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  1. Easy. Prime frames are vaulted. Frames like Nidus, Harrow, & etc are ALWAYS available. Nekros Prime is literally unfarmable for the majority of players currently. He is also a very heavily sought after Prime. Additionally, Nekros Prime is worth (Monetarily) more than Nidus ever could hope to be. So DE is in fact short changing itself as your initial complaint desires.
  2. Just spent 2 days digging to find the old Bungie Dev video referenced in this thread: However, Paul Tassi even noted that the Engine was barely changed in this ancient article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2018/03/22/the-weirdest-part-of-destiny-2-is-that-bungie-recognized-its-current-problems-before-release/#36732be22085 Unfortunately, the video referred to on reddit no longer exists or should I say, all links I find don't work. (I believe that dev left Bungie so...might have dropped it due to legal issues?) But that was basically the source. A Bungie dev lamenting how the engine backs them into a corner & that it's STILL a PITA to work with & still a development nightmare.
  3. Yes. Bungie's in-house self built engine "The Tiger Engine" Which was NOT good to use for Destiny but Bungie to quote an ex employee to Jason Schrier: "Was too proud & stubborn to use a better engine despite the tools Activision provided them." To be fair, now that they aren't with Activision, it's good that they aren't using an Activision engine. However, the Tiger Engine is STILL bad & I believe it's what was used to make all the old Halo games. Bungie should have gone with Unreal Engine 4 impo...but oh well. Yeah. Activision did crunch Bungie. Just like how EA crunched Bioware after waiting patiently for 6 years. I hate defending Activision but they had every right to make Bungie uphold their side of the investment. Bungie with D2 claimed to be using a new engine so development would be easier. But ultimately they made tweaks to the Tiger engine (to cut costs...) & well D1 all over again. Ugh...I want to see Destiny succeed but my god...Bungie loves shooting it's own feet off.
  4. See. I understand your sentiment. But everytime DE does this the forums, reddit, & etc EXPLODE into raging fires. The Console UI update (The menu Cursor) shall forever be my shining example of this. Everyone wanted the update asap, DE said the UI wasn't finished for console but they could push through a partial UI. They did...and well...their was figurative rioting in the streets.
  5. Considering all the UI bugs & issues the Jovian Concord has had on PC... I'd gladly wait till July for the update. The New UI screens aren't so hot atm. =/
  6. It's just the base game is free. Expansions, Annual Pass, & etc will still all cost money. If Bungie could develop at DE's speed I admit. Destiny could maybe turn itself around but Bungie develops at a snails pace, and contradicts itself the entire time. Hence why they've lost me forever. "Destiny is not & never will be an MMO." As of 6/6/2019: "It's time we embrace the MMO that Destiny has always been." "We want Destiny to be accessible to all players & audiences." *Designs the game to literally & deliberately punish Solo players, and small groups.* Yeah...no thanks. Too little too late impo. I wish Destiny well, but Bungie needs to rethink how it communicates, handles its product, and develops. @TheRealShade Unfortunately Bungie has always been the issue with Destiny. Activision (while normally scummy) did nothing but force Bungie to release content on time, and keep content coming. Ever since Bungie dropped Activision the game has gone further downhill. Multiple Bungie devs have left the company, content has been lackluster & miniscule, communication nigh non-existent, & the community isn't very happy atm. The community is almost tearing itself apart.
  7. Case & point on why games should be neutral. Someone will always be displeased. I'm all for freedom of choice (IE: Romantic Relationships, Good or Evil, etc) & equal representation in games (when it makes logical sense.) but real world issues impo should stay out of games. I've noticed that anytime ANYTHING is shoved down, offered, or "endorsed" to people. They instinctively resist it. DE could make a Questline that is about treating each other as equals & players would still revolt even though 99.9% of people in real life treat one another as equals. But for some reason, in nearly every form of media...people resist anything, even the things that are part of their everyday behavior.. Once we start pushing LGBT issues into games, folks will (I admit they currently are trying) want to push in Racial crap, political crap, gender equality crap. Now, games as all just glorified mediums to spread political mediums/messages. Hollywood currently has been doing this & look at vitriol it summons up. That said, I am supportive of the LGBT movement, but I'm on the fence over adding in games items tied to it. It will stir up a lot of drama that DE is better off not being involved in. Hell, we had players who were upset over the Leukemia Ribbon in September if you look back far enough. So...ugh...let's just keep things civil & neutral.
  8. Simple. Gifts of the Lotus are not cannon. A lot of devstream/twitch rewards are just gameplay. Plain & simple. Not everything is Lore nor needs to be lore. Just try not to overthink things is how I look at it.
  9. *Stands up from his Legendary Throne & approaches Arcira* I... Acknowledge you.
  10. Funny thing is... If Infested dropped their exclusive resource (Mutagen Samples) like Grineer & Corpus drop Detonite & Fieldiron. No one would be complaining. They don't drop the resource every kill but they drop it enough that players can acquire a decent amount in a few weeks of play. Over a few months even a Solo Clan would have enough samples. This honestly makes me want to re-evaluate the whole Clan Research system. The majority of players do solo & small clans so now part of me wonders if it's even worthwhile locking research behind clans. =/ Might as well just give players a research wing in the Orbiter or perhaps in relays...I digress. They need to either improve Mutagen acquisition or lower the research cost. Hema is one of Warframe's biggest black eyes & sore spots to date.
  11. *Nods Regally* (I love wacky threads like these...) It was a long...tough & arduous road. 100% not done passively while bored!
  12. <_<; Max Rank, Max Ranked Mods, and Forma'd & Potato'd all 4 of my K-Drives (yes plural) so that they can hold all my mods maxed out. I...have become...Legend...
  13. That is the question. Many theories point to it being some sort of "old god" or "ancient consciousness". Apparently it's old as time, has no true alignment (seems to favor the Tenno even thought it enjoys haunting, tormenting, and messing with them), and enjoys watching/observing the outside world. Honestly, the fact it has directly intervened in the conflict with the Sentients honestly has astronomical implecations. ever since being freed from Rell's imprisonment it was content just watching but now...I don't know. It's really stirring the pot. That's honestly a theory I have not heard before. Could be an Orokin or even a Tenno who's transference failed/backfired & they became one with the Void... Silvana's transference left her tied to the Silver Grove. Possible that Pre-Warframe Transference left someone tied to the Void. The problem with it being reincarnation (continuity) is that the Orokin need a host/something to swap with. The Void technically is just...a plane of existence/realm of space.
  14. Pre-Apostasy Prologue/Sacrifice that may have been a possible theory. It showed the Tenno the interaction between Ballas/Lotus while keeping them hidden. But Rell fought this entity for Millenia & the other Tenno never encountered it until after Rell was put down. So for 1 Tenno's dream to suddenly infect the other Tenno is highly unlikely. But it was slightly possible After Sacrifice, the MitW was not only aware of the Sacrifice & the consequences the Tenno incurred from their actions with Umbra, but it acknowledges the Tenno's response. Additionally, the fact it helped the Tenno in Chimera Prologue dispels any doubts that it's not a real entity/living being. It not only teleported the Tenno across massive expanses of space but it also shielded/protected them by keeping them masked. Somehow it made Ballas aware too, as Ballas built a blueprint for the Tenno knowing they would be there at that specific point in time, even though he had no proof there were truly there as he could not see, sense, or hear them. Lastly, Natah's speech during Jovian Concord also alludes to it being a real thing. As Natah & her people are terrified of it. (Glad it is somewhat on our side...) I'm trying to avoid getting into details/spoilers.
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