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  1. Why? No. Unnecessary. Just remove the exponential drain increase or have it cap out at 10-15.
  2. Same here. I've tried fiddling with the options, turning them on and off, resetting the launcher, resetting the PC, verifying caches and am currently optimizing cache. Nothing prior has worked obviously. Edit: Big shocker, didn't work either.
  3. You have to be able to see the enemy, as in, have the enemy in your line of sight. However, the ability is a bit wonky, so sometimes it hits enemies it shouldn't, or doesn't hit enemies it should. Same applies to Fireblast.
  4. You never know. DE likes to add bandaids a lot, and then forget about the reason they added them in the 1st place, leaving the problem to fester. In any case, Nyx, Zephyr, Hydroid, and the 2 you mentioned are long overdo for a rework.
  5. Trust me, it's more trouble than it's worth. Even I made a thread in General Discussion, and even though I wasn't providing any feedback (because how could I? The update isn't out yet) it got moved here.
  6. I don't know what to tell you. Like, I don't think you can even talk to any mods about it. This happens often.
  7. Thread merge. This is what happens when mods figuratively take the thread out back with a loaded shotgun.
  8. It's not used for CC. It's a status-cleanser with a speed buff and aggro swap. And it's only 1 out of 40-something, so YOUR argument doesn't work and only strengthens mine, where I say that every build will have the same ability because it's the best option. I've been on this roller coaster many times. We'll see if they deliver. How? None of the abilities used for Tridolon will be accessible. Unless you want the % radiation damage buff on guns, on a Hildryn, who doesn't need/use a lot of PS. You don't see an issue with adding a system that may prove to be obsolete? You
  9. Is... Is that NOT a problem in your eyes? Adding a system that either leaves you behind if you don't conform to the meta it makes, or is insignificant to the point where it's used only temporarily and then becomes obsolete? And also, I did mention a much more important problem, as in, reworks being made much slower if at all .That's because DE made sure to NOT give us access to the actually good abilities. But if you look at the comments, as soon as they heard "no signature abilities, no 4ths" they all of a sudden went "aw that's too bad, this isn't going to be as great as I wanted it
  10. Objectively false. The speed of reworks in only determined by DE's willingness or community pressure. We got 2 reworks at once, remember? As to whether they're good or not, that's on you and is entirely subjective. The community doesn't know what it wants, and neither does DE. Like, I saw, not enough people are talking about future-proofing this system. The people saying "there's no balance" don't know what balance means. And for once, you're right, everybody has their subjective take on balance. My take is that I don't want to see the same frame with the same setup in every mission be
  11. No, that's not making a new uniqueness, that's called streamlining. Every frame has a flaw, it'd be stupid if they didn't. If every frame could have their holes plugged, then you'd see a massive surge in "H [X mission] LF [Y frame] with [Z ability]". Let's do a thought experiment: Let's say the helminth chrysalis system isn't a massive failure, and it ushers in an age of less frequent reworks, without strictly stopping them from happening. In the meantime, a frame desperate for a rework gets it kit supplemented with another frames ability. This goes on until the frame gets a rework. Now,
  12. Amazing. I did not expect this bad of a take. Remember, assuming makes an ass out of you and and me. I literally didn't ask.
  13. You don't know how persistent DE is when they don't want to do something, which in this case is reworking frames. How long did it take for us the get the Hydroid Prime trailer? How many of us are still waiting for a Nyx/Inaros/Zephyr rework? You, and others, wanting new abilities now as opposed to later/never doesn't change the fact that the abilities you'll get are from other frames, which inherently ruins the frames' uniqueness and enforces homogeneity. Think about it, what do you think would happen if Vex Armor, or Iron Skin, or anything else that's considered great/borderline OP was
  14. You didnt even read what I wrote, let alone what I quoted. It breaks the game from an aesthetic standpoint. Why bother reworking frames when you can just slap a better ability from another frame on top of a terrible one?
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