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  1. No requests today, but I'm finally able to get something else out that got put on hold when the Shawzin dropped:
  2. It's been a long time since Octavia got a new instrument set. I've said a couple of times that there are two instrument sets that would be like printing Plat: Piano and Chiptune. So I finally went ahead and made my own concepts for them. Here's Piano. Grouping this under the Grineer-themed instrument sets, I gave this the name "Klaz": Here's Chiptune. Grouping under the Corpus-themed instrument sets, I'm forced to call it "Zeta". They're all original sounds. I'm pretty proud of the Chiptune one, listen to it with headphones!
  3. I'm a little worried about Kuva Lich Grineer weapons and dumping something like 200K mastery all at once but locked behind RNG. That being said: Dubba Stubba confirmed at 46:52?
  4. Moar: Stay And Decay (Unlike Pluto): Mandachord (Original)
  5. It's not that close Last Dance (Eve): Mandachord (Original)
  6. The melody would be pretty much the same, or at least it would be wrong in all the same ways. I could try making a different bass, but the Mandachord doesn't do subtle or expressive and there's nothing to use for percussion.
  7. Are you sure you're getting there fast enough? There is a time limit.
  8. Moar: SexyBack (Justin Timberlake): Mandachord (Original) Cops and Robbers (The Hoosiers): Mandachord (Original)
  9. Sorry, none of that's going to work. I'd need to go all the way to the Shawzin chromatic scale to get anywhere close, and even then it doesn't quite fit. I don't have a Shawzin request thread with rules because those rules would basically amount to: "I probably will not have time for yours". Doing a Shawzin request takes between 20x-100x more effort than a Mandachord request, and I just can't do that many of them. If something gets a ton of requests and/or upvotes then I'll look at it, but I have to say no to even looking at most of them. Click the 'Metered' checkbox; that adds more options for dividing the song into measures. You're going to have to pick the right tempo and time signature; read the "Help" section at the bottom for more info.
  10. That's honestly how I play Octavia most of the time. Mallet is a distraction or a way to bottle up choke points, with an occasional massive AOE kill but you can't rely on it.
  11. It accumulates over time, but also decays slowly. The exact amount of damage it deals is hard to calculate because it's spread out a bit over your percussion track's notes, but the basic idea is that if Mallet gets shot once then it will continue to do damage for quite a while, slowly decaying down to zero over somewhere in the ballpark of half a minute. If it gets shot again then that damage gets added and decays at the same rate. Recasting will reset it to zero damage, so you have a choice between keeping the damage going in a place you may not want, or starting over in a better location.
  12. Moar: Sky Lagoon/Opening stage X (Mega Man X4): Mandachord (Original)
  13. I can do this part: March of Cambreadth (Alexander James Adams): Mandachord (Original)
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