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  1. People get your point, but since your point is weak they ignore it. Your first post comes off as nothing but a troll.
  2. Your trolling right?... his rework is really great, and setup right is almost overpowered, he is the melee king right now.
  3. Forma'ed it twice never had a issue with it, only after a forum topic was started about it, did I die once to it but I am sure I would of died anyways, due to I used the wrong warframe with it... people are making too big of a deal about it, if you want to see something that kills you when you shoot it, you should try the Tonkor, the Penta, or the Ogris. yea the Tonkor is not the same as it used to be when they added self damage too it, but it still gets you killed a lot more, than the Zhuge Prime, as for the Penta or Ogris. I don't use them much at all since the self damage is crazy on them.
  4. Since most people I know, use volt not for the speed but for his passive for fishing, or his 3 and 4 for ESO’s. I really don’t see the issue with Gauss coming out as an “Speed” warframe.
  5. *half a brain mode* Get the scannie hammer thingy, to go the space wreak on the kill everything mode, go crazy with the melee, problem solved...
  6. That is the point, they don’t need to be sexualized...
  7. ummm, me and my clan must be hacking the system since we are able to make female operators that look feminine...
  8. had that issue when night wave started, screenshots of the issue here, I am still missing the 4500 standings this is what I got when I filed a support ticket. than they marked it as solved... I would still file a support ticket on this issue, the more people that do that the more they know it is a really big issue.
  9. There was already a topic talking about this, @Cubewano made some great points that did change my mind on some thing’s, right now, most people I think are at the point where they will just let the quest make up what their choice is, so let’s just hope that they make the quest really enjoyable.
  10. used Prime Shred, I use it on most weapons because I love the punch through that it gives.
  11. Hmmmm did not know that the Zhuge Prime did self damage, Used it when I bought it, forma’ed it twice never had the issue of it doing self damage, only thing that I did not like about it was that it was no longer silent, other wise it seemed to be a really good upgrade over non Zhuge prime. As for that weapon, I found it to be a really powerful weapon, you have too play with the build to find the sweet spot, if I remember when I get home I will post the build.
  12. Good point, but just because we don’t know past the “Surface level” interaction, does not mean we can ignore the fleet that is going to come to kill us and every other living thing in the sol system.
  13. oh by no means are we innocent, we as tenno have great blood on us, but we work to redeem our self's, we are called gods but we are far from ever being one. What knowledge we have only comes through the hard work we do, we live more of a Warriors philosopher way of life, living by the sense of justice from the guilt of our crimes.
  14. The fact that the Lotus would know that the old war is over is one thing, but it does not excuse her for the fact, that she will help lead their forces to kill all life in the sol system. I don’t think she is able nor worth saving. We are not Naruto going after Sksuke, we know she is out to kill most life.
  15. They said winter 2019 so my guess would be 12-25-19 or somewhere around there.
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