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  1. Im fine doing them i guess but there are to many things to hate - Constant bugs, day/night cycle, visual cancer. atleast ur not forced to Max cetus standing to do em, and they are more fair and rewarding than Fortuna spiders.
  2. Even if Raids would drop Per stage and would be repeatable rather than once per day it wont make them better than Tridolons so i count it only as fair.
  3. Tbh Raids wasnt in such a grim state to be removed aswell, apart from the obvious reason. They wherent as buggy as Eidolons for maybe a year of their existance Issue was that Raids wasn't advertised enough to players. Sure some QoL could have been done too. And a possibility to do them solo(JV technically was possible, even my friend did it)
  4. Even if arcanes are added 1 per stage (which definitly wont) It's still not gonna be as effective as Eidolons. Playing for the memories sure could be a viable reason since i dont consider them as a bad gamemodes at all. Some things could have been made faster but still.
  5. Raids where removed to add their arcanes to EIdolons, i dont think those will be worth doing on comeback.
  6. Feels weird that Tiberon is not much used that it gets only 0.2 mp decrease.
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