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  1. Zaws in general have felt pretty terrible to me, at least compared to what they use to be. I did find a build that's pretty decent for my Dokrahm Zaw that's kind of weird and would of been terrible before the new melee system. Tempo Royale, Blood Rush, Primed Pressure Point, Relentless Combination, Amalgam Organ Shatter, Berserker, Virulent Scourge, Focus Energy, Drifting Contact, and Exodia Hunt. The standing still combo of Tempo Royale has slams in it and it pulls enemies in because of Exodia Hunt, Relentless combination helps build combo, then when you hit x12 you use your heavy attack which is a bit faster because of Amalgam Organ Shatter, and it's been basically been one shotting most enemies including 130+ heavy gunners. It's still nowhere near as good as the Nami Skyla Prime/Nikana Prime/Destreza Prime/Broken War/Lesion have been.
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