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  1. Gamma745

    New mission Ideia: Eidolon Royale

    Can we not tempt the beast...
  2. Gamma745

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, the date went so well that they realized they are very compatible. They then go almost everywhere together, and being so happy that it makes you jealous. I wish Nezha can walk on walls and ceilings when Firewalker is active.
  3. To be fair though, the wording on the Announcement post from DE doesn't help: Limbo Prime Access is almost finished! The most magnificent magician will conclude his show with a grand disappearance on Sept. 25. Act quickly to get yours or lose Limbo Prime to the Void! I'll admit that it takes a little research or looking into, but still...
  4. No, he's not. You are still free to grind his relics until he is truly vaulted 2-3 years (maybe) in the future. On that note, why is every new players kept asking this same question? Previous Prime Access ends should've given some clue on what's happening. Is it because of those other "limited access" deal in many other games?
  5. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    What is this? Is this a premonition of doom?
  6. Gamma745

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, you became too focused when doing any given task or activity, unable to divert your attention for 9 hours minimum. I wish for a giant robot we can use in Warframe.
  7. Gamma745

    What the 1100 Day Primed Mod Loggin Reward Should be?

    Primed Animal Instinct.
  8. Gamma745

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, they started demonitizing people because of memes I wish for pancakes.
  9. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    Then I'll smash you again.
  10. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    Me smash evil.
  11. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    Just when I thought Stalker can't be more pathetic Before you say 'reduced duration', the others Thralls will happily refresh it for me when it does expire.
  12. Gamma745

    What is the best 2ndary for solo hunting the Eidolons?

    They're not radioactive, though I suppose I can see why you're mistaking it since they seems to be leaking energy.
  13. Gamma745

    What is the best 2ndary for solo hunting the Eidolons?

    Actually, they are most weak to Radiation due to the combination of Alloy Armor and Robotics Health. The element you're using right now, Blast, is only neutral against it. As for what secondary to use, I don't know much. Maybe the Euphona Prime. Something that can dish out massive damage per shot. Or maybe Dex Pixia, if that counts as secondary.
  14. Gamma745

    Sentient Waifu Body Pillow Petition

    I've seen someone with a skeleton body pillow, so eh.. I've seen worse.
  15. Gamma745

    Steve's message at the end of Shy's artstream

    Monkey, I'm going to lynch you when it doesn't happen. There will a platoon of cats to swarm you for this.