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  1. I see what you mean. It looks strange, like it targets the closest group of enemies instead of targeting where you're pointing towards. Maybe they just stitched together the code so it appears as if it hits where you target.
  2. As reasonable as this is, DE won't add it. The cost from rushing builds is technically insignificant, but it adds up. Let's do a hypothetical: There are 100 items that take 1 day to build and cost 15 plat to rush. The faster foundry costs 500 plat, and lowers the build timer by a third. Now, the 100 items are built in 16h and cost 10 plat. It basically paid for itself. In this hypothesis, we're under the assumption that a noticable portion of plat is spent on rushing(therefore, necessitating more frequent plat purchases), and that item build timers scale rush costs.
  3. I like this idea better than the wave that comes out once you expel her new 2. It's not the flame effect, it's the meteor itself. Basically, "why?". Out of all the things that simply scream "inferno", why a meteor?
  4. There's a bunch of reasons WoF needs a change in design. Ignoring that the range reduction made the ability extremely subpar and irrelevant, it can only target a set amount of enemies within it range, like how Vauban's Bastille has a cap, and it can only hit a single enemy once and after a delay hit another. It's technically a single-target ability. And don't forget that it needs a visual design overhaul, because currently, the tiny flames that burst out of the ground exceed the range where she can actually damage anything, and it looks as unimpressive as the meteor the showcased recently.
  5. That's basically the most reasonable way of still having that sort of restriction. Instead of "I wasn't paying attention for several seconds, and now my energy is gone. I just lost the use of my abilities" happening, "I wasn't paying attention and my energy is draining rapidly, better use 3" should happen.
  6. While I do agree with this, Ember isn't a frame that should have such a severe cost. She doesn't have the stats to survive high level enemies if she can't cast Fire Blast in a panic or reset her Immolation. Plus, the punishment is on her DR ability, which is counterintuitive to even having a DR ability, especially one that's meter-dependent, and not duration based.
  7. Now that we have some sort idea of how Ember will function in the future, let's look at her abilities' interaction and see what's GOOD, what's BAD, and what's EH, in an effort to have it be as optimal as possible. Let's begin: FIREBALL: The good: It has a use now (being used to charge Overheat) With Heat DoT being changed, her napalm-esque AoE can actually do damage The bad: It still has a charging mechanic, which also clashes with her augment The eh: It really hasn't changed at all IMMOLATION: The good: It finally gives Ember some sort of defensive ability It's DR and ability damage increase with the meter The bad: It drains all of your energy upon reaching 100%, which is very punishing (this is subject to change, but it was still showcased, so it can be criticized) Depending on the numbers, it either starts off with a 50% DR, or ramps up to 50%. If it's the latter, it's probably the worst DR ability to date (it get's even worse if the percentage is unmodable) The eh: It has a damage wave tied to it once it's turned off/reaches 100% The fire swirling around Ember while it's active isn't very impressive looking FIRE BLAST: The good: No static ring of fire It strips armor It doesn't knock away enemies affected by a Heat proc It keeps your meter from reaching 100% The bad: It ragdolls enemies It depletes the meter by too big of a percentage The eh: It's a panic button now Not all enemies can be ragdolled INFERNO: The good: It's better than WoF It reapplies Heat DoT on affected enemies It spreads the DoT The bad: It can potentially stun-lock enemies, making them unable to spread it's effect It can potentially kill an affected group too fast, making them unable to spread it's effect It affects a small radius The eh: It's a meteor SPICY(passive): The good: It supports Ember's new kit, and is, in-turn, supported by it The bad: It was initially presented with a tiny range And now, for the readjust part. FIREBALL: The charging mechanic still poses an issue. It slows down her (or any frame for that matter) gameplay, and despite all of the changes, there's still little to no incentive to charge it. Consider removing charging in favor of adding something along the lines of "gains damage (and AoE range) based on distance traveled" since it's still a projectile. IMMOLATION: A meter for Ember has been a long awaited addition. It's a welcome addition to her kit, since Accelerant is no longer needed. However, a 100% energy drain is an unreasonable punishment. Her old kit had issue maintaining energy, and with the micromanagement associated with meters, it leaves her in a worse energy-hungry state than before. My suggestion is to change the drain to be over time, so that a single slip-up or lack of attention doesn't cost you your entire energy pool + DR. The damaging part of the ability seems tacked on. FIRE BLAST: The only issue this ability has is the ragdoll. It wasn't properly showcased if the ability doesn't knock back enemies set on fire, or enemies under Heat panic, so let's go with the assumption that it's for the former. Enemies set on fire won't be ragdolled, but with no way of reliably spreading Heat proc on enemies without the use of Inferno, that leaves you to ragdoll the enemies, and then set then set them on fire. It depletes the meter too much, as well, which could pose an issue with "keeping the meter in a sweet-spot". INFERNO: Inferno, as it is visually, is very unimpressive. I don't understand why out of all ways to make an "inferno", they chose a meteor. As for it's fire spreading effect, if a group of enemies end up dying to fast to it, or end up getting stun-locked, since it induces Heat panic and slightly staggers them, they won't be able to spread the effect. My suggestion is only to change the design from a meteor to literally anything else. The fire-spreading issues can be solved with numbers. SPICY: We already know the range will be increased to match Affinity range, so the only potential issue stems from the cap (if it can even be called an issue). It's still a passive, so it shouldn't affect her kit in a very major way, like giving her a 50% or larger increase to PS for simply using half of her kit. The cap shouldn't be too small, but also, not too large. Maybe have it give 3% per enemy in range affected, up to a 30% increase, or so. And lastly, Heat damage: From what we've been told, Heat damage will have the ability to remove armor. Many players welcome the change, many others don't. I can understand both sides of the argument, so a compromise should please them both. Make the armor reduction either incremental like Shattering Impact, or make it temporary. The former would only be good on low-to-mid level mission because of the armor values, while the latter would only work while the enemies are under the effect of Heat procs. Aside from armor stripping and stacking, Heat DoT has seen a reduction in duration, which you could say is a way to balance it because of how many effects it has (DoT, CC and armor stripping).
  8. Heat damage will be stackable when her rework comes, and enemies caught in fireball's aoe have the ticks reapplied and stacked. Accelerant was a crutch. It's only good compared to the rest of her kit, and even though it was the best damage buffing ability in the game, it only buffed heat damage. Now that heat procs can actually do damage, it's no longer needed. As for the meter, they said they were experimenting with it, so a 100% loss of energy is subject to change. I'd prefer a energy/s drain once the meter is full, instead of an unreasonable punishment which is losing all you energy. I'm only worried about the DR part, as in, does it start at 50% DR and then builds up or does it reach 50% when near-full? If it's the latter, then it might be the weakest DR value in the game. It only avoids enemies on fire, which is a good design as it synergizes with her passive. The ragdoll is the worst part about it, since not all enemies can be ragdolled, and since it knocks away enemies BEFORE setting them on fire, it still kinda messes with her passive. It also drain the meter too much, maybe 50% or more. That's not a bad thing. You can't have a frame's entire kit do a lot of damage. Her damage comes from Heat procs now, and her kit makes sure she can spread them(3 and 4), stack them (1 and 4) and buff them (by removing armor with 3, even if they decide it's only temporary, which is fine). The only issue with her 4 is it puts enemies under Heat proc panic, meaning they will potentially die before spreading it. It also staggers enemies a bit.
  9. World on Fire? Ember's 4th ability? The one that got nerfed for being a lazy AFK skill, which also has a cap on how many enemies it can target while also having scaling Heat Status Chance? The ability that doesn't synergize with Ember's kit in any way shape or form? That WoF? I don't think you're playing the same game as the rest of us, my dude.
  10. We'll see. There's still time before they launch.
  11. My dude, WoF is complete garbage. Inferno is a better ability by far, but it still has some hiccups with enemy interaction, but not as much as WoF. Despite it being astoundingly unimpressive, it'd rather have it than current WoF.
  12. It was both mentioned and showcased. Both the extra loadout and appearance slots cost 20plat each.
  13. That's the only good part though. If they get knocked away before they're set on fire, well, you're S#&$ out of luck. She doesn't have any wide AoE status proccing anymore. We don't know how her 4 work exactly, so it might work out fine. Also, if they increase the range, they have to lower the buff or severly cap it. Otherwise, you have a free Equinox buff.
  14. 10m. Probably unmodable. It's still subject to change, but it just pisses me off how they didn't think the numbers through properly. Nobody even noticed that enemies under heat proc panic don't get knocked away by Fire Blast, not even the devs mentioned it.
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