't doing anything new at all except for facing a very underwhelming miniboss that is not threatening on any level, they aren't even a threat to defence targets. They aren't like the stalker where they force us to face them, so we can just run the mission without caring about their presence. They aren't like the wolf where we can get rid of them with great difficulty/team work. The entire update feels like an afterthought than something that's been worked on for 2 years. This is telltale sign of content that's been in development hell. This seems like another gamemode like lunaro, conclave and defection. The adjustments to this that can make this redeemable would be : 1. More avenues to acquire requiem relics, put them in lua/kuva fortress disruption table or arbitrations even. While requiem relics being exclusive to kuva siphon/flood missions do well to give people more incentive to do those, it gets incredibly boring after all the farming. More passive avenues especially like arbitration would incentivize playerbase to engage in "endgame" content. 2. Make the liches an actual threat so people don't attempt the territory missions unless they really want a challenge. Don't allow people to run past them like they don't exist. And with that give us a way to get rid of them from the missions. Something like a timed parazon hit or struggle QTEs. Liches should want to defend their territory nodes and give up territory node when we've "defeated" them. This makes the persistent nemesis thing enjoyable and engaging. 3. After the player has revealed all the requiem mods required, open up a new assassination node exclusively for the lich. Make this extra difficult through modifiers so it encourages teamwork/creativity/planning. Players can control the difficulty by not allowing the lich to rank up, that way solo players can still kill their lich. Make the end mission reward something good so people are incentivized to attempt it.This can be something like a sortie reward that scales or descales depending on lich rank. 4.Implement the original concept of nemesis contracts where clanmates can hunt the lich with you/for you. This can become a very interesting and engaging clan-bonding activity. A clan that hunts together grows together. This felt like a missed opportunity with the lich trading mechanic. It's underwhelming, again. Please deliver on the hype you've been building up for such a long time. This was such a roughshod update that it has really changed my attitude towards DE. I've had nothing but praise and patience and I was really looking forward to this but it isn't anywhere near what was advertised. I understand that it's tough to deliver but maybe don't overpromise in the first place ? My expectation was an additional layer of gameplay but instead I got multiple layers of mind-numbing grind. I'm okay with grinding in an f2p game but this is ridiculous by warframe standards.
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