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  1. Okay, with the recent (as of this post) reversion to the Operator meshes, I was thinking of a "Fasten Hood" option for the Operator's transference suit, like so; This is because I got used to the "rigid" hood (and chances are, so did other players); I used the opened Koppra Hood as an impromptu tie, and the meshes you introduced made it flop around. Granted, I don't know how this would work with the Zariman hood, seeing as that one already has physics. Having a toggle gives us players more options...sort of. Regardless, There will be countless suggestions about the meshes during this week's devstream, and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration.
  2. I'm not sure if you guys look at this thread for additional stuff to show off, but it looks like Clem has a page on KnowYourMeme.
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