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  1. That would be a really nice feature! Even if you would use the platinum to ruch decorations you could maybe rush one or two rooms with it until you run out. The option to spend that platinum on decorations to further improve the dojo would be an awesome addition. The only thing i occasionly do with the platinum is to rush the polychrome in a room since it is only 1 plat. It would even enable the clan members to gelp out the dojo architects by donating platinum to the vault. The architects could then just buy the decorations they need. So while i might be biased since i we also have 5000 platinum in our clan vault, i think this is a great idea!
  2. Clan name: Slayers of Darkness Clan tier: Shadow Clan Rank 10 Platform: PC Clan roll: Krieger (i have architect permissions) Hello there, i am the architect of the clan Slayers of Darkness. After DE released the new dojo decorations we started to rebuild our dojo. Since i really like natural environments, i was quite happy about the new decorations and decided to use them as a main theme in our dojo. While we do have a few rooms with other types of decoration, most of them have a natural vibe to them. If you want to take a look at our dojo, we have everything from simple natural formations to spaceships, dragons, caves, and more! For those that dont have time or don't want an in depth look I put together a few images of the rooms. The imgur link leads to an album with a total of 32 images. If you have a bit of time on your hands or need inspiration for your own dojo i recommend to watch the video to get a better view for all the rooms. The resources for the decorations were contributed by the clan. The members with the most donations are -SD-laserapfel as well as -SD-BlackPoint and myself. Even tho all three of us are MR 25 we ran our of resources half way trough the process. Especially the moon decorations are quite expensive when placing a lot of them. hope you have a good time looking trough the pictures and/or the video! https://imgur.com/a/yycD5Oh
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