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  1. and then Scarlet spear came... well... its like DE is taking my side on the arguments.
  2. There is literally no point in arguing about all the bad things Destiny has going for it. The thread was definitely not started for this reason. My main take away after reading through all of your replies is that WF does excel in many areas (duh, obviously) but there are so many things that it can take away from other titles that i find frustrating that it doesn't. I cannot believe either money or a lack of bigger team are responsible for that, in fact when it comes to budget i honestly believe that most players would pay plat to have true content rather than being content with freebies that dont actually provide anything. WF is free to play done right, but in the end, is it?
  3. Since the f2p model is brought up so much in this discussion, i cannot help but point out Nightwave. When it first came out, people were applauding DE for providing a free battle-pass mechanic to all players. What did we get? 2 Seasons (dont even get me started with intermissions) with again no actual content except for a talking head and a couple of cosmetic items, practically no new gear (except 3 umbra formas) and in general an overhaul of the old alert system and nothing more! What i mean to say by that is that "free" content is free when there is content behind it, if its a re-skin of an old mechanic is either called a patch or in case u charge for it a scam. Back to my original thesis, if DE were to charge lets say 1000 plat every 3 months for actual content, i believe this would please everyone and in fact it would cost around 3$ a month with currency easily farmed in game, because literally anyone can collect 330 plat/month with minimal effort.
  4. wow... this thread is the equivalent of sending your girlfriend a long message before going to bed and waking up to find 34 A4-page-long messages back! I guess its a good thing, ive sat for about 20 mins now reading all your replies while drinking my coffee, i must admit im comming out much more optimistic about WF and if veterans are saying that D2 is also experiencing a content drought then that might actually be the case. I believe what im missing most, after reading all this, in WF is proper Boss battles with proper rewards..
  5. First off, i must admit, WF has ruined movement in every other game for me. The fluidity of movement in WF is just unmatched, truly. Now, on to the bad things. I cant help myself but be so disappointed by how much WF is lacking in comparison to Destiny 2. I accidentally started out by running dungeons (the equivalent of that in Destiny 2 at least) and O.M.F.G. At least 5-6 different 20-minute expeditions with voice narration and differentiation in areas. And as ive read more, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is a HUGE amount of original content in the game comparable more to an mmo (and probably a well polished one) than a shooter. Then i continued to the "main quest line" and the open world... Just amazed. So many different things happening all at once, people running around, public events, quests and side quests all happening at the same time. The game features PvP and PvPvE but honestly im not even comparing this because i believe PvP is hard to implement in WF. What strikes me though as such an unfair deal we're getting with WF is the true lack of content. Every 3 months DE offers a 45-125 euro pack for 5 cosmetic items (accessories and a prime wf thats basically the same wf with a bit of an upgrade in stats and better looks). Truly disappointing. DE will say that they want to keep all real content free. I respect that to some extend but there could be a compromise. Make the frame obtainable in game, but the cosmetics obtainable through a quest that you gotta pay real money (or plat maybe?) to unlock. This will make people that do enjoy the game probably more keen on actually buying the packs. Or actually create some original content, raids, dungeons, timed events that need something more than plain zombie-mode grinding, PvEvP, anything for crying out loud! Liches are a lovely addition as a concept, yet just a more spongy enemy to put bullets in. Empyrian, albeit a new game mode, yet with a lackluster execution. Fortuna, copy of PoE with snow. The best actual content WF offered were Eidolons! An amazing boss fight, with skill, team effort and gear required to complete within a time frame to get the maximum loot! And that was 3 years ago! I believe all my words are a lost cause, DE had 7 years now to provide us with actual content and they never did, it just pains me to see a game that ive spent more than 2k hours in, just stay stagnant and not achieve its full potential even after all those years. Those were my 50 cents. Thank you for reading this far.
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