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  1. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    Before I only knew of orange, strawberry, or mint flavor. The first two are usually made for children though. Yeah, that bacon one is something. Why would someone want their breath to smell of bacon?
  2. Gamma745

    Kitguns, Kitguns, Kitguns ?

    Oh yeah, that happened. Why did I remember it as QuitteShy? Yes, the name was changed months ago actually. Don't know why I remembered it that way. By the way, Quite Shallow is a she, not he.
  3. Gamma745

    Kitguns, Kitguns, Kitguns ?

    I remembered QuitteShy had a video for each Kitgun chamber.
  4. Gamma745

    Arch Weapons creen demading SECOND Catalyst!

    Okay, how? Can you post a screenshot of your Archwing arsenal window? If that's true, that should be a bug.
  5. Gamma745

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    I fully agree. With how many Warframe abilities we have, each varying in many things, it's almost impossible for DE to account everything. Someone will eventually find an obscure combination that will trivialize any content imaginable. I agree that the amount of grind for some of the rewards does seem to encourage some people to trivialize it. Even the most fun and interesting fight would get tedious if you have to repeat it the 100th time. But the funny thing is, some people actually like that amount of grind. I do notice that those people are usually the ones who hardly complain about the lack of difficult content.
  6. Gamma745

    Last Post Wins

    So, I just found out that tea-flavored toothpaste is a thing. And some other flavors too. I guess I was far more uninformed than I thought.
  7. We should ask Steve about that. My guess it would become automatic as well.
  8. Gamma745


    This is entirely nonsensical, have no trace of seriousness, could potentially cause many model errors or scripting mayhem, and the concept itself just run contrast to the usually dark theme of Warframe story-telling. In other words. I want it!
  9. Gamma745

    The Solution to Diffculty and Scaling

    No word whatsoever from DE. Just a lot of people kept asking for it. The idea is something, though the way I see it, it's just a more emphasized version of the weakspot multiplier that is already existing here. Could help new players going through the early game.
  10. That is good news. Well, we haven't got all details yet after all. But I suppose it doesn't sound bad so far.
  11. I'm gonna assume the auto-block only happens when the melee weapon is drawn. That aside, I don't know whether I should be hyped or indifferent. I hardly use dedicated melee, so... Maybe slightly concerned. Some stances actually move faster/fluid with quick-melee instead of dedicated melee. Let's hope the full version of Melee 3.0 could change that.
  12. Gamma745

    The Solution to Diffculty and Scaling

    This sounds good on paper, but I'm afraid this could backfire spectacularly. How wide is the margin? If it is too wide, some of the clients may find themselves in a mission that is too easy or too hard for them. If it is too narrow, matchmaking could possibly not find anyone that match the host, making the entire Public matchmaking pointless. And I have some fear that there is no "sweet spot" between them, or worse, the two categories actually overlap. You do know this is very similar to the "level slider" a lot people already asked, right? Why would DE add the gearscore if they could just give that directly without being connected to anything? Honestly, I don't have any idea. I'm just keeping watch because some of the ideas the players given have the potential to go out of control, or go against what DE intended in the first place. Now, I do have a question about the detail of the gearscore. How is it calculated? Simple addition based on the mods and gears? That won't be enough. The reason some of our gear have the amount of damage it has right now is because some mods are able to multiply each other effectiveness to extreme level. For example, take the popular Spin-to-Win combo people have. The damage reached there is not just because of Maiming Strike. It's because combined with Bloodrush, the critical chance is multiplied of the Maiming Strike modded chance. On their own, these two mods can't increase Melee damage to that extreme. Bloodrush may be able to raise it to high numbers, but not close to the level when combined with Maiming Strike. Another example: The popular 100% Status Chance Shotguns. The amount of damage/scaling these weapons have is because of a specific combination. The weapons need to reach 100% status so that it could reach the "effectiveness" a lot of players praise them for. But if you take off just one mod, the damage output dropped significantly. That's before counting the combination with Warframe's abilities or other weapons. So should we calculate them multiplicatively? How about the the basic elemental combo build? You know, the build most new players would likely make? That build just increases the damage additively. If new players suddenly find the enemy level spiked just because they are using what mods are available to them, they would be screwed. Remember, some of the combination before is almost an outlier. Not to mention when people build their weapons the "wrong" way, such as making a Crit-build Tysis. The mods calculation would take the players to a very high level mission, but the weapon in question cannot perform well in that level due to not enhancing the weapon strong points. Again, new players could make this mistake since they would probably see the high gearscore of the mod and think "this is definitely a good mod".
  13. Gamma745

    The Solution to Diffculty and Scaling

    Alright, then next question: How would this affect matchmaking? How would public random match be made? Related to that, what would happen when a pre-made group of one high GS player with one low GS player went into a mission?
  14. Gamma745

    Maining, potatoes and my play style.

    Niche, and probably tactical abilities for people who like to think before they act. Maybe these ones can be to your liking: Ivara: Quiver can probably lead or direct enemies to your liking. Cloak arrows to make you and allies invisible, Sleep arrow which can be combined with powerful stuff, and Noise arrows for "herding" the enemies. Prowl is also an invisibility ability which encourage you to go slow and methodical on your actions. Banshee / Volt: If you want to focus more on Sonar or Electric shield, it can give you that Marksmen / tactical feel of gameplay. Nyx: She's more about turning the entire map into her playground. If you can get the feel for where she need to cast Chaos and Mind Control, maybe it can be fun for you.
  15. Gamma745

    Can we REALLY call Gas City a city?

    Do you really want to break into a Corpus crewman room and find his polka dot boxers? What, tired of Bullet-jumping? Or do you have a bad experience with a cab driver and want to vent? How the heck are we supposed to know? Try to "ask" one of the Crewmen for that.