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  1. Thus is the balancing act of the game. If DE chooses to slow down the game they need to rebalance EVERYTHING including mods. (IE: they need to change into being equippable perks. Think Destiny's Outlaw & Firefly) Enemy count would need to dramatically go down. (Notice how Kahl & Veso never fought more than 5 enemies at one time.) And most importantly drop rates would need to skyrocket. Just think. A 3 minute mission now would be a 10 or 15 minute mission as Kahl, Veso, or Teshin. Now imagine farming Relics, mods, parts, Kuva, or Holokeys. It's a delicate balance. DE might be planning to slow the game down but it means the death of everything we love atm. Mobility, Mods, etc. I don't see them doing this. But the gameplay as Teshin & others really gives us an appreciation for the Warframes and truly shows "WHY" they are revered and feared by all.
  2. It's a shadow nerf. By placing a despawn timer of Steel Essence and Vitus Essence it prevents players from using Smeeta's charm to pick up boosted essence.
  3. Lot of good in this update. Some controversial changes (Smeeta nerf), and well I've already spoken out against the Galvanized Mods and arcanes. (Ranged Weapons needed a flat stat buff and gameplay rework. Not bandaid mods that players have to earn. A "buff" is instant to gameplay, not something players "earn".) Glad to see the Lich Grind get reduced, but the Requiem Relic system needed to be streamlined as well. (Player need a way to CHOOSE their Requiem Mod reward. The RNG needs to go!) The QOL over Valence fusion is a god send! Thank you. Glad to see Corpus Railjack get Survival (should replace Defense nodes impo), but Corpus Corpus Railjack needs Skirmish nodes (1 per planet). Farming the Vidar and Lavan Components is absolutely unacceptable still. There are too few fighters & crewships. Corous Railjack has some of the best enemy designs in the game. There should be a way for players to fight them more.
  4. The vitriol in this thread is about what I expected. I'll be blunt with DE and just say... Yiu were well aware of this interaction within the FIRST month of set mods being introduced go the game. By "allowing" this unintended interaction to persist for literally years. You endorsed the interaction as "Not a bug. But a feature." So for that. You 100% earned the backlash. Please note: I personally respect the decisions being made and shrug my shoulders at the change. Yeah if numbers are fun but having to maybe press a button 1 more time isn't the apocalypse for me. Back to the point. It's obvious that the dev team wants to take Warframe into a different direction. And many of us know there is a stigma amongst the devs as they have openly admitted that "They feel hostage, to the players." Over changes they wish to make. Well...as my above point about not addressing issues points out. Before claiming to be hostage, there is a small (large in this specific case) shred of accountability that falls on the "victim". There are some VERY long standing issues in this game. And they are now essentially "features" rather than bugs. Any dev team of a AAA game will tell you that. If the issues isn't addressed asap, then you risk it being a permanent addition. This is why test servers, and large QA teams exist. Period. That said... I can't shake the vibe that DE wants to move Warframe AWAY from being a Dynasty Warriors/Diablo-ish style game, and move it more into a The Division/Destiny realm. Once again I'll be blunt. If you (DE) wish to do that. Then you need to Publically Announce and Detail. The "Why". Next, you need to pull the trigger on it and take the backlash and growing pains. But note. Such a change will merit removing 90% (of the already unused and pointless mods), and require that patches be more stat, performance, and gameplay tuned. The constant addition of mods to "buff" (it isn't a buff to an item/gameplay mode if the player has to "earn" the buff. That's a bandaid.) weapons, frames, etc is not the right path. Every year the game needs a full balance pass. Every year gameplay needs to be evaluated and retuned. Every year mods needs to be balanced and retuned. And yes. Rivens and "RNG" stats need to go. You cannot balance "random". Just be aware that making the game less brainless Dynasty Warriors/Diablo means reducing enemy count, will require dramatic AI upgrades and programming, and some dramatic lore revision. The game is old. But it's shifted dramatically before and survived. But these shifts can't be done wildly. Pick a direction and walk in it. Then let the cards fall where they must. It'll dramatically help reduce how venomous these tweek/band-aid workshops get. As atleast then the players will know the what and why.
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