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  1. Cool list, I'm already getting some ideas. About Octavia's Resonator: Is that something you're going to be able to control the music on, or will you be stuck with the default Adau bass?
  2. Yeah, Resonator + Range is underrated as a CC power. I don't even bother with invisibility most of the time. I can't wait to put it on every other frame, the only question is whether you get to customize the bass line it plays. That's a perfectly fine Berserker Octavia build, ignore the haters. I would use Enemy Radar instead of Energy Siphon, but that's down to personal preference.
  3. That's the Pendulum Narta. At the end of the TennoLive stream they took everyone that was hanging out in the TennoLive and TennoCon relays and put then into the Pendulum Narta emote. It was a party.
  4. There is a way to make it a little bit more bearable: Start a pigment but don't contribute credits You and your clanmates farm the pigment to completion, but leave the credits at zero. Pause that pigment Go to step 1 When your clan has some down time: Un-pause each pigment in turn, contribute the credits, and let it build.
  5. FYI: Name That Tunes contests are resuming semi-regularly on my channel.
  6. The one part of the song that works also happens to be okay with a filled melody: Let it Go (Frozen): Mandachord (Original)
  7. Okay, so I went through Track #5 before realizing Begin Again is actually track #6. Since I didn't find anything doable in the three you mentioned, please accept this consolation prize: Fighting Hearts (Sayonara Wild Hearts): Mandachord (Original)
  8. Come and Go (Marshmello & Juice Wrld): Mandachord (Original)
  9. You know the checkerboard background is part of that image, right? It's not actually. You want to find a PNG version of that image that's actually transparent before doing anything else.
  10. That's my feeling too, but I have enough extra Octavias that I'll probably try some stuff out anyway, for science.
  11. It's got to be her 2, which is underappreciated as a cc ability. I'm definitely looking forward to adding a "make nearby enemies stop shooting" button to any frame I want. The only question is going to be whether you're going to be able to control the bassline that it plays, and how that would even work on another frame's arsenal screen. I'm honestly more worried about the opposite problem: which ability do I give up on an Octavia to get another frame's ability? That's a tough one.
  12. Unfortunately, the only option right now is to pause the video and do it with your eyeballs.
  13. Moar: Take The Dive (JT Music): Mandachord (Original) Aquarium Park Act 1 (Sonic Colors): Mandachord (Original)
  14. How's this? Just One Fix (Ministry): Mandachord (Original) I also already had this one: Jesus Built My Hotrod (Ministry): Mandachord (Original
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