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  1. Just to chime in. While I agree that building the Dry Dock & etc is possible Solo (I did the same.) I also agree that it should not be gated to Clans. Let's be honest folks. The answer should not be: "Go make a Solo Clan." In the end...a Solo Clan completely defeats the entire purpose of what a Clan is. I'm a solo player stating this. The more I talk to & listen to folks...it seems that there are more Solo & Research only Clans than there are True Clans. Which is honestly a problem impo. I am 100% AGAINST forcing folks into Clans. As forced social interaction only spawns toxicity & resentful relationships. Every reason for why Solo clans exist could easily be implemented to Relays. Dry Dock impo should be accessible via Clans & Relays. With Clan Dry Docks having the customization options, and benefit of cheaper research costs. Research Labs I am on the fence on to be honest... While I feel as if they would fit in Relays as well...but with the caveat that Relay research would cost double the resources of a Ghost clan (Except for Hema which should be lowered to 500 [Censored]ing samples). I also feel that the fact the BPs are easily just bought from a clan & without a need to commit to said clan (as 99% of clans don't care & generally invite newbies in just so they can buy BPs then let them leave/kick them afterwards) leaves them as impo...fine as is. Lich Trading...meh...I'd love to have Holding Cells in a Relay where Liches are just trapped in stasis or asking for credits & food...but that's a topic for another day... Bottom-line: I think expanding Relays to contain or to be an option for Solo, Duo, & unsocial players to have access to what is currently gated behind Clans would be healthy for the game. Why? It would breath life into Relays. Make them places where players hang out, meet, and organically socialize. Why organically? Because players would constantly be bumping into each other (like in Cetus & Fortuna), asking questions, and overall be in a setting where they'll feel prompted to speak but without feeling policed (Clan Mods, Region Chat mods,) and much like a city in an MMORPG the setting alone would naturally spawn dialogues. Some brief, others long terms. Before anyone says: "Then what is the point of a Clan?" Simple. Clans are currently nothing more than fully customizable private Relays to be blunt. But that's still a serious perk. The Personalization of Dojo's is really something special, where as a relay is static, stale, & unchanging. Add in reduced research costs, Trading with 0% Tax Rate, & etc. Adding such features to public relays would trim Clans of "fake"/"Dishonest"/"Disingenuous" members. (IE: Those who are only there for research, and what is gated there.) And leave Clans with actual social networks of players who legitimately WANT to be in the Clan, care about the clan, and want to participate in the Clan. Let's be honest... The co-op argument really falls flat when you realize that the bulk of players in clans aren't there to play co-operatively. They are there because they have no other choice but to be there & are putting on a façade just so they don't lose their benefits. The current system has created a litany of Clans that are honestly mostly full of disingenuous players, are segmented into small groups who only interact in Clan chat on occasion, or that have extremely strict rules to "discourage" players from being offline too long/to keep clan numbers low enough to avoid expansion to the next tier. Where as a more open system would foster relations to a point where players might join clans for the actual clan & its members not just to reap the perks/gated content. IE: Meet in a relay, play a few games, then possibly join a clan with folks you get along with & met in a relaxed setting, & etc. Obviously I don't speak for EVERY clan in existence. But let's be honest...not many players can say that every single member of their clan is there for the clan & not just keeping up appearances in order to retain access to a Dry Dock, & Research.
  2. Wow... I see that a very large portion of the long time Warframe veterans have NEVER played a true MMORPG before. Almost ALL items become easier to obtain over time or an item EQUAL if not SUPERIOR to the old item is made easily & usually instantly available come expansion time. Warframe's items are no different. Those of you saying: "Respect my time & dedication." & similar bs... I can't believe I'm saying this but...a trash mod from a limited time event that was announced ed to return someday is NOT a sign of your time & dedication. You're f'ing time played is. Your MR Rank, all the things listed under your ingame profile is; as those literally list your accomplishments for all the see. A mod better used as a coaster/shoehorn/toenail file/drain snake is not that sign. Lord have mercy. Also...if this is true about someone paying 350k plat. I hope to god...you all will remember... DE is the company that REMOVED a microtransactions because it doesn't want its players to spend Hundreds of Thousands of dollars on items/features. DE probably added the damn item BECAUSE the prices for it were out of control. In a way this is just like the horrible Riven market...and you know...the very reason Riven Disposition exists. IE: To prevent the inflation of prices. Also, anyone who says: "What about those who just bought it?" There is ALWAYS someone who just bought something. Even in Real Life...plenty of people go out buy something then a store/merchant has a sale 1 day sometimes even 1hr later. That's just day to day business. If prices stayed static (to respect the previous buyers) then S#&$ we buy everyday would still be a nickel & we'd be getting paid in dimes & single dollar bills fyi. I'm sorry OP. But nothing in Warframe is worth 350k plat. If you secretly stocked up on this mod so you could sell it for a plat price that equals Thousands of RL dollars (ripping someone off) then...you were in the wrong to do so & this was Karma at work. I've watched Plague Star come back NUMEROUS times and when it first launched I was one of the few who actually farmed multiple sets of Exodia Contagion. I sold a few, and now I have a few left over. I never came to these forums or reddit & ranted when Plague Star returned and resold the Arcane. I had to CRAFT them back them too. I never complained once. I was all for Plague Star returning actually. Cause I wanted to allow others a chance to play it & get rewards. Going off your logic...DE should remove all event items, give away items, & make every single item in the game a 1 time only thing. So when Plague Star, Ghouls, Thermia Fractures, Gravitas Dilemma, Dog Days , & etc return they should all have an entirely new stock of items. They might as well not return at that point. Wow...this community. Aren't the veterans happy enough that they won the battle to keep Conclave dead? You know to keep the old & dated awards locked behind exclusive to the nigh non-existent players who spend all day everyday for weeks upon weeks waiting in a queue for a match that will ever come? You know the players who maybe get lucky enough to play 5 Conclave matches every 3 months? I mean. Kudos to Conclaves 1...maybe active 2 players. You're keeping the game & your favorite mode alive! While folks are over reacting... Did you know over a year ago DE gave away the Gamma color pallette?! What about all those players who's time & dedication that palette is a sign of? Folks...get over it. For a little awhile in 2017 DE was was starting to do weekly giveaways of Primed Chamber. So that was a precursor. I'd bet money DE saw that 350k trade & was like: "We gotta stop this before it gets worse." Props to DE I say.
  3. The Requiem Relics & Mods need a look over. They are just tedious rng & my friends & I tried making Liches since the patch & so far we've only gotten 1 mod to drop out a combined 12 radiant relics. Now we need to farm relics again and we just decided to take a break & ignore the Liches for now. Cause farming the relics, then the traces, then the mods is just unnecessarily tedious. There is no fun that gameplay loop. The Mods & relics should be rewards from Lich Content period. For example, put Umbra Forma Blueprints, Weapon Exilus Adapters, perhaps even Legendary Cores in the Requiem Relics & make them drop off the Lich itself when Vanquished/Converted. Requiem Mods should become something earned from clearing a planet of a Lich's influence. Clearing a planet of a Lich takes time so the mods are ot just "being handed out" but this also is guaranteeing the player with the Mod they need. Additionally this makes the progression to that final battle with a Lich feel more organic as we essentially tore down their operations and in the process gained the knowledge & info to take down the Lich. Changing the system to something along these lines would promote players to both interact with Liches more, as well as give a real purpose to clearing a planet of a Lich's influence. But also prevent burnout & low morale. The Requiem Grind is honestly horrible. I hate to say it so bluntly. But it really is. The grind kills the excitement that was building up to the climatic battle with a Lich
  4. Public Groups have Public Problems. Recruiting exists for the specific reason of making specific groups for specific purposes. No game in existence can make Public Matchmaking group you with players who will play your way. You're delusional if you think randoms should be forced to play your style and only your style. Let's flip the script...and show you how you sound but from a different perspective. "I play my missions in total stealth, kill every single enemy, loot every single locker & smash every crate on the map. When you join my group you'd better kill every enemy, open every locker, and smash every crate on the map. DE needs to punish everyone who doesn't play this way." Sounds batS#&$ stupid right? Cause it is. Public (random) is exactly that. Bottomline...Don't do missions in public squads if you want to play endurance/pure stealth/loot every crate/fish/mine & etc.
  5. I was really hoping the Requiem mods & relics could have a passover. They are NOT fun in the slightest to farm, the charge system is bleh. I feel as though Murmur's should be the first step to the mystery, then once discovered acquiring the Mods should be a sort of quest. Example: After discovering all 3 Death Words, the Tenno unlocks unique Lich missions that have us sneaking into the Lich's stronghold(s) & acquiring the mods. Like a Spy Mission for one, a Disruption for another, etc. (Missions where we have to seek them out & acquire them.) But the twist is that these missions are more like Arbitrations in that we get no revives, & the Lich is the empowered as we're in the Lich's Kuva stronghold. I've been helping a friend grind Requiem mods for FAR too long & my god we can't get his last mod to drop. It's just become a job at this point. I look at Requiem fissures & just lose all motivation to even do em. As of this posting it's been weeks since we last were on the Requiem grind. We just got burnt out farming the relics & then not getting the mods to drop. He expected challenge from the system, but he expected it from the Lich itself, not the RNG. Now he just downs it 3 times if it should ever show or just ignores it. I understand the game needs a repetitive gameplay loop but RNG barriers behind RNG barriers just aren't the answer.
  6. People will be people. Some folks really just don't get that the entirety of the game dies not require the Meta. The Meta is just that. The Meta build, it makes S#&$ easier but it is 100% optional. Folks soloing Triodolons, Orbs, ESO, Arbitrations, & etc without using the Meta proves that. I will never get the: "Use the meta so you finish the mission as fast as possible a then you're done." Mentality...so I should rush so I can stand idle in my Orbiter & complain about having nothing to do?" Toxicity is EVERYWHERE in all games. But truth be told the majority of Warframe's community across all platforms isn't that bad. If you say...compare Warframe's community to FF14s (this one pains me to admit but my god it's gotten rancid), Destiny's, Fallout 76's...you'll see this community in an entirely new light/see this community as a Sanctuary.
  7. Just going to add that... IF a Lich Token ONLY comes from killing/converting then they need drop a Guaranteed amount that is both generous & worth for the time invested. OR... They need to remove that God damn charge system on Requiem Mods & make the Mods not something that must be farmed over & over & over & over. The RNG aspects of Liches is absolutely HORRIBLE. It's just RNG after rng. To have to endure multiple layers of RNG just for 1 token...no Ephemera is worth that.
  8. I hit the door hard. I used Unairu Wisp & was landing orange crits on the door. I swear I hit that door for 50 or 90k once using my AMP's alt fire. No Bueno.
  9. I'm going to pull one from one of my favorite RPGs ever... Harpoon Cannon - A Harpoon mounted on the front of the Railjack, grants a bonus to ramming enemies. It is dumbfired (no lock-on) but if a direct hit it goes through the enemy ship (so it's a OHK) and any ships in the way/behind the ship then retracts. To keep it balanced it'd have a cooldown of 5 minutes. (Cannot be reduced)
  10. My heart breaks cause I feel like I got screwed. I ran it a few times today solo & 1 secret door would NOT open no matter what. (Bugged) Of course there was a container behind it (Far enough to not be broken via AOE). So I feel haunted. I feel like I missed my chance after numerous runs. I hope DE does something about this. Like making it guaranteed or some sort of way to be earned. Cause this is horrible & creating a horrible experience for everyone.
  11. You are not alone. I never disliked Nightwave. I disliked the challenges but DE took the criticism on the chin & now they are nearly all very sane & nothing too crazy. The downside is...since they released Empyrean undercooked when DE gets back it's going to be "All Hands on Deck" for Empyrean fixes, balances, & changes. But because of this...they need to either do... Intermission 2.5 (with new rewards) or update the Intermission 2 rewards. I'm rank 21 in intermission 2 & while I love buying up Kuva, Nitain, & potatoes... Um...I'd like some S#&$ from Season 2 (which I missed) at this point. Like they could add then in for a HIGH credit cost. Like 100 or 200 for the Ephemera, Operator suit, & etc. That or they could double the Intermission Credit rewards so we can buy more S#&$. Increments of 15 is just insulting. Make them 25 a pop. Add Umbra Forma BPs to the store (they drop in Veil Proxima off Caches so...) for 100 Intermission credits. Something. Right now it's like old Alerts for me, barely anything besides weapon skins (which I'm now collecting because...why not? Gotta use these credits on something.) That I don't have.
  12. What concerns me is that DE is very involved with their community. So why would they implement this? They had to KNOW this would happen. They've seen this happen countless times over 6yrs. They HAD to know people would do this. "They knew what they were doing and chose to do it anyways."
  13. Tactical 10 & Pilot 10 are the only worthwhile Rank 10s impo. Tactical 10 while niche can be useful, my issue with it is that by the time a player acquires it...you have just about no use for it. Pilot 10 is the best one. Combine it with Particle Ram & you're in for a good time. (The issue here is you need a fast ship & some decent avionics to make it shine. But at least it's consistent & consistently useful.) Gunner 10 actually HURTS your aim. It is a literal downgrade. Engineer 10 is extremely buggy, usually doesn't fix anything. Which is...very concerning actually... (When it does work it's nice though! But it bugs out for my friend & I a good 95% of the time.)
  14. Don't even say that... Don't give DE ideas... Bad enough they plan to nerf Amesha for being actually useful. "Hey we designed some gameplay elements to be unfun/overkill/tedious. But players have found away to make it tolerable & enjoyable. Better nerf that method." If ground troops no longer grant intrinsic xp. then everyone will just go stealth frames, ignore all enemies & just detonate reactors & stealth kill captains/commanders. Railjack will become VERY boring.
  15. I remember that thread. I know she picked 1 day & I believe that was only PC data right? I wonder how many go Solo on console. I wonder if they did a real graph over all versions for 1 month, what would the majority of missions be? I feel they'd need to categorize it though as Railjack has obviously boosted the Co-op numbers due to well...locking many people out of the solo possibility (a surprisingly large percent of players cannot build the ship for multiple reasons.) Fissures & Hydron probably need to be their own graph too as they'd skew the numbers. EVERYONE knows within a month of joining the game that Hydron is the "level up" node, & Void Fissures are run in groups to circumvent the RNG to an extent. I know I solo 98% of the time (even Railjack, which was a pain in the ass for Earth but a few lucky drops fixed all that....so much for DE's "We want Railjack progression to be skill & investment based not pure luck." statement.) mostly due to the fact that PUBs will never play how "YOU" the individual wish to play. I don't begrudge folks for PUBing. But I developed a strong dislike for sheer number of posts on carious forums, videos, & subreddits that basically can be described as: "These completely random players I was randomly matchmade with are not playing "MY" exact way. They need to play exactly how "I" want them to play." If you choose to play with randoms/public games then you need to expect that EVERYONE WILL PLAY DIFFERENTLY and there is nothing you or DE can do about it. Anyways, I tend to play Solo because I am a stealth player. I prefer to sneak around, collect loot, explore, scan, and etc at my leisure. I like to KO my Simaris faction by stealth scanning 1 exterminate mission every day; while doing that scan mission I scan plants (so I'm always up to par in supply stock), I open every green locker, I search every room (for Ayatan Sculptures especially), I also will pickpocket (if Ivara) every enemy for a chance at their rare loot. I'm very meticulous. I will NEVER get a PUB that will tolerate that gameplay. Even in Railjack PUBS get toxic over collecting LOOT & resources after the mission ends.
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