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  1. how do you use volt again? its b een a bit :(
  2. so, what are people all running now? also whats a fast way to get lures and charge them?
  3. I recently reset my computer because there was an issue that i just couldnt seem to fix even with a system restore, so i just went for it and reset, i've mostly gotten everything back to where it was now, but im concerned that maybe theres something behind the scenes thats not working properly to let me join other players, and im out of idea's as to what it might be, i can play the game just fine, but regardless if i play on public or not, i can't seem to join with any groups.
  4. k cuz im still having some trouble getting scintillant from bounties
  5. im trying to figure out how to go about getting it, took a break from the game after getting fed up with it and now i'm back wondering if anything changed.
  6. nono, heres what needs to happen, footprint tracking needs to be shorter and the creatures need to be pinpointed on radar once they show up.
  7. they said they fixed it....AND I STILLL CANT FIND THE DAMN AVCHEA HALF THE TIME, and now aparently they just dissappear and the Son character is just like, whoops, better luck next time. Srsly? to hell with this garbage.
  8. i don't know if im in the minory here, but i don't like it, i never did, its why i never played it in the plains or the orb vallis, and i sure as hell don't want to play it in Deimos. Unfortunately, i don't have much of a choice this time around because its mandatory for tags and tokens. This is bad design, its not fun or enjoyable. Honestly its the first thing i've come accross that actually makes me not want to play the game because of how tedious and annoying it is. DE, you guys need to either make it no longer mandatory like it was in the previous open world area's, or change it to br
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