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  1. Buff00n

    Medical Debt Bonds????

    Huh. According to the drop table, it should only take about 8 tier 20-40 bounties on average to pick up 12 Medical Bonds, 16 bounties for 99% confidence. If that's not the average experience then yeah, something is amiss.
  2. Buff00n

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

  3. Gotta take Friday off, and it's not because I'm gonna be playtesting Fortuna. Irresistible (Fall Out Boy): Mandachord (Original) 라비앙로즈/La Vie en Rose (아이즈원/IZ*ONE): Mandachord (Original)
  4. I literally just did a different part of that for some one from YouTube. 라비앙로즈/La Vie en Rose (아이즈원/IZ*ONE): Mandachord (Original)
  5. The only part I can do is already up there: Square Hammer (Ghost): Mandachord (Original)
  6. I can do a lot of the vocals, but this seemed more appropriate: The Saltwater Room (Owl City): Mandachord (Original)
  7. A part of that is already up there: Tokyo Ghoul opening 1: Mandachord (Original)
  8. Okay, I can't listen to an entire soundtrack but I can kind of do this. Turrican II The Final Fight intro: Mandachord (Original)
  9. On a long enough timeline, they will only drop 28% of the time, or about twice a week. That being said, I am running out of places to put them.
  10. Buff00n

    Clan Emblem Copyright

    You should always try to create an original logo. If it absolutely, positively has to be that image then you can submit a support ticket with the image and ask them if it's likely to be accepted before spending the 200 plat. Just be prepared to wait a while for a response. From their official support docs:
  11. Buff00n

    RNG Simulator

    It's a cost issue. Rolling 10 Rivens 10 times each costs half the Kuva of rolling 1 Riven 100 times. At least the way I operate, I'm not rolling ten of the same type of Riven. I'm rolling a bunch of different Rivens and maybe getting one 1-in-100 roll out of that group. Did you click the "Help" button and read the Riven Criteria section? Your only options are 2, 3, or either 2 or 3. I could maybe make it a radio button choice, but that would require work. Add all the ones you *will* tolerate as a negative to the negative side, and anything left grey will not appear.
  12. Buff00n

    RNG Simulator

    Mesa's drop table is just like any other standard boss Frame, which means getting all three parts takes 6 runs on average, and 10 for 90% confidence. What makes Mesa annoying is the Mutualist Alad V coordinates. By far the most time-effective way to farm those is to wait for Infested invasions that drop them. A distant second is Orokin Derelict Defense, which will average about 3 1/2 hours to get three Nav coords if you don't bring a Speed Nova. If you stay for the full 20 rounds to get Formas then it's about 4 1/2 hours. This is lessened by the fact that you can trade coordinates and built keys. You can also run key shares to effectively quadruple your keys, which you definitely should be doing.
  13. Buff00n

    RNG Simulator

    I know Path of Exile has a system to lock stats on randomly rolled equipment. However, IIRC, it's limited, complicated, and very expensive, and it's probably one of the more friendly example you'll find in a F2P game.
  14. Buff00n

    RNG Simulator

    Probably my closest example to what you're talking here is what I called "Perfect Rubico Riven", which is indeed about a 1 in 500 chance, but even that has a lot of leeway and isn't requiring the full 3 + 1 stats. What you're talking about here, a Lanka Riven with +CD, +MS, 1 of +CC, +Electricity, or +Heat, and -Zoom, is roughly 1 chance in 50,000. It's so unlikely that the simulation takes several minutes on a pretty serious laptop just to see it happen a few hundred times. If you narrow it even further, to just +CD, +CC, +MS, and -Zoom, then that's an example I already have up there, "Riven With Exact Stats". You have to let it run for a very long time to get a decent number, but the odds are around 1 chance in 150,000. These results are so outside the realm of bonkers that nobody should be setting any goals on achieving it. Either you win the space lottery, or someone else does and you have tens of thousands of plat to burn. They are almost purely hypothetical fantasyland. I guess, being fantasy they are fun to fantasize about. However, I prefer running the numbers on a lower, "Godlike" tier that a hardcore player could conceivably set as a goal that's achievable before the sun swallows the Earth.
  15. All caught up for now. Moar: Three Little Birds (Bob Marley): Mandachord (Original) In The Middle Of The Night (Taylor Swift): Mandachord (Original) Shootout (Monsta X): Mandachord (Original) Hellbent (Mystery Skulls): Mandachord (Original) Sweet But Psycho (Ava Max): Mandachord (Original) Vertigo (Raphael Lake): Mandachord (Original) Live Fast Die Young (Hollywood Undead, Triple Shot ) : Mandachord (Original 1, Original 2, Original 3)