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  1. They sell that Sigil, here I thought it could only be farmed, glad I farmed it.
  2. Survival with his 1 and 2, nowhere does it tell you that you have to kill in order to survive, only that you need to open the life support in order to keep going...
  3. Steve, Rebecca, and the DE team. this is why you need to bring back the down vote button, people like this who think they are so important, that they know what is better for all other people. And since every one thinks a hashtag is great. #bringbackdownvote
  4. Acceltra was a great weapon but it fizzled out fast for me. the real gem of a weapon I think people are over looking is the Quellor, it has really been a great weapon, set it up with corrosive, and it just strips armor in no time flat. with the riven that I rolled, it flat out rocks.
  5. The damage the secondary fire mode needs to be increased for the amount of ammo it consumes.
  6. Oh, I completely missed that. Thank you.
  7. Vigilante armaments is a really great mod if you have the space for it, as for the primed fast hands, it is a rarely used but it more or less up to the person if they have it if they want too use it.
  8. Sorry I edited down your post to the boiling points, but where most people level thier weapons is hydron or ESO, you may find a few at the void defense one. just try your best to stay alive and shoot things, just let the people carry you.
  9. Read patch notes, they already said they are working on universal loot share.
  10. It is wonderful that they work outside of Railjack, gives people something to work for.
  11. I did not miss anything, They made really clear in their Dev post about it.
  12. As far as I have seen, all weapons start off with a even Disposition of 1 (3 on the in game scale) when they come out, with them moving around as DE sees how often they are used. Please read up on the Riven Mod Disposition on the Warframe Wiki before you go crying about nerf's that were never there.
  13. I am calling BS on this, I been in nothing but pub games, and each and every one people were always repairing, after you get your butt (aka @**) handed to you in your first Archwing mission, you will learn really fast to repair the ship as Cy calls them out. Out of 50 games so far only the first one did we fail, and that was the very first day, when we were still learning.
  14. 1+1 does not = 2 ? When I install the Zetki Reactor mk1 it says I should get +6 Avionics, but it is only giving me +5 after it is installed.
  15. Rofl nice, your flying a weapon of mass destruction, and there is a bee hive of WMDs in the clan dojo or flying near by, that would be one hell of a suicide run if they did go after a dojo. Now that we have the Railjack, does that mean next time the Fomorian comes, are we going to be able to engage it in a new way?
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