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  1. The problem is, there's already no real interaction between players. On paper you'd think there is, but in practice that's simply not what happens. No matter what DE or anyone else thinks, the vast majority of players across all video games with a trading system simply want to get in and get out as fast as possible when trading. Genuinely nobody cares who you are when you trade with them. If you complete a trade with me I might give the customary "Thanks" or "Enjoy" or "Have a nice day" but that's just standard procedure. To me it's the equivalent of an automated customer support email. Most people who act polite in trading do it not because they actually care, but just because that's what's expected and being nice raises the chance of getting positive reputation. It's all just business, and businesses don't care who you are. Their goal is to make money. There's no sunshine and rainbows and the magical power of friendship when you trade, either you get over here and trade with me ASAP or I'll do business with someone else. That's why this whole "Interaction" and "Community aspect" of trading is complete and utter nonsense. And I think DE needs to open their eyes to reality, because having a central trading hub like a Grand Exchange or an Auction House is the golden standard for MMOs these days. There's data out there to back up the fact that having a system like this is VERY healthy for an MMO. Not to mention Warframe would be dead without trading, and I'd even argue that the game would be more lively if we had a real trading hub. Because if you look at other MMOs with a proper trading hub, you'll always see lots of players hanging out there, trading and socializing with each other. Honestly, DE is shooting themselves in the foot at this point and letting the wound get infected by refusing to accept change. Yes, it might be their game, but they are genuinely missing out on many opportunities to both improve the game and make more money.
  2. I understand that not everyone will be on board with this idea, but bear with me here. Every other successful MMO out there that has a trading system also has this: A place where you can easily put up offers to buy and sell items, allowing you to passively participate in commerce as you continue to enjoy the rest of the game. World of Warcraft and RuneScape are prime examples of this, they're both very old and very successful MMOs. The problem here is that trading breaks the flow of the game. It can be very annoying and time consuming to both buy and sell things, even with the use of trading sites. More often than not you'll go out of your way to message someone in-game, only to find out that they're either offline or already bought/sold the item with someone else. Sometimes you'll even get no response at all even though they're logged in. Very annoying. Some players might be worried that prices will change due to the convenience of an "Auction House" or "Grand Exchange" but this is normal, and prices are bound to stabilize right away. As far as I'm concerned, warframe.market is already this game's Auction House/Grand Exchange except much more inconvenient. There's no reason to use Maroo's Bazaar for trading when trading sites and trade chat are all you'll ever need. This is why I propose we add a place where we can instantly buy and sell items across the game, just like you can in World of Warcraft, RuneScape and countless other successful MMOs. There's no real "community aspect" to trading in this game, the vast majority of players simply want to get in, buy the item they want and get out. That's just how it goes in gaming these days. People value their time and business is meant to be fast, efficient and reliable. So why can't Warframe's trading be fast, efficient and reliable too? Because right now, trading is the complete opposite of those three things. I also believe that players should be able to access this trading center of sorts from their Orbiter, perhaps after a quest and some other requirements to make players work hard for the extra convenience. Because the pinnacle of the MMO trading experience involves standing outside an auction house crowded with players, frequently checking and managing trade offers, having conversations with nearby players and overall having a fun hangout where you can socialize while accumulating wealth. This might have been what the developers envisioned with Maroo's Bazaar, but believe me when I say it simply didn't work. Maroo's Bazaar is honestly for people who haven't heard of trading sites, going there to trade is like the equivalent of using Skype in 2019. Either way, I would love it if we had a central trading hub. Set up an item you're selling for a certain price, another player can search for that item and buy it, then both players get sent the items and platinum earned through their inbox. It's fast, clean and fun. Real auctions can also be a thing but that's optional. Edit: There could also be an event that players have to beat in order to get this set up, since I doubt the Corpus or Grineer will be happy with the Tenno making a big, centralized trading hub that could potentially dominate the market. Completely optional though.
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