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  1. Hi Glen, let me say first this is all very complicated stuff for me to understand. However, I think the issue with the aiming you describe above matches my experience exactly on ps4 pro. Here is the thing. When I play solo mode (when I believe I'm supposed to have better framerates) my aiming is quite sluggish and unresponsive. As soon as ppl start joining my squad, my aiming starts getting smoother. The more squad mates and enemies in the mission the more responsive my aiming becomes. This made no sense to me, and I had been breaking my head trying to figure out why. I've blamed this issue on the controller deadzones, my internet, the auto aim option in the game. However, none of the adjustments I did to those things seemed to change the fact that my performance on solo is worse than in a squad. I came across this dev workshop yesterday, and after reading that paragraph about better fps making aiming worse I decided to turn off Boost Mode on my ps4 pro, which supposedly increases fps, and to my surprise aiming overall feels much better, especially in solo mode. Having ppl join my squad still makes my aiming more accurate though, boost mode or not. So, is it possible you could look into that? It's a real shame since I think boost mode makes the game look better. I know you said consoles are fine (if you were referring to the gaming consoles on the bonus notes) but my experience is exactly as you describe in that paragragh.
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