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  1. Now, I took a bit of a break from the game, and I come back to extremely bad freezing and stuttering when I log in and try to load in my Orbiter Assets, I didn't think toooo much of it, but it was a bit weird. I get into a mission and the stutter comes back, completely unplayable for the first 10-20 seconds. This happens every single time I load into something. This issue is only isolated to warframe. The only other game that does anything close to this is Overwatch, but that game sorts itself out within a minute or so, and then is fine for the rest of my play session. I would also like to say
  2. So, I just got the helminth segment, and I got it to rank 2 by feeding it everything I could. Now it's full and can't eat again, unless I subsume a warframe which you can only do once per day. Some people already have maxed out helminths at rank 10. How on earth? Also, while we're at it, are DE really making the helminth need loads of railjack resources so we actually go back and play that.... I literally have none of those resources.
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