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  1. Gamma745

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, your memes are so good people constantly adore them, to the point of people all over the world asked you to make their memes, overloading you with memes request. Starting now. I wish for you to post a meme that is so far out of context yet still funny.
  2. Gamma745

    How do i not feel useless

    Other than Melee Prowess, I don't see anything problematic. That build should've let you be able to clear the star chart at least. This is a little confusing.
  3. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    A little more fancy, but otherwise kinda cramped. Not exactly relaxing.
  4. Gamma745

    How do i not feel useless

    That sure sounds odd. Have you been upgrading your mods? That matters more than the level or type of your weapons. With the way the mods level, a single upgraded mod is often times better than multiple un-ranked mods.
  5. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    You people sure have a weird definition of fun. Have you ever been in a plane toilet?
  6. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    And go to the toilet 3 times while on the plane? How about no?
  7. Gamma745

    I have a question about dragon keys and vaults.

    No, it's pure RNG. You just got a lucky streak. I occasionally did it solo and a few time the vault didn't match the key I brought.
  8. Gamma745

    Operative summoning the god of emojis

    Okay, what? How do you trigger that?
  9. Gamma745

    Does anybody use extractors?

    I used them. Sure it's a trickle amount compared to what we gathered from gameplay, but I treat it as a nice little extra. I just deployed them each day when I started playing, and claimed them tomorrow when I logged in again. If I remembered.
  10. Gamma745


    I already did. You can offset that negative with some careful positioning and planning, hence that negative became moot.
  11. Gamma745


    Are you insane? It's obviously the first one. Why would you suggest that one instead?
  12. Gamma745

    The Sacrifice - Meh

    I think it's more because from the Corpus and Grineer perspective, Tenno = Warframe in all practicality. Tenno are only ever seen as the Warframe. I mean, until The Second Dream, the only ones who know of it are the Lotus and (by unknown reason) the Quills.
  13. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    Get used to it. Supposedly that's how "healthy" people are like. I know how it feels.
  14. Gamma745

    Great riven challenge

    It almost like you would be happy if people gave you the Riven with that challenge on it. Good for you to enjoy it, and I hope you can find more challenge that you enjoy. Personal favorite, huh? Perhaps the kill X enemies without being detected one. I can't remembered much of the Riven challenges I completed.
  15. Gamma745

    Corpus Equivalent of the Bombard?

    I don't think comparing them to the Bursa is fair, since the Bursa only show up when the alarm is triggered. But yeah, it would be better for each faction to be more unique. Yeah, can we ask DE to make those variants available to us? Or maybe as a mod?