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  1. how does this nuke trin build actually work? i been hearing about it but don't quite get it.
  2. this is also a horde game, sooooo were supposed to have moves that deal with large amounts of enemies at once.
  3. Reaver_X

    Warframe Moderation: Assessment and Renovation

    meh, forget about using in game chat, use discord instead, at least there you don't have to worry about hair trigger bans
  4. Reaver_X

    Ember Rework!

    yes, this is true, heat damage does need a rework, but keeping that in mind, what say you to this idea AFTER heat damage is made useful?
  5. except level grinding is hardly ever that fun, hence the reason people want to bring nuke frames to hydron, so they can level up they're stuff quickly and move on to the much more enjoyable content (eidolon hunts, onslaught, etc). so no i don't think its that big a deal to have abilities that are capable of wiping out large area's at low level, the problem becomes when people can just stand in one place and spam 1 button in content thats actually supposed to be challenging. People are naturally going to find the fastest way to level up and do what they need to do regardless of what changes are made. I don't play hydron for fun, i do it because its one of the fastest ways to level my gear for the content i really want to do.
  6. Reaver_X

    Ember Rework!

    So i came up with a killer idea for Ember, and its something a bit unique as well, this mostly involves her 4, tho i don't have a good idea on how to change her other 3 base abilities, but i think you'll like the change i've come up with for her World on Fire 🙂 now first i just wanna get this out of the way, i feel like fireblast should just be done away with and replaced with a different ability, no idea what. However, if not, they at least should just make it into a straight dps field, enemies take damage while standing inside, not just standing on the flames. now for her 4 WoF should be changed so that its a transformed state, where ember literally cloaks her self in flames, and her other 3 abilities all get upgrades, this form change would be a toggle and drain energy, and her new upgraded abilities in this form would also use additional energy on top of this, but they'd be quite powerful. Example. Fireball becomes Firestream Firestream: Ember emits a powerful stream of flame, drains 5 energy per second, but ticks for 400 damage twice per second, each tick, the damage gets doubled. gauranteed fire procs Accelerant becomes Flash Burn Flash Burn: Enemies within a 25 meter radius are exposed to an almost instant burning heat wave that char's and hardens they're exterior, they are unable to move, armor is halved and all fire damage to affected mobs is doubled. Fire Blast becomes Eruption Eruption: Basically becomes what WoF currently is, except it comes complete with the firequake effect, and it occurs from an epicenter and spreads out wards, and its not a toggle ability but rather has a duration. i don't know what the base damage on this ability should be but i know it should be relatively high. Needs more work. Pressing 4 will revert ember back to her normal mode, but holding it will do something different.... Supernova: Ember will expend ALL remaining energy into a massive burst that will deal damage to mobs equal to 75% of they're max EHP, survivors will be inflicted with a fire proc, has a fixed range of 50 meters, and once used, ember will be unable to enter WoF mode for 15 seconds. i didnt really put in enough time tonite to try and better balance this, i was more focused on just getting this idea out there because it seems really unique and would give ember a really strong presence in endgame. So, what do u think?
  7. Reaver_X

    Mag is weak

    mags 1 is....ok? and her magnatize is easily the best thinga bout her, that being said don't u need like,a lanka or something to really make it shine? aside from that her polarize is still not all that great, and her 4 is still trash, like her 4 is really weak for an ult and the aug for it is not worth using.
  8. Reaver_X

    Volt Needs A Buff (serious thread is serious)

    yup, alright, guess that aug is a must for shield build then 😛
  9. Reaver_X

    Volt Needs A Buff (serious thread is serious)

    how do u build up his static so quick, i think i saw a vid of that too.
  10. tbh, the only time your really going to see mass nuking is in area's that are mostly use for grinding affinity or farming mods, your there to level up, not to challenge yourself. That being said, people generally want to get thru it as fast as possible so they can go use said weapon or frame in more challenging content where they will indeed need to do a bit more than stand in 1 place and press a button. so who cares if they are killing the enemies with you being able to kill very few, it doesnt matter because your getting the XP anyway which is the primary reason your there. Nobody goes to hydron because they want an engaging challenge or "for fun"
  11. Reaver_X

    Tweaking Limbo for the upcoming prime

    pyranna prime could be very good if the stats are done right
  12. Reaver_X

    Tweaking Limbo for the upcoming prime

    i can't agree with cataclysm range being nerfed, also if that comment about stasis effecting melee too as in, the enemies won't take damage till you unstasis, then that is a terrible change as currently melee is the preferred method to do damage while stasis is up, ruin that and then stasis becomes twice as annoying. also, who cares if it doesnt make any sense that the other tenno can still fire projectiles under stasis, theres a lot of things that don't make any sense for the sake of gameplay. like why i can be in the middle of any other tenno's AoE attack and not be hurt as well, how we can fire out of frosts snow globe yet can't fire in, i could go on and on, lol. Unless someone has a better solution for the stasis issue. also, banish working like the targeting thing with blade storm would be weird, the targeting should stay how it is with the changes i already mentioned, Speed and effeciency are this frames biggest problems, and i don't mean energy effeciency, i mean making the most of each action.
  13. so, i guess its been leaked that next prime is limbo, that being said, it'd be nice to see some new changes to limbo to make him less obstructive to other players and just play better in random groups, and beyond that just make him a better frame overall. change no.1: Stasis should no longer freeze projectiles from teamates, only from limbo, i feel like this would alleviate a lot of issues people have with limbo joining they're squads. Change no.2: Rift Torrent aug should apply a damage buff to ALL teammates in the rift, not just Limbo. TBH, i feel like this should just be a normal part of limbo's Rift Surge as it just flat out makes the ability better, the augments effect should do something else entirely. Change no.3: Limbo's 1 needs to be faster, much faster, like the animation needs to be just him quickly snapping his fingers momentarily for the casting, plus he should be allowed to move while doing so. Icing on the cake would be if you could hold down 1 to banish yourself along with the group of enemies your currently banishing. how do u feel about these changes? anything that you would like to add?
  14. Reaver_X

    How Long is First suspension cuz its been 3 days now

    are these chat suspension supposed to last a week?
  15. Reaver_X

    There needs to be an appeals process for unjust bot bans

    personally i just think its the P-C derpdom spreading, but thats just me, its pretty easy to mistype something like Kya as kys, pretty irritating that people are even getting suspended over that sort of thing.