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  1. V2.3.4: 2021-10-20 Fixed Bash Lab bounds again, along with Elevator bounds (thanks @KrauszerII)
  2. Aw, expletive deleted! You're right, the Bash Lab is like 1m thinner than the Tenno Lab, because of reasons, and I will also have to adjust the elevator bounds by 1m. That's getting down to half a grid square in my system, which is pretty annoying.
  3. v3.1: 2020-10-19 Reworked the playlist editor to support moving entries by dragging, and also undo. Added whole song copy/paste options. Added autosave to the browser URL, why did that take me so long
  4. V2.3.3: 2021-10-19 Fixed Bash Lab bounds (thanks @deathbybolt, also sorry)
  5. I'm back, but things are gonna be different. There are way too many requests to catch up on (115 at the beginning of day, if I counted correctly). I'm giving priority to forum requests, but I may just not have time to respond to everyone. Anyway, enjoy my stupid 8-second songs. Moar: The Valley of the Pagans (Gorillaz): Mandachord (Original)
  6. I can do this part Make or Break (TWEWY): Mandachord (Original)
  7. Sorry, can't find anything in there I can make work, including those two parts.
  8. Maybe, but I'm a sucker for something I can do with the default instrument set Irregular God (Tower of God): Mandachord (Original)
  9. What do you call this genre of music? Bossa Whiplash? Anyway, can't make any of that work.
  10. I think I've taken a look at that one before, I can't find anything I can do.
  11. Not sure if this is the chorus, but it's the only thing I found that works okay Do It All The Time (I Dont Know How But They Found Me): Mandachord (Original)
  12. Unfortunately it's a whole tone past the Mandachord's range on both the top and bottom
  13. I can do some of it มะลิ (CGM48): Mandachord (Original)
  14. Sorry, all that kind of stuff boils down to the same two notes that won't work on a Mandachord.
  15. The melody works better than the bass Rumble (U-God): Mandachord (Original)
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