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  1. +1 While i think that it is helpfull in some situations, most of the time the amount of decorations in a room easily exceeds 300 and can go up to over 1000. With that many decorations it becomes impossible to distinguish them. I tried to build to build a somewhat "natural" looking cave in a large garden and gave up after a few tries. It just becomes impossible to see where the decorations are actually located.
  2. Clan name: Slayers of Darkness Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Clan role: Architect Feature Image Our clan has participated in the first dojo contest and we got first place in the shadow clan, pc category! Since then a lot of the rooms we featured have been changed or rebuild completly to feature more details and better looking environments. So if you enjoyed our dojo the first time, you will probably like the current version even more. If you think something looks familiar in one of the screenshots (the piano for example) than that might be build using a tutorial or ideas from another dojo. To save space, i will not include the original creators in this post, they are however featured in the text at the console in the room. Have fun looking though our featured rooms! The Archive Chem Lab Energy Lab The Coral Reef Vulcanic Ravine The Graveyard The Pyramid Outlook Mining Outpost Main Hall Christmas Hut Laboratory Yggdrasil The Castle Custom Parcour There are a lot more rooms that are decorated and in we are always working on improving our current ones. A lot of the rooms have small details or hidden easter eggs to find. I would love to show you all of it here, but the amount of pictures in this post is already to large. Hope you had fun looking though the screenshots and good look to all who participate! PS: i am sorry for inconsistencies in grammar and or spelling mistakes which i probably made quite a few during this post
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