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  1. completely out of left field but they're 8 year leverage means nothing, the game is all over the place and every few years they seem to want to completely rework a core system even tho theres nothing wrong. DE has a tendency to try and fix things that don't exactly need fixing, lol. anyways, back on topic, i honestly hope one of the devs see's this thread and addresses it.
  2. all im asking for is way to run them a set number of times per day with no time limit, i'd say base it on the number that pro squads usually go for in 1 night cycle which would be 4-5 runs i think. so you have access to a mission you can play like 5x in 24 hrs with no time limit. if you want anymore then that you'd have to play the night cycles. Since im not a big eidolon farmer, i wouldnt need anymore than that tbh. this is the bare minimum i'd need in order for me to consider eidolon content again. Anyone else on board?
  3. so pretty much any of the comments in here that amount to "git good" should be immediately ignored, its a waste of your time and anyone elses to try and respond to it.
  4. even if it was intended to be this way, so what? the community has changed they're minds before, we'd just need to come to a consensus for them to really consider it.
  5. one change i'd make to the sortie idea is that you could run it more than just once in a day, maybe bump it up to like 5 times a day so you could at least get a good haul without having to rely too much on the day night cycle.
  6. sorry if i confused two separate events, but they both had arcanes, and i'd imagine if scarlet spear doesnt return, at least non in name, then it'll be "New Event" but "Same rewards", tho i wouldnt be surprised if scarlet spear itsself does return.
  7. As far as i know, scarlet spear is a recurring event now, i dunno how new some of you are, but we've had it twice now, no reason to assume it will not come back again
  8. what do you mean where does it end? its already been done!? with like plenty other bosses and i already explained why 5x3's or whatever isnt an issue because you can literally play scarlet spear till your sick of it and get all the arcanes you want anyway. its not just about Nightwave either, i used to play eidolons just for the heck of it, but it was always such a hassle that i gave up on it, mostly due to the limitation of the day/night cycle and how i'd have to make sure i'd have a group who knew what they were doing all done during that window. the way i see it, they can either consider these changes, and potentially get more people doing eidolons, or leave it the way it is, and thus me and others will continue to ignore them. what does DE want for their game?
  9. I understand the whole lore thing and all, but gameplay trumps lore for a lot of reasons. Take fast travel in games, most people don't want to travel the full distance in real time every time they need to go to that place to do something beacuse it'd get very tedious very fast, regardless if its more "realistic" or "makes sense"........Otherwise you end up with Death Stranding 🤣, where majority of the game is you walking. eidolons are unique enough in how you fight and handle them, i disagree strongly with keeping them locked behind the day/night cycle.
  10. So, after several years now, and many Nightwave's, theres been one consistant thing between a lot of the nightwave missions for me. I have absolutely no problem doing the exploiter or Profit taker Missions, because i can literally just jump in and do it any time, Eidolons though, i have to wait for a certain time to do it in, and its only a 1 hour window which makes things much more annoying than they should be, its a huge inconvenience and tbh is the reason i end up skipping those challenges altogether. There is no beneficial reason to keep it like this when you could just as easily make it so that there is a way to enter and instanced version of the plains where it stays night, and you would just talk to Konzu and ask to "Wait till nighttime" or something to that effect. And i don't wanna hear any BS about people being able to farm the eidolons too much because theres no time limit on the Orb spiders and theres no issue there, and so what if Eidolons have arcanes and the exploiters don't, Scarlet Spear basically invalidates all of that anyway and is pretty much where i got all my arcanes thus far from because eidolon hunting is such a pain in the arse. I would love to want to do more eidolon stuff but this really is a major turn off, Consider changing it DE, i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who feels this way.
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