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  1. so essentially we still have to wait the same amount of time before getting to C rotation, DE kinda only gave us half of what we wanted, sure we get rewards every 5 min, 5 waves etc now, but you just added the weaker rewards to fill out those spots.....still doesnt really make me wanna play arbitrations anyways. i feel like you guys hold back a bit too much on these changes sometimes.
  2. just as a nod to the character, for the sake of the fans basically, he'd share some similarities but wouldnt actually be the same character.
  3. so as far as i understand it, Hayden tenno and darksector have nothing to do with Warframe and they have no plans on doing any such thing. Thats completely fine with me, though i don't think that means he can't exist in WF in any capacity. I wonder if they'd be on board with the idea of completely re-imagining the character, changing literally everything about him except for the name Hayden and having an all new purpose for him story-wise. Theres several ways it could go, Either he could be one of the Tenno, as an non-aging teenager just like the rest, and have a story arch involving him. Or he could NOT be one of the Tenno and have some significance to the plot in another way. it'd be a way to sort of put him in the game without actually connecting Dark Sector to Warframe,
  4. tbh, i feel we need extra weeks, some of these are tedious and i prefer to skip them tbh.
  5. ppls still crying bout saryn? even after they already toned her down? lol k /thread ignored.
  6. i mean, would be neat to have something a bit more epic than just an aoe slam.
  7. most of the time i just rely on my weapons for that, i mean if you regularly use it then i guess good for you. i have about 214% power str on my oberon and im not about to stack on more just to remove 100% armor in one shot. Would be neat to see this is on oberon, or at least if not him some other frame.
  8. yes it works, but i honestly don't find myself using it all that much, mostly just renewal and hallowed ground. It should be changed to something more reglarly useable. Lately when i've been thinking about what to give em instead, i keep picturing a large Lance & Shield either materializing or shooting down from the sky into his hands. And then he would gain an aura that halves damage for him and all allies, and the different attacks you'd have would be great. like one command route would involve shield bash attacks, ending in a move where you slam the ground with it and create a shockwave, do another command route to do powerful thrusts with the lance, charge up an attack with the lance to violently lunge forward with large spiraling thrust, and jump into the air and dive toward the ground with the lance to create a devestating aoe! C'mooooon, that'd be epic! 😧 make it a real thing DE! Dx
  9. nah, not k-drives, its funnier if you have the characters in tiny carts with they're knee's sticking out 😛
  10. Yes, Warframe Mario Kart!, You know you want it, you want to see Alad V in a tiny Kart, dropping shield sappers behind him or Captain Vor throwing rollers at other drivers, C'mon DE, make it Happen >:O!!!
  11. but can we still get them from farming certain area's like the spaceport and such, because if not, thats a huge problem.
  12. so wait, are you saying the only way to get toroids now is from raknoids or raknoids are just an added way to get them now...because if raknoids are like the main way to get them now?......seriously #*!% that.
  13. The mentioning of the day night cycles makes me think..... DE....why dont you just make an instanced version of day or night for the Plains? like when you enter the plains or take a related mission from the bounty board, it asks if you'd like to wait till night, and then you click yes and the game will load you into a night instance of the plains.
  14. so now basically miasma is trash without using it with her 1, got it, good job De, you ruined it 😕
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