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  1. When in operator mode, while aiming forward and moving backwards, the models arms and head sort of sink into the chest area, effectively twisting like a pretzel. For more detail, I'm using the Madurai stance, and the amp equipped doesn't affect the bug happening, as in, it happens regardless of the amp, and the operator has the Ceno Helmet and Apparel equipped.
  2. I called a mod out. I don't participate in chat spam, I know the rules. But the people asking the question were getting deleted as well. I don't know if they got suspended or if they just had their message deleted, I got angry because I thought they got suspended for a simple question. I'm not arguing that I shouldn't have been suspended, I frankly don't care. I said what I said, I received the consequence, I got my suspension lifted, and am now worried that anything I say against moderation will be flagged as whatever and I'll get another suspension.
  3. And how am I supposed to PM them after I get suspended? I know that "F in chat" is a meme, but a mere question of why it's spam, by someone who doesn't know about or understand it, and then subsequently getting suspended, that doesn't sit well with me.
  4. I did. They told me to wait it out, but they couldn't provide me with a list of trigger phrases. I'm overall pleased with the response time and the response. I'm just worried that a single slip up could get me suspended again, and since the reason I was suspended wasn't classified in the guidelines, I want to know exactly what to avoid saying. Maybe 5 people were saying "F" and its variations, another couple were asking why it's considered spam if it's not actually filling up the chat. Anybody mentioning anything related, questions and actual spam, were getting deleted instantly. As far as I know this wasn't going on for too long. Region has a tendency to swap topics on a whim.
  5. No, no, this is a different case. I'm not too sure, but Kickbot wasn't in chat at the time, but an actual mod, since I've seen a person saying we're annoying the mods, which can also be the case since when Kickbot erases a message, it's instant. And the messages I've seen disappear stayed for about 5-10 seconds prior to deletion. Then I called the mod out and I was gone in about that time frame (5-10 seconds from posting).
  6. But do you do when an obvious joke gets flagged? Or mods' feelings get hurt? Not everybody knows what counts as offensive.
  7. Shouldn't DE issue a list of phrases that will cause a chat ban/suspension, considering it's instant and with no warning? It just seems logical to me for them to let us know what we can't say. We know some specific triggers like "trap Nezha", its variation and the obvious ones, such as racials slurs, spam, etc. When I think about it, the only solution is non-bot moderation, but we all know how that turned out in the past, and the trend is still continuing to this day. (They may have released such a list, but from the ticket I issue a few days ago, they couldn't provide me with such info, so I doubt I missed it)
  8. I feel you on that. Even I wouldn't know where to start, but this would definitely be a low-priority issue for the time being.
  9. I thought there was an automated system that detected if somebody's afk. I assumed there is one since, when I was playing arbitration (before the revive addition) I got killed and the 2 remaining players stayed for another 10 mins, and, if I recall correctly, I received no rewards after they decided to extract. Maybe adding "vote kick" could solve the issue, but I can see it being either underused or abused.
  10. I have some extra info on her Fire Blast (which I'm unsure if it has been unnoticed or mentioned, or at least I haven't seen it). Her Fire Blast's hitbox is weird/bad. Casting it while on the ground, enemies come in contact and take damage. If you're slightly airborne while casting (around 1m), certain enemies don't take damage despite visually being in the bottom side of Fire Blast's ring. Meaning, Infested enemies like chargers and crawlers somehow evade damage, which means it's the middle-top parts of the ring that actually deal damage instead of the whole thing.
  11. Here's the thing, the efficiency nerf is not bad. It stops people from turning 4 on and forgetting about it. The range nerf is 100% uncalled for, and the damage before a 100% charge being very low gimps her a lot because, check this out: Her 4 has a status chance proc that scales with strength. Meaning, if you went full strength, her 4 would proc the heat status very often (idk the exact math, let's say it's 60% status chance with 200% strength), and because heat procs don't overwrite OR stack, means she can't proc a stronger DoT because: a) the initial weak heat DoT would keep getting refreshed because of how S#&$ heat procs are b) her range is so low on 100% charge that you would NEED to be within melee range to even do the 2.2k damage she does The range nerf and heat damage being ass makes her 4 completely unusable. DPS or CC (firequake) build, neither work. I can't comment on how she was when she had DR. I wasn't a player at the time.
  12. I encountered a bug when I was solo relic farming, where I was unfortunate enough to accidentally unplug my LAN cable while the slowmo animation for the relic opening was playing out. It didn't show me what I had opened, only the timer. After ~15 seconds I noticed my unplugged cable, and put it back in. The timer for selecting a new relic was up by this point based on my assumption, but when my PC reconnected, it showed me my reward, but without a timer. I left it for a minute or so to see if anything would change. It didn't, so I was forced to close the game, losing all my rewards up to that point. I know that you can get your relic rewards if you unexpectedly disconnect, but I got nothing after coming back in.
  13. Recently, I've noticed that people have trouble connecting to my squad when I'm the host. As an example: I had a 3/4 squad and the last guy I was inviting couldn't connect, saying I was unavailable. I checked with him to see if he was set to public, invite only or solo, because I encountered another bug where when you're solo. The game won't tell you to change to change from solo to anything else, instead it would show the "loading" screen you get when you're connecting to the squad, but would kick me out the squad the moment I connect. It's usually solved by swapping to public or invite only, but when it doesn't work it repeats the 1st bug (only it's me who can't connect to the host). To summarize: 1st bug: Some players can't connect to my squad saying "host unavailable" even though other players are already in the squad 2nd bug: While being solo and trying to connect to a squad, the game won't tell me to change to public or invite only, will start loading me into the squad, only to kick me out at the end and sometimes make the 1st bug occur on my end. Also, a minor bug: When inviting players, the message confirming the player has been invited would pop-up twice.
  14. Didn't you lose the argument in that thread?
  15. Here's the thing: Revenants kit works in synergy with his other skills, but his individual skills aren't good just by themselves. Synergy is a good thing, don't get me wrong, but you are more likely than not going to be using at most 2 abilities for the majority of a mission. Then, couple that with AI being ass, and your thralls being more often than not dead by your team's hands before they can spread the enthrallment. What I'm trying to say is, he's ok, but he needs to be a little better. I honestly have no idea who's idea it was to rework her just for the sake of it. I guess they don't care to make her, or other old frames, viable. It's almost like they did the rework just to shut up people complaining, and then they gave up as soon as we complained. Their creative choices are questionable at best.
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