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  1. Alright I wished it was that easy but apparently it isn't (by the looks of your decisions and actions), however it's still fairly simple to understand. I'll start like this You are getting things wrong because you just gutted the mobility of the last fluid weapon type we had, polearms................... You will see what I exactly mean later on. DE, @[DE]Danielle you have to understand that alot of people just want and wanted to exclusively use their melee weapons, this quick swapping thing did nothing for the core gameplay of melee, it actually just speaks volumes about its lack of efficiency by itself, it should not only be viable because you have the option now to quick swap to your busted primary and secondary weapons. Melee needs to be good just by itself. The reason why most people have always opted to the exclusive use of quick melee is because most melee combos/stances are just too clunky and erratic to use, however that option is just dead now. The quick melee hits you used to perform were replaced by these clunky combos I refer to that no one likes to use, they just kill any pace and momentum you had due to their lack of good transitions between animations. In fact, it's also another reason why slide spamming became so popular (Maiming Strike), it's just much more fluid in general, no awkward pauses after finishing the animation unlike with most melee stances. Have a good look at Tempo Royale, more specifically August Mesto (Block key combo), that should be the golden standard for melee combos. So there you go Melee combos/stances need to be good enough by themselves. Committing yourself on using them should be rewarded much better than just quick hitting melee. Fluidity>Range>Damage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Quick Swapping to your guns
  2. So I'm going to suppose that redoing the combos is next? Because most of them feel so incredibly clunky to use: Awkward Pauses, lack of mobility and bad transitions for going from one combo to another. Just too many janky animations. Right now theres really no pace and fluidity when using melee combos.
  3. Yeah this one one of my main concerns and one of the issues I've talked about in the past. Seems like they are totally unaware of it....................
  4. Looking forward to this, I wonder if it's related to the issues on melee combos having bad Flow/Momentum since the Chimera update.
  5. Hey perhaps I did miss that bit, thanks I'll have to check it out again. Still, I don't think it goes well with her theme.
  6. Also... allowing Valkyr to use guns while Hysteria is active feels wrong. Being able to use your ranged weapons while keeping the invincibility... you no longer have to commit on being forced to melee only anymore. And the last thing you need to do is making the game even easier. This is one of the reasons of why you are having trouble with creating challenging content with replay value. Please be extra careful with oversimplifying the game, for instance the auto blocking change is completely unnecessary.
  7. Nice, thanks for the update However... My biggest gripe was this, that they broke melees directional output some time ago (with Chimera update). Hopefully this explains it better. View from above. Each line represents the distance covered for each melee combo. You used to have distance and directional control depending on your WASD (or joystick) input. Not anymore, each combo is the same straight line now. So melee feels alot jankier right now and I didnt see anything about this mentioned anywhere in the workshop. This concern has already been brought into view by multiple players before (since Aug-Oct 2018) but still not a single word from the devs, so not even acknowledged yet... Link to old post going a little more in-depth:
  8. From what I see... you guys just lowered the disposition of pretty much everything. Seems very lazy.
  9. So really no melee fixes until Melee 3.0 comes? Which might not even happen this same year??? Talking about the movement and momentum nerfs and the removal of directional output with your combos. Unbelievable... Why bother when they probably only read the posts with praising.
  10. Are you really not fixing melee until 3.0??? So something that might not even happen on this same year.
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