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  1. A majority of the playerbase isn't part of the DC and isn't aware of how your guys' voting process goes. You said it yourself, you weren't given enough time, like before. And another DC member said that the Broken frame was the default choice. You just needed to tell the rest of us these things. The DC is basically absolved at this point. Just be transparent with us from the start, you're not under an NDA (right?).
  2. You could've lead with that to begin with.
  3. I'm sorry, but what the hell are you saying? Are you telling me I should blame the person who put out the idea for the Broken frame during the Open Call for their lackluster idea being picked? Because that's a fallacy and it's incredibly dumb. Or are you telling me that I should blame just the person who came up with the idea to do the Open Call, which is also incredibly dumb, because the entire staff (or just the higher-ups at least) has to agree to greenlight the event?
  4. 7 years ago. How many of them have stopped playing the game since? Keyword: also. I'm putting the blame on both parties. DE is to blame for cherry-picking themes, while being very disingenuous by calling it a "community-made frame". The design council is to blame for not protesting the horribly lackluster themes, and still picking the broadest and least concrete theme, all because it's a meme. I honestly don't want another, potential, thematic disaster like Revenant.
  5. TYPE: Event as a whole. DESCRIPTION: Kill codes are not being received. The ones sent go to no one. The status screen inside the flotilla doesn't update too. VISUAL: Unnecessary. REPRODUCTION: Simply trying to play the event. EXPECTED RESULT: The event functioning normally, like before. OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing. REPRODUCTION RATE: Persistent.
  6. The changes to heat came with her rework, and armor scaling came after.
  7. Ah, that's where you're wrong. DE themselves narrowed down the themes to 10. And then they let the design council pick 1 and that's the one they're gonna make. The reason I'm calling both DE and DC uncreative is the fact that many wonderful ideas got completely ignored in favour of... an ongoing meme. As for my idea, hate to disappoint, but I had no original idea. I saw people asking for a spider frame for the past year, and I've been thinking of ways to make it more interesting, instead of the bog standard "shoots web, walks on walls", so I figured a nice little spider infestation ability (think about the spiders in The Mist) would be a nice addition.
  8. So, the design counsel is also incredibly uncreative. Good to know. Well, see you guys in 7 years when "lighbulb frame" becomes the next "community made" frame.
  9. You haven't been here for long then. There was a minimum of 4 threads about Ember per week.
  10. So, a potentially broken kit justifies the kit itself being old and boring? Look, I'm gonna level with you, current Ember has problems, BUT, none of those problems justify a revert to a kit that had way more issues. Old Ember was incredibly one-dimensional. Let's say that the new(old) kit turns out to be absolutely busted with current heat proc. New players are gonna complain again. Which will lead to another nerf, which could potentially be even worse than the last one. Do you want that to happen?
  11. So, what you're telling me is: Ember went from "bad and boring" to "good and clunky", and you want her to be "boring and broken" instead? Got any more bad takes?
  12. I'm sorry, but are we talking about the same frame? Old Ember had 1 guaranteed heat-proc ability, and it was her 1. What was she gonna use, a stationary ring of fire to affect enemies on the outside of it? Or was she gonna use WoF, which had scaling proc chance, and also had a target cap of 10, while being able to hit a single target at a time?
  13. Lukewarm take. More of a critique of the playerbase, rather than Ember.
  14. If such a small, yet very necessary, change is enough to "kill" Chroma, what does that say about him?
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