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  1. Protea is on my list of regularly play warframes but there are more than a few better warframes to play.
  2. It is a joke, a play on words… also they leech your resources till you kill them.
  3. Answer is classified, play the game to find out. What are these Liches that people talk about? All I ever come across is the Grineer Leeches and the Sisterhood of Leeches. both are really enjoyable to kill.
  4. Since it is tied to the bonus rewards, comes down to RNGoddess blessings you or not.
  5. Popular yes, most Powerful NO. Powerful in Terms of what? The list for each category depending on how a Warframe is built is long, and to call just one because he/she is your favorite or you think is the best, is just pure ignorance.
  6. It would of been epic if they used John Prodman.
  7. Using the Operators Transference ability to take over the weak minded Corpus/Grineer, would be a great idea. but I don’t see us controlling Teshin after the quest nor any other Dax if they are still around.
  8. Since the Dax came before the Tenno, it was really great to see how some Warframes would of gotten their Powers, the switching between the elements was cool. lets not forget Kahl-175, that really had a doomed Master Chief feel to it. and last but not least, Vaso, really looked cool, and most interesting, as the Corpus are people, not clones like the Grineer.
  9. Twitch Drops Fail again, like they have every year before so far.
  10. How do you even Pronounce that name, I mean wow it is a tongue twister.
  11. The answer for this from DE is going to be a big fat NO. it is a great idea though.
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