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  1. Maybe. That one Ivara I saw a few months ago just give me a very bad impression on Pubs.
  2. OP already has Ivara? Oh no, this is the second one I see so far. I thought that one before was a special case, but it looks like those fools who thinks Loki is a winning ticket to Spy have shifted to Ivara.
  3. Indeed. Spy missions are never about the gear, just the players ability to learn the vault. Most of the time it doesn't matter if you're bringing fresh-from-the-foundry gear or full 6 forma gear. And the fact that OP talked about Jupiter spy, which I ranked quite below Lua and Kuva fortress in term of difficulty, makes it amusing.
  4. Seems this thread has shifted from Jupiter spy to Lua spy.
  5. Gamma745

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, you become the original Limbo Tenno. I wish I could cure any disease.
  6. This is an entry from the-now-ceased "Ask A Cephalon". Basically a trivia Q&A: ArtificialInsanity asks: When you build something in the Foundry, where do -those- credits go? To Ordis? What the heck is he buying behind my back? Tenno, if left unattended, might spend the majority of their earned resources constructing new weaponry instead of managing "less essential" tasks, such as LIFE SUPPORT. While I cannot speak for Cephalon Ordis, it is conceivable that Ordis allocates acquired credits to managing other trivial areas unrelated to slaughter, such as Liset fuel cells, breathable atmosphere, etc. I can assure you with absolute certainty that Ordis doesn't not contribute a portion of those funds into a probability pool weighed against your odds of survival.
  7. So, OP doesn't want to use recruiting chat because he hates just waiting around in recruit chat, so he wants a lobby system with filtering because he thinks it's faster and easier? Am I reading this thread right?
  8. Rain of AntiMatter Drop. The new nuke is upon us, folks.
  9. Perhaps not. But the other alternative would be for DE to take the fall. If that happens, DE could eventually suffer losses from multiple plat exploit and go in the red again. Which could lead DE to just pull the plug for Warframe. On that end, all of us lost.
  10. Well, you know how RNG do stuff around here. It being an extra jerk seems par the course. The true nature of RNG: "If you want it, RNG will try it's hardest to make sure you DON'T get it"
  11. I don't think you're supposed to solo Terry right out of War Within. Just stick to hunting Vomvalyst while you only have the Mote Amp.
  12. Wow, just when the update drops, huh?
  13. @DatDarkOne Just want to ask, have you already acquired the Daikyu amalgam mod? If you do, how are you enjoying it so far?
  14. The only semi auto chamber would be the Tombfinger, but you probably already knew that. I find it has decent base damage. Accuracy is debatable since while it goes dead ahead, travel time could be a problem. the Haymaker grip and the Killstream loader would be good for a high base damage, high Crit, and quick reload.
  15. I see... Sometimes you just wonder if there were any changes you missed.
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