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  1. Fully agree. While leveling Sentinel Weapons (Nightwave), I used Shade and was like: "He needs a buff." Should get something like: "Cloaks Tenno when within 30m of an enemy. Attacking an enemy will break stealth." This keeps Shade VERY useful for stealth missions but prevents him from being abused/infringing on Loki, Ash, Ivara turf. Edit: Also, makes Shade useful for Fishing, and Mining in landscape maps.
  2. Just going to be blunt and say what many don't want to hear but we all sort of know it to be true. 1. Challenge does not equal fun. This is a brutal truth that far too many forget. Let's take Bloodbourne and Dark Souls for example. They are challenging, and absolutely not fun. They "get fun" AFTER the player has obtained enough gear to be overpowered (by the standards of those games. Even then...cheap S#&$ happens and folks rage when killed.) 2. Stamina would indeed add a new level of nuance to the game. Necramechs and the acceptance and love they get
  3. Number 1 thing that needs to be on the list.... Ability to "move/shift rooms" without destroying them. Seriously! PLEASE! With room placement requirements leaving PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us move rooms around. My dojo will shrink in size by 50% once I can remove those unnessicary rooms.
  4. Honestly...(and many will probably disagree with me) It's going to be your knowledge and natural skill at the game. Do you know how to mod? How do control an Archwing? How to K-Drive through an army? How to solo Railjack without any stress? How to farm any item without pulling your teeth out? But most importantly....how to deal with literally any situation? I considered myself a Veteran once I realized that no matter what my loadout was. I could complete the mission/task. MR? Means nothing. Playtime? Nothing. Rare items? Nothing. The real truth is......y
  5. I fought and killed Wolf around 93 times (I counted because his loot table was so bloated that I just had to see how long it took) so I could have enough parts to make 3 Wolf's Sledge. I got the Wolf Mask around...my 67th kill of him I think....dunno it was about 2 years ago. Either way... I AM PERFECTLY FINE with it being a purchaseable award from the Nightwave store. It's a dinky little thing that 98% of folks with it don't use because its horribly colored and clashes with every Operator outfit in existence. The rare items like this NEED to come around more often and
  6. Title says it all. I tried using all 4 baits. The Fish do not spawn. The bait and hotspot expire together. Fish only seem to spawn when players are far away or doing other activities. This makes earning Daughter Tokens extremely unpleasant and unnecessarily difficult. I can't imagine how difficult this makes Deimos content for newer players/those with less time. Also, the mining rates of non-Bapholite minerals and etc need a rebalance/once over. I spent 2 hrs fishing, conserving, and mining only to leave with barely any fish, and very bad haul of minerals. It was
  7. 🤔 It might behoove DE to add a Cat Statue Bundle or...make then limited time (for the event) solo purchases. I'll be blunt... You'll make significantly more money off making the Statues and Skins single purchasable than you will locking them behind that bundle. For example... I really want the Green and Gold Statues. And had these been seperate I'd buy one of each possible 2 of each. But I'm NOT spending $50 (1000p on PSN) to get 2 bundles. So instead of getting something. You're getting nothing from me. I love supporting this game. But the Bundle locks need
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