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  1. Anything I had to say was said earlier. I'm fine with Hardmode being optional, if anything should be tweaked Reward wise... - Double the Exp - Double the amount of Resources Gathered - Increase drop rates by 3% or 5% - Add in bonus rewards for clearing the entire Star Chart on Hard That should be it. Anything more will end up creating the "I'm forced to play it." debate. This is impo the best way for DE to create a win/win scenario.
  2. I think I'll be 30 before the 2nd puzzle. I'm already somehow rank 23 or 24. I have no idea how I got there.
  3. Shadow Stalker was always a nerf tbh. Stalker was always more deadly, stealth, 3 weapons that did high damage, a combo that staggers & stuns, the ability to absorb player damage & return it (Nyx), and the ability to cancel player powers. Stalker was a beast. Shadow Stalker was just a bullet sponge, but now he's barely that thanks the armor & damage changes.
  4. My concept/submission: My working names: Deathlock, Shadowjaw, Shade Aesthetic Theme: A Shark themed Warframe. More detailed...description (I'm only sharing my ability concepts to inspire artists IF this should somehow get picked. I full well understand that DE will decide on his abilities.) He is a Shark like Warframe who's combat theme is stealth, CC, & Assassination. Optic Skin: Sharkskin that refracts all light. Turns him invisible to the naked & reflects lasers & beams. Blood in the Water: Dives into the ground & swims around it with his back fin sticking out of the ground. While swimming he can chomp down on enemies, & containers, takes reduced damage & moves faster while submerged, cannot be grappled (except by a Lich or Boss) out of the ground. Every enemy he kills while "hunting" Grant's him the buff: "Frenzy" Frenzy - Grants him a damage multiplier for every 5 enemies killed. Allowing him to do scaling damage to enemies. Prey: (Assassinates enemies similar to Ash's Fatal Teleport) Kills an enemy by diving into the ground and jumping out from under the enemy chomping on them then drags them back into the earth while chewing them in his deadly jaws. Can be executed while Airbourne, Wall Latching, and even while using Blood in the Water. Wrath of the Deep: He dives into the ground and creates a savage whirlpool of debris (depends on the ground) that damages and drags enemies into the deep, drowning them while shredding them into ribbons. Elemental damage is determined by floor type doven into. Sand = Heat, Metal = Slash, Rocks = Impact, Infestation = Toxin, Ice = Cold, & etc. Passive: Swims on his own instead of entering Sharkwing. (Having access to his Blood in the Water kit). Also does an extra 5% damage to unaware enemies when invisible/using "Blood in the Water".
  5. Thanks is for filling in for Danielle. Looking forward to the new update. Hope that Amps get a full rework/pass done in lieu of the changes. Operator gameplay as a whole really needs a revision impo. That said. Excited to try out the new scaling system.
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