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  1. v1.5.1: 2020-11-19 Tweaked the Tenno Lab bounds (thanks ---EGG---Fantoman)
  2. You may have seen my new app: Basically, every one of my videos now has a Mandascore link to make it easier to copy. You can also use the app as a full Mandachord editor to make and share your own songs. Also, I'm now MR 30, so while I'm hanging out at the Pluto relay every Friday night making tunes and giving out Glyph codes (Saturn relay if Baro is on Pluto), I'll also take the first Blessing request I get. That being said, I might take next weekend off because I haven't taken a weekend off since January. Moar: Dreamland (Fox Stevenson, Double Shot) :
  3. I can do this bit Lightcycle Battle (Tron Uprising, 30H!3 and JT Remix): Mandachord (Original)
  4. Sorry, that's the first one of those that I find any part I can do.
  5. FYI: As of the latest update Necramechs have been separated into their own category on the Mastery Breakdown. My "Companions" section is back down to 120K. Also, it looks like Kitguns now count under the "Primary" section even if you've never ranked them as a primary.
  6. v1.5.1: 2020-11-19 Added the Infested Chamber after disabling all the safety features in my drawing tool.
  7. Oh hey, thanks for the random Octavia fix! Hopefully this means fewer lonely Mallets.
  8. https://buff0000n.github.io/mandascore/ I built this app mainly to provide an easier way to let people copy songs from my stupidly big Mandachord library: But it's also a full featured editor, letting you try out instruments, build Mandachord loops, and share them with links, song codes, or generate images. At some point I'm going to try to add my Mandachord library to the app itself, but for now there's a direct link under each of my videos. Demo video: Leave feedback her
  9. Interesting. Here's mine, overlayed on both of yours: I believe the primary/secondary discrepancies are the kitguns. If you've ranked a kitgun as both a secondary and a primary then it's counted under the primary category. I haven't ranked any primary kitguns (587/591), so all of my kitguns are counted under the secondary category on my profile.@KnowhowLV has ranked all of them as primaries (591/591), so that's where they're counted on his profile. @HunterDigi has ranked two of them as primaries (589/591), so they're split. The companions are harder to explain. As far as I
  10. Wow, that's a blast from the past. In Update 18 sorties originally had "seasons" with a rotating set of Vandal and Wraith weapon parts, plus Nezha parts. At some point they changed it up to divide a sortie season's rewards into "repeatable" and "non-repeatable" categories, where getting a duplicate "non-repeatable" reward would get replaced with fusion cores. Honestly, nobody was particular satisfied with this system. There was a lot of FOMO with each season and not getting a complete set of what you wanted. If you think Nightwave is bad, imagine if a Nightwave season only laste
  11. Moar: DK West theme (No Straight Roads): Mandachord (Original) Calling For Rain (FFXV: Kingsglaive, Double Shot): Mandachord (Original 1, Original 2) Wishing Well (Juice WRLD): Mandachord (Original)
  12. I can maybe do something for that Pepper Steak (OFF): Mandachord (Original)
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