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  1. (PS4)Zero_029

    Anybody actually enjoy the Gift of Lotus Alert?

    To be honest Warframe events generally suck anyways. This game's architecture doesn't really allow DE to do anything truly unique. Every event is really just a mish-mash of old content. I cleared the event no problem. I groaned loudly when I saw the 30 minute timer. I was hoping to log on, knock it out, then go back to Kingdom Hearts 3. Instead it ate up a half hour of my free time. I was pissed it was 30 minutes. But seeing how some if the vocal playerbase have been begging for longer missions I wasn't surprised. I understand you (the OP) wanting more challenge. But if DE had catered this to the Endgame/Veteran community then they would cutting out a massive portion of the playerbase. The backlash from that would be extreme. Additionally, folks would be whining about having to carry the team/new/casual players. While I personally disliked the unexpected 30 minute timer, I found the event to be well implemented. It was all-inclusive (mostly) which is proper for an Anniversary event. As for it devaluing relics... I mean no offense but stfu on that. 10 relics isn't worth a damn considering the bad RNG. Aside from Saryn & maybe Nikana nothing else in the relics is any good. Spira Prime? Braton Prime? These have actual value? Saryn goes for what? 150-180p Some fools overpriced her at 200p. Average price for a prime. The relics won't make a dent in the price. I understandthe desire for challenge. But to make the event something players like us can sink our teeth into alienates far too many for am anniversary event. And don't forget Alerts are going away for good (DE_Steve has announced this) once Wolf of Saturn launches. So DE is working on a new system to mix things up & remove some of the monotony. So hang in there?
  2. (PS4)Zero_029

    All Endless missions discussion (Ideas to stay longer)

    Honestly, I really don't care if I change your mind or not. Anyone who says: "Change my mind." has already made up their mind & nothing said or proved will ever change it. I can play that game: "Fire is wet. Change my mind." Seriously? Can you make my believe that Fire is not wet if I have decided that my mind is made up on it? No you can't. Fire is now wet. I don't care what you say or use as proof. I will however go into more detail on my viewpoint however. Essentially, the bulk of the playerbase will feel that they must stay for longer periods of time to get good rewards. Period. No matter how you spin it, players will feel forced to stay longer. This thread is basically a round about way of trying to find ways to "force" players to stay longer in missions. IE: It's the usual Endurance community trying to bend others to their playstyle. I say "force" because I know folks will say: "No one is forcing anyone to do anything. They can leave early if they want." But the bottomline is that if the loot is that much better by staying later then they will feel forced to stay because everyone wants to get the best reward that they can get. Right now, The majority of the playerbase IS happy with things as they are (note that us on the forums are a small/minor portion of the community), DE has designed the game to function in this manner, & most players enjoy the way its been designed. Scaling rewards in the manner that the OP & a few others have suggested will be PERCHIEVED as penalizing players for leaving in what an Endurance player considers to be too early. No matter how many crazy theories, methods, rewordings, etc are posted. In the end, if (for the sake of discussion) DE was to implement this. People would start posting about how they dislike having to stay __ of time to get anything worthwhile. Posts would start saying that the reward for staying shorter durations need to be brought up/buffed up because its absurd to have no option but to endure a long/boring mission for more than ___ amount of time. Once that gets buffed, then we'll back to this very same discussion. This has already happened in the past. IE: Void Keys/Towers changed to Relics & Fissure missions. Time in a mission is subjective. Period. No discussion there. 1 person may feel a 15 minute mission is very long, while others (obviously) feel that is "bite-sized". 1 person may feel that 1 hour is "bite sized", while others view that as insane. Some consider 2hrs to be a quick run, while others consider 5hrs to be moderate/average. (It's insanity...) Rewarding time invested is also subjective. It's a never ending debate. Already in this thread you have folks saying that those who stay longer are being greedy because they want the game to shower them with rewards knowing that others won't stay that long, giving them an edge in ___ content. We also have people saying that those who like the current system are being greedy because they don't want others to be able to acquire more than them. Believe it or not I understand the OPs & other's viewpoint that if they stay in a mission longer that they should get "more for doing so". But DE either has to be stingy with the scaling increase (The OP's system is far too generous) otherwise it risks creating a false mindset/narrative that players MUST stay longer to get good rewards. That narrative will then become the "truth" via mob mentality. Following that is the false perception that Warframe is now catered to Endurance runners, and requires massive time investments to progress in. (Destiny 2 is somewhat having this issue now.) While many vets say: "That's not true." it's how the majority will start to see it, it's what the forums, reddit, and other outlets will be filled to the brim with discussions on. As we've all already seen in this game, once a narrative is established it's insanely hard to disprove if not impossible to kill. A prime example is Limbo & the false narrative that is tied to him & "Freebie Frames". Limbo is STILL hated & seen as a Troll frame & players still leave at the sight of him. Grinding Free Frames (Harrow, Nidus, Khora, etc) has the false narrative that DE has rigged the drop rates so be so unlikely that buying them with platinum is the best option/only option. So no good really comes from this. In the long run it'll create a toxic mindset as time runs its course. As players tend to take a public perception "be it true or false" as gospel in time. (IE: Most newbies hate Limbo and the majority of them have never even grouped with one.)
  3. (PS4)Zero_029

    All Endless missions discussion (Ideas to stay longer)

    Won't happen & is a bad idea. Like it or not. DE would have to rebuild the loot tables & design them around Endurance runs. Otherwise Endurance players would easily obtain everything/hoard absurd amounts of resources (Kuva, Endo, etc). This would negatively impact the rest of the game & the community. This isn't an "Us vs Them" arguement its RPG/Loot Table common sense. It isn't even a matter of greed for the majority of the playerbase. The majority of the playerbase leave within/around DE's intended time frame. Scaling the rewards would now effectively be creating a system that punishes players. (Punishment is used because once the players learn of the scaling. They would realize that unless they dedicate __ time then game will NOT reward them properly. That is punishment.) We have to be careful with "Incentive" as it can be used positively. But just as quickly can be used to manipulate, pigeonhole, & blackmail. A previous comment nailed it by break down how gaming communities degrade over mechanics like this. People can pretend it doesn't happen all they want but to the truth is that such a system would end up empowering players to self-enforce. Meta builds, Auras, Frames, Weapons, etc. Which in turn would breed toxicity. Personally, I think DE should just add the the Boosters to all Endless missions. 4 cycles/rotations = Maxed Resources Boosters. Fair enough.
  4. Unlikely. As it'll turn Survivals & Defense missions into revolving doors of toxicity. Imagine queuing for Public to be tossed into a Survival that's past the 1hr mark. You'd load into a One Shot fest you had no idea was coming. For sanity sake they'd have to add a toggle/option to join an in progress group. Even then very few players would actually queue for that as they'd have no idea why the group needs more. Was it toxicity? Was it RL issues? Was it folks getting what they want & leaving? Was it folks not being optimally built for a run of ___ hours/waves? I usually like to stay for 15-25 waves minimum but even I would never join an in progress group.
  5. I never really felt the drought. I play a few hours a day, sometimes I skip days depending on my work schedule, personal plans, & etc. I took my time playing Fortuna, ranking up, building K-Drives, mastering K-Drives, and etc. I'm pretty ok with Fortuna. I was pretty much done with it about 2 weeks before Part 2 dropped on Console, but I'm in the Top Tier Veteran ranks now. Top Tier meaning, I've capped all Focus, Got all Prime Frames, have solid Forma builds on them, have my own loadouts that have been Forma'd to the point of godhood, I've mastered nearly everything I have access to (Dragging my feet on Kubrows…), all Syndicates have been capped & their gear purchased. So nothing DE releases moving forward will be able to keep me occupied for very long as whatever they release will be the only thing I have reason to play/participate in. So in no time I'll have it done with. I know this will be lost on 95% of people who read this but I'll say it anyways... DE will never be able to satisfy you. No Developer no matter how big or small can. Development time to playtime is not an even balance. 1 week of soul punishing development time = 1 maybe 5 minutes of gameplay for you. Think about that. Anyways, as a developer DE can Focus on only providing New Content knowing damn well that the players will play through it faster than they can make it; or they can focus on implementing new things, adding goals, & trying/attempting to keep content replayable yet fun. The trick is finding the balance between replayability & new content. DE hasn't quite found that balance yet. However, the bulk of vocal players want "New Content" only, not realizing that DE can never keep up with it. Even AAA devs can't. Bioware & Blizzard don't even try to keep up, they choose to focus on replayability first. Which is why Diablo has lasted so long, and it's why Anthem will probably last awhile too. So in the end, the "drought" will never end. But once DE finds the sweet spot & manages to create a strong replayability loop for Old & New Content by both refining core systems as well as implementing new systems. The so-called drought will be less noticeable. That's the cold hard truth of things.
  6. (PS4)Zero_029

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    I will agree that the Combo system (or Skillchains, or whatever people want to call them) is nice! It definitely gives players a reason to cooperate. Warframe could indeed benefit from this. However, it would require DE to do an absolute combat overhaul. From Status Effects to damage dealt, to creating brand new status effects that are only formed from a combo and of course animating the effects themselves. I think it would really add a new layer to combat but much like Melee 3.0 Its SUCH a dramatic change to combat that it would take a very long time to implement, require a rebalance & rework of ALL Warframe abilities (so they can synergize & combo). I just don't know if DE could spare the time & resources to do so.
  7. (PS4)Zero_029

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    I'm pretty sure there will be an Opt-In/Out for it as DE doesn't need the negative press it would create otherwise. But to be fair...with Stalker being 1 shot & Spoiler Mode being in game. No PVP player no matter how skilled has a CHANCE in hell of winning as him. Seriously. My Spoiler Mode could kill an army of 1000 Stalkers & Shadow Stalkers by himself. My issue with the mode possibly not having an Opt mode is that I KNOW PVPers will cry rivers of tears to nerf PVE as Stalker gets his *bleep* STOMPED up, down, inside, outside, & side to side. The MOMENT DE nerfs PVE to benefit PVP is when they've gone full Bungie & that's when the game becomes a lost cause. It's an endless cycle at that point.
  8. (PS4)Zero_029

    Ugliest Frame

    To be fair. Many can be Fashionframed into acceptable appearances. But Inaros, Atlus, & Chroma are lost causes unless you use Tennogen or Deluxe skins. (Chroma Prime does somewhat dodge the ugly stick that beat regular Chroma beyond recognition.) Khora's alt Helm saves her easily. I need to see if Atlus reminds me of anything.
  9. (PS4)Zero_029

    Ugliest Frame

    Inaros: Khora: Banshee: Ivara: Chroma: I can't ever unseen it. I love some of these frames but...man...thank God for Deluxe & Tennogen.
  10. (PS4)Zero_029

    I see posts are getting deleted / Hidden again

    This absolutely made my night. I've been cackling like Emperor Palpatine at my desk for a solid 5 minutes now. I once Moderated a Forum YEARS ago. So the amount of truth in this is overwhelming & somehow makes it absurdly funny. Honestly (and I know many will disagree with me here) but the Mods on these forums are actually very nice, transparent, & informative. You all should go check out forums like the Destiny forums if you want to see some horrible moderators. Currently on those forums folks are just being outright banned for making threads on hot topics, signing/posting in response to a hot topic, or straight up agreeing with said topic.
  11. Is anything friendly in Warframe?
  12. (PS4)Zero_029

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    That feeling you get when someone quotes you...and that quote reveals the typo your phone's auto-correct made...
  13. (PS4)Zero_029

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    Honestly I would not kind this. Like every ability has 1 augment slot that players can choose to utilize or not. Frees up 1 mod slot, & allows DE to refine, alter, & specialize abilities. Hell, I'd be ok with us having to craft some adapter or something in order to unlock each slot. I'm not saying...I'm just saying...
  14. (PS4)Zero_029

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    Hmm. One can argue that Augments already fulfill your desire for new abilities for Warframes. To add any more to existing Warframe would dry out the chances of new Warframes. Which hurts DE's profits. I admit, I do get tired of New Warframes. But they inject fresh blood into the game & sometimes inspire DE to make/design unique mechanics that benefit the overall game. As for limiting the game to 3 models. Well to use the Destiny example. There are NOT 3 models. There is one 1. Human, Awoken, & Exo all use the same wireframe/T-Pose & dimensions. The only difference in Destiny are the armor designs. Additionally, Destiny is functionally less complex & significantly more homogenized than Warframe. 3 Classes with 4 paths each. One can argue that means 12 classes. However all the classes in Destiny play the same. With only Jumping, Mobility, & select abilities being truly unique. Part of what makes Warframe so unique & keeps characters fresh is the unique models, aesthetics & designs. As for Tennogen... Tennogen is 100% reliant on player preference & Frame popularity. We could not have new frames for 2 years & frames could never see a skin. Nidus has been out for years and he's only now finally getting a Tennogen. It depends on the artist. Limiting the models won't force/in spite creators to make more skins. They will make a skin for whatever they desire. (Look at the popularity of Excalibur & Mag in Tennogen vs other frames.)
  15. (PS4)Zero_029

    The Most Frustrating Thing I've experienced in Warframe

    Honestly, if you're expecting some the agreement to be some binding law you are a fool. I'm not defending them breaking their word. But there is no rule enslaving people to their word. So to condemn them because they got bored & exhausted is bad form. The OP would be much more angry had they decided to be toxic & stop fighting, purposefully wipe, and or let the objective be destroyed. Sadly, I've seen many a disgruntled group turn toxic in defense missions. I personally, keep my word. But I also don't make promises I can't or might be unable to keep. I admit. I only halfway believe the OP. As this jas begun to smell of bait. Because 100 waves is one extreme request...even for Endurance runners. Had it been a Survival, well...I admit I could believe that. But Defense....