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  1. Brutal truth here: The typical Raid format does not work in Warframe. I'll try to break it down: 1. The survey showed that players want to play as Warframes that they enjoy. Thus Raids would need to be turned in a manner where mechanics, puzzles, and bosses CANNOT lean towards specific Warframes. 2. The survey shows that players want unique mechanics but don't want one shots/group wipe mechanics aka: Failing due to one player yet also seek challenge. These all conflict with one another. Mechanics need to be challenging but for them to be challenging...they
  2. TITLE: Ash Fatal Teleport is not properly working. Working as Regular Teleport on Heavy Units especially. TYPE: Gameplay/In Game DESCRIPTION: Playing a Mission as Ash Prime. Attempted to use Fatal Teleport on an enemy. REPRODUCTION: 50% Reproduction Rate on normal enemies. 75%+ fail rate on Railjack Heavy Units across factions. Especially Moa, Bombards, and Heavy Gunners units. 100% Fail rate on Demolishers in Disruption. Grineer Demolishers confirmed to no longer function on: Demolisher Devourer Demolisher Expired Demolisher Bailiff Demolisher Heavy Gun
  3. Off topic but you're not alone. I don't "Hate" Sanctuary Onslaught mode. I hate the unnessicary "Efficiency" timer added to it. I do not understand why what is essentially an "Arcade" mode needed to have that added on. Let us play. Let enemies escalate. Add in mini-bosses/boss rounds. When players "Run out of Continues" or choose to extract. That's a wrap. The efficiency aspect of it literally sucked ALL the fun out of the mode impo.
  4. I like the unique take on the system tbh. I think Larvalings should stay as is but slightly remixed. My idea for Larvalings is to remove the larvaling title. They are now "Grineer Command: IE: Commander/General/Captain/etc (Random Lich Name) And they have special nodes/missions like the Sentient Anomaly that random spawn on planets. When a player muses over it reveals the Captain's bio (like Command Crew NPCs) and what weapon they known for using. Players then can run the Assassination (yup) mission and a Mini-Boss fight ensues. Warframe used dictates the powerset &
  5. Many Veteran players called Void Storms as Dead on Arrival before they even got patched in. If anything, the storms should do something like "Crack 1 Relic for each POI Cleared". In Corpus Railjack this would be a BIG boon. In Grineer Railjack this would force players to make strategic use of Crewship & POI Crews. But seeing how Fissures could be altered to spawn indefinitely. Might not be to bad to add. Currently Void Storms are (Like Infested Salvage & Defection) a whole lot of work for literal pennies/cloth scraps. Today I cracked 12 relics (Solo)in literal
  6. Just cause seeing this does kind of bother me... #1. Accidental Lich Creation Yes this is real. Period. The EXTREME majority of the playerbase (whether you want to hear it or not) does NOT: - Read patch notes. - Read/Check the official forums. - Read/Check Reddit. There are COUNTLESS players who clear "The War Within" kill a Kuva Thrall and then out of PURE curiosity. (You know...cause they've never seen the enemy before.) kill it with the Parazon. Thus they are now cursed with what is a terrible affliction to their daily gameplay. 2. Requiem Relics
  7. Probably going to let us recruit famous NPCs who: - Attack Objectives (Radiators) - Can be dispatched to: POI, Enemy Crewships - Can use the Slingshot & Forward Artillery List of extremely expensive NPCs: Clem, Darvo, Maroo, Konzu, Little Duck, Baro, Latrox Un, Paladino, etc. Unlocking them will probably be some sort of weekly slot machine for added tediousness.
  8. I feel the OPs frustration. I had a friend react the exact same way. Even after I played on their PS4 and killed the Lich for em. They uninstalled the game. The Requiem system is downright frustrating for a large majority of players. Folks on the forums forget that we on the forums are but a Sliver of the playerbase. I'll give it to DE. Liches truly are the nemesis of the Tenno. Cause players HATE them...with a passion. Downside is. Players hate the gameplay loop not the actual Liches. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Honestly they should just add the Requiem Mods to the Market f
  9. Hard no. They couldn't fly their way out of a paper bag. Honestly, the Railjack is literally 1% used in the new Corpus missions and in Grineer missions they literally just fly in literal circles. The skill is absolutely useless. If you want to prioritize Railjack stats: Gunnery > Endurance > Combat are the most useful. Once you have decent plating and shielding Repair becomes obsolete. Grineer will struggle to do enough damage to actually proc Railjack fires & etc. Corpus literally attack 4 fighters at a time. They are as dangerous as a group of P
  10. Just to bring more attention to it. (Posted in the bug thread but it seems to be flying under the radar.) Command Crew Competency points CANNOT be reassigned. The Intrinsic is bugged.
  11. Mesa & Ivara are tied. Because Mutilist Alad V still requires a key. So...47 runs later...(yeah....add up how many invasions that is to get the keys) I literally watched every second of Mesa get devoured. Nidus, Harrow, Khora (Sanctuary Onslaught just isn't fun because efficiency...I just want a horde mode. Destiny 1 Prison of Elders style.), and Ivara come in right behind that.
  12. TYPE: Command Intrinsic DESCRIPTION: Unable to reassign competency points and unable to view/see some customizations to hired Crew. REPRODUCTION: Compentency Bug - Go to Crew NPC's "Train" menu and press Triangle to reassign. Cosmetic Bug - Equip a Comalmand Crew NPC with a player weapon. Then go to weapon Customization of that NPC. Also replicated by just going to Weapon Customization at any time after giving an NPC a weapon. EXPECTED RESULT: Expected to be able to reassign command points and to be able to customize the look of guns given to my crew. OBSER
  13. TYPE: Progression DESCRIPTION: Component/Armaments cannot be picked up during Railjack missions. Armaments and Components seem to have a chance of not being lootable. REPRODUCTION: Play Tier 3 Railjack missions. Reproduced the bug in Veil and Pluto Proximas every mission. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have picked up the loot. OBSERVED RESULT: Railjack, Archwing (even using Iztal's vacuum) fly through the component/armament floating in space. Recieve a sound/click as if looting but fail to loot the drop. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every mission in Tier 3 Railjack. After runnin
  14. Can confirm. I have recieved no Inbox messages. Entire grid was maxed. Have repaired: Zekti Shield Array, Vidar Shield Array, Vidar Engines, Zekti Engines, 2 Vidar Reactors, 2 Zekti Reactors Vidar: Cryophon, Photor, Pulsar, Carcinnox Zekti: Cryophon and Photor Ordiance: Tycho Seeker & Milati All are MK3 rank. I have recieved no early adopter packs.
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