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  1. The Isolation vaults are not that bad, so moving there would be good.
  2. So glad I got them when they were in Father’s store.
  3. Stahlta, it fits my play style just right, I hope they would buff it a little bit more through.
  4. I must be missing something, what did they change?
  5. I should of thought of a Better way to put it into words on the last part of my sentence, When I think of exalted "x" or "abc" I think of something that is part of the warframe but can be fully modded, Titania would be a example of this, she has her Archwing mode but you can't mod it, but her weapons for the Archwing mode are. for Yareli, I can't wait to see what they do with her, because I do think she will have that K-Drive but her Exalted Weapons would be the Water Glaives they show.
  6. I am leaning more towards it being a Exalted Glaive or Glaives. why would be the first Warframe with a Exalted K-drive, when you can look at Titania and Clearly see how they would work that.
  7. Yareli, Exalted Glaive or Glaives?, can't be a Exalted K-Drive, as we know all they like to do for them is give them Skins. Should be a interesting Warframe, can't wait to see all of it.
  8. If the OP meant Gara, than he should of said so, I was really hyped looking forward to Glass Prime.
  9. Thank you to Every One who has replied, I have not had time to read every one reply but I will, because I already have seen some interesting comments. and Thank you to a few people who has PM'ed me with a few links of interest. one I have found to be a interesting read is the Wiki link for the Orokin.
  10. Glass Prime? Is it like pedestal prime? Is it a large glass or a small glass? a decorative glass or a non-decorative glass?
  11. Punch through is on most of my ranged weapons, it really helps them out with crowd control, with high DPS weapons such as Shotguns it is almost a must have.
  12. First off I played the game for years now, and I will admit, that I have made mistake of not paying attention to the lore that much. so my question is the Tenno children of the Orokin, or are they children of a high class in the Orokin Society? Or where were they in the Social class tree that the Orokin had?
  13. ???, can you please translate this into English that makes sense please.
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